394 Pop You Like a Balloon

    The amount of cultivators stuck within the tower quickly began to decrease, to a point where only a few hundred participants were left climbing up. In most of the other towers, only a few tens of cultivators per island had managed to gain access, and once their numbers reached fifty, the test would end.

    Now that a full day had passed, only the tower where Nilo and the others were being tested was still active, with hundreds of participants stuck on the numerous floors, or trying their best to fight their way into the following one.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    From an outsider's perspective, the observing cultivators could not deny the efficiency of the competition.

    The first one was a test of power and leadership. The participants would be evaluated based on how they would manage to successfully protect the puppet, and do so in the most efficient way possible.

    The second test was a test of knowledge and decisiveness, for which there would be no judgement, but a life and death crisis that, with very little time, could have killed them all.

    The third test was a test of prowess, survivability, and talent, and rewarded their ability to come out alive from a challenge against a more powerful opponent.

    Finally, the tower in which they were now, was a test of character. The first levels would test the grip that their past and fears had on their psyche, the middle levels challenged their ability to survive an increasingly more hopeless battle, and the final layers, would show them that their path to being homeless, slaves, bloodthirsty mercenaries, thugs, and all types of low life individuals, was one bad decision away from where they were.

    These psychological tests were aimed at distracting them, allowing for the increasing difficulty of their fights to throw the weakest minded, and least talented individuals out of the competition.

    Along with being an opportunity for these young cultivators to gain experience and fame, the One Above All also worked as a way for their teachers and parents to better understand their sudent's talents.

    With eight million participants at first, only a maximum of around fifteen thousand were allowed past the tower, and into the next test, and as time went by, one cultivator after another gave up climbing, or died fighting against their demons.. until finally, only a hundred were left.

    The sight of one of the participants emerging from the top of the tower was extremely rare, and in cato, it hadn't happened yet. However, while the observers got used to the idea of having to wait for half of the remaining participants to give up, from the door frame placed right next to the next tunnel, walked out a young woman with short black hair.

    Her body was covered in blood, which gushed out of a mixture of heavy and light wounds that did not impede her mobility.

    "Someone completed the tower!" exclaimed one of the observing cultivators with shock. His voice was so powerful that it traveled through the entire planet. His words were enough to attract the attention of the observers of the other towers, who had been waiting for the participants of the last of the four towers, to go down to fifty.

    "But.. There are still too many participants. How?" Asked another cultivator with confusion.

    Many of the participants had gone back and forth from one formation to the other in order to see the different results, and it had become clear that, once the number of participants would reach fifty, the test would be over. The participants would be allowed to simply climb without any obstacle.

    Bloodied and covered in bruises and injuries, Cynna sat on the cold floor, and started to focus her power into the production of healing essence, which slowly absorbed her blood back in, and closed her wounds.

    After Cynna, Fyro, Zack, Finn and Nilo arrived as well.

    At this point, most groups that knew of the connection between this small group of cultivators and Daniel, had already guessed that, as a chosen of Iewah, his powers must have had something to do in increasing of their prowess. This information quickly spread beyond cato, and reached the figures which, from the dark, would constantly try to obtain information about Iewah's children.

    In the tower, the red dots that indicated the presence of a cultivator became more sedentary. After all, the more time passed, the closer to their limits the other participants would come. After that, the tower would become a test of patience.

    Even by staying to the first floor, as long as one would not give up and kept trying, they would ultimately be able to be one of the last fifty standing. That was what was happening with the remaining hundred participants, who while stuck on their respective floors, had yet to decide to give up.

    In the following few hours, more and more of these persistent cultivators began to see where their limits were, and as soon as their thoughts turned from positive ones, into ones of defeat and resignation, they were immediately teleported back to Cato.

    Amongst these few cultivators, were Ivan and Sigg, who within the tower, had found a test in which they could not be carried by Nilo and the rest of his group.

    After being teleported back to Cato, the two of them were welcomed by their parents.

    While Sigg's parents were proud of her, Ivan's father was clearly worried. In an attempt to leave, he grabbed his son's wrist, and tried to teleport away, but he was stopped by Mister Mir, who turned to look at him with a seemingly friendly smile, and said, "These two did great. The best results within our conglomerate! Come, let's go back, so that we can find a proper reward for them."

    "Great results indeed." Said a voice that came from right beside the fat Mister Mir, who after turning around, felt his heart jump into his throat, and his muscle twitch in response to the fear he was feeling.

    Next to him was Daniel, who ignored the man's reaction, and after turning to look at Ivan and Sigg, said, "Brothers, you did great. Come, the teachers are here."

    Ivan and Sigg were confused. They had never seen Daniel, but from what he looked like, he did not seem older than they were. Furthermore, they could not feel any power from him.

    "Sir Out-Mister Sewah. Please allow this couple of father and son to catch up. I will personally bring them to you after getting some well-deserved rest." Said Mister Mir nervously, but while also using every method he had ever learned in his life as a merchant.

    There was no need for Daniel to read his mind, to know that all he was thinking about, was how to justify killing the two, after managing to leave with them. However, that could only happen if Daniel allowed him to leave. Something which he had no intention of doing.

    Unfortunately, he had already caused enough of a ruckus, and the more the competition approached its latest stages, the more those who still had students or children in the event, would want to avoid a fight from breaking out.

    "Oh, don't be silly. They are in perfect conditions! I am sure they would rather spectate the rest of the event than to be within four walls. Who wouldn't want that?" Responded Daniel with odd friendliness for one of Iewah's children, as opposed to their domineering and aggressive menthods in obtaining what they wanted, whenever they wanted it.

    Mister Mir, on the other hand, was not willing to give up. While he could have said that he had no choice in the decisions of his former leader, he was not willing to give up the fortune that he would be able to gain from taking his position, so instead of showing his happy and polite side, he became serious, and said, "These two families are part of our conglomerate, so I am afraid that I must insist."

    "I am afraid that I will have to pop you like a balloon then." Responed Daniel before slowly raising his hand, causing Mister Mir to shriek in horror. Just as raised his hand, he felt the presence of the six mercenaries that had been observing him since he had appeared. It was clear that they would intervene if he tried anything.

    Instead of harming Miser Mir, however, Daniel lowered his hand, and said, "Just a joke. Don't take it too seriously. Just let them come with me." He then slowly floated next to Mister Mir, and with a tone that only he could hear, he whispered in his ear, "They have no secret that is a secret to me."

    Mister Mir froze in place. "I-It wasn't my i-idea. I was f-forced into it." He muttered while trying not to panic. He was expecting to die at any given moment.

    "Of course." Said Daniel while placing his hands over Mister Mir's round shoulders. He then added, "Get out of here, before I change my mind and turn you into a bunch of more likeable specks of dust."

    "Y-Y-Yes.. Excuse me." Said the shivering Mister Mir before teleporting away. Daniel had already revealed to him that he was aware of what he and his former leader had done, so there was no reason for him to bring harm to any of the participants who had been tasked with spying, or killing his friends.

    Ivan watched as his father took a deep breath in relief. He had just come out of the competition, and he didn't know what had happened before. All he could understand, was that this young man who he had never seen before, seemed to have saved them from a bad situation.

    "Thank you, Outcast." Said Ivan's father before turning to look at his son, and adding, "Let's go."

    "Father. I would like to watch the rest of the competition." Said Ivan, unwilling to lose this opportunity.

    Ivan's father seemed unwilling to concede, but stopped as soon as a strand of sound essence reached his ears. He then turned to look at his son, and with a more peaceful expression, said, "Okay. But stay close to this young man."

    Once again, Ivan found himself lost in his own confusion. Why would his father change opinion in the span of a few seconds? Why trust this young man who he had never seen before? His father had always been more than protective towards him, and to him, this behaviour appeared very odd.

    "Father, I'll be watching the rest of the event too." Said Sigg before dashing towards Daniel and Ivan, not paying attention to whether her parents agreed or not.

    Daniel noticed the odd expression of Sigg's parents, who were aware of who he was, but not close enough to speak to him. Their doubts were eased as Daniel assured them that he would keep an eye on them, and that no other place in the planet was safer than with him.

    Once only the three of them remained, Daniel turned to look at ivan and Sigg, and said, "Come, let's go join back with the teachers. Things are about to wrap up here."

    On cue with Daniel's words, the last few cultivators finally lost their patience, and gave up on the test, reappearing next to their teachers, masters, and relatives. For the remaining fifty, each floor was suddenly emptied out, and they were able to climb straight up without a problem.

    When the first ones startet to emerge from the tower, they found the injured digures of Nilo and the other. "Why are you guys in this state?" Asked Lorwin with confusion. He had been stuck in the thirty-seventh for hours, and he was unaware that only those who managed to complete the tower, would not have a chance to heal.

    Nilo and the rest did not appear to be in the mood to have a chat, so they remained quiet, and focused on healing. However, this moment of quiet did not last long, as only moments after the last of the fifty participants emerged from within the door frame, they group of fifty were forcibly pulled into the tunnel that lead into the clouds, far off in the distance.
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