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    "Hold on a moment! The agreement states that we have to grant our support in time of war, not that we have to give out our entire armies in case a war breaks out!" Said one of the Leaders of one of the mid-level factions which had been invited to the One Above All competition.

    Another cultivator, similarly enraged by the man's announcement, chimed in by saying, "That's right. How will we protect our territory like that?"

    When the peace treaty had been signed, the universal government had made sure that, in case a new faction was discovered in the depths of space, the other groups would have to give their support in subduing it. However, until now, that had only meant that a small portion of their warriors would be sent to join the army of the government.

    This time, on the other hand, from the way the man in royal clothes had phrased it, it seemed that the immortal government wanted a different kind of support. A total one, which required for every high immortal to join the effort against an obscure and powerful group.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    If a war really broke out, this would mean leaving their massive territories to the care of individuals at the same level of the participants of the event. Kids, or untalented individuals who hardly had any experience in ruling over massive territories.

    For any respectable leader, this request was out of line for a simple reason. All of these factions had, at some point, formed a grudge against one another, as well as gained a good amount of enemies for themselves and the people that followed them.

    That meant that, in case a war really broke out, these massive territories would fall into chaos while their owners would be forced away, to fight a war that would ultimately only benefit the universal government.

    "This isn't just a faction we are talking about." Responded the old man after slamming the end of his staff on the ground to regain silence. He then added, "We are talking about a civilization so powerful, that it can afford to send scouts that would match in power most of the people present. Scouts whom a group of explorers, as well as a battalion of the army had difficulty facing. I have seen this myself, I was there!"

    For the first time, the news of how the first encounter between the two civilizations had gone, had been revealed, coming to a great surprise to the observers. Everyone knew how powerful the army was. To a point where a single battalion was able to destroy a small scaled faction in a matter of days.

    If that was not enough, the power of each member the explorers corp was even higher, making up the lack in organization, with their individual prowess and resourcefulness. To think that a scouting group had been able to face this line up, was truly shocking.

    "I understand the gravity of the matter, but we still cannot empty our territories. How can we protect them in case of an attack?" Asked one of the observers.

    "You won't. For reasons of which you are already aware of, the power of the Judges is not useful for military situations. This means that, in the eventuality that a war breaks out, for as long as it will go on, the judges will take care of every dispute between factions." Responded the old man.

    Seemingly aware of what the purpose of this banquet was, the man in purple robes which had previously sat at Daniel's table stood up from his chair, and said, "The Sovereign of Corruption offers to employ ten thousand high corrupted, and ten thousand more in case of necessity."

    "The Spiritual Emperor offers fifteen thousand spiritual warriors." said the man in white clothes as soon as the herald of corruption finished speaking.

    After the two finished, every representative of a major faction stood up, and gave their response. The meaning behind these offers was clear. While weaker than the universal government, they were still too powerful to be pushed around.

    As the last of these dozen individuals finished speaking, the man in royal clothes turned to look at the Teacher, then while showing clear disinterest towards the words of the other cultivators, he asked, "What about Iewah's faction?"

    Romah had long learned about the true meaning behind this banquet. Contrary to what the representatives of the other major factions believed, the main target of this event were not their groups, but the members of Iewah's faction who had the kind of power that allowed them to produce oddly powerful warriors.

    Without hiding his smile, the Teacher looked back at the man in royal clothes, and said, "As you might know, Sir, my father does not bother with the government's affairs. As always, I suggest the government asks for support directly to each of my siblings."

    In a general sense, the behaviour of Iewah towards the universal government could be summed up with a word. That word, was indifference. Not one time had he bothered with the wars for conquest, or in making decisions for his own faction. He would simply stay aside, and give orders whenever he wanted.

    Even the wars fought for the expansion of his territory were not fought by his orders, but by his oldest children's decision, who after seeing their father's disinterest towards the newly discovered planets, systems, and galaxies, had decided to act on their own.

    Unfortunately, contrary to when Iewah would give one of his rare assignments, his children would only act based on whimsical decisions, and that was the reason why they were considered unreliable. That meant that, in order to be sure that in case a war broke out the government would receive the help of Iewah's powerful children, the government needed Iewah's word.

    "I am afraid that you will have to bother him, this time." Responded the man in Royal clothes, clearly unhappy about Iewah's usual indifferent behaviour. "I want a promise of cooperation from him, just like any other member of the universal faction."

    Already aware that this important man would not concede, Romah, as the only member of Iewah's children who was personally here, was left with no other choice but to nod in agreement.

    Through this entire announcement, not a single person had minded Daniel's presence. The reason for that was the fact that Daniel was a relatively new member of Iewah's faction, and that when compared to factions that were counted in the tens of thousands, his group's overall power could not compare.

    Despite the deep feelings of unhappiness of the leaders of mid and small sized factions and groups, no one dared to oppose the words of the man in royal clothes, who after getting what he wanted, sat back and ignored the guests.

    To speak next was the old man, who while pointing at a large double door at the far end of the room, he said, "You may continue to interact with one another, or retire for the night in one of the suites we have prepared for your. The competition will continue tomorrow morning."

    As he finished speaking, he, along with the army officer, the judge, and the man in royal clothes left the large room where the banquet was being hosted, leaving the guests alone.

    Daniel did not wish to stay either, so he decided to retire for the night with his companions, but as he tried to leave, a rich looking cultivator in his forties approached him, and said, "Mister Sewah, a moment, please."


    Meanwhile, in another area specifically created to hold the remaining participants of the event, was a massive square filled with two hundred participants. Around the square, were a few numbered and elegant inns, and in the hands of each of the cultivators present, was a small wooden plank on which the number of the inn, as well as the number of the room had been carved.

    "Do you guys think they simply placed us here to spend the night?" asked Finn with curiosity.

    While not at all powerful when compared to the high phases of high immortality, a peak immortal cultivator was still powerful enough to recover from most injuries in a few hours.

    The lack of sleep was also something that separated a cultivator from a human, as a cultivator's strengthened organs required less and less rest the more powerful they became. This was the reason of Finn's confusion, as he could not understand what the reason for stopping the event at such a late time, was.

    "It's likely due to an event hosted by the organizers of the One Above All." Said a young woman dressed in grey clothes, while approaching the group of five along with two of her companions. She was one of the participants of the event, as well as one of the twenty students of Romah, the Teacher. From the way she approached, it was clear that she was not there with ill intent, but simply to start a conversation.

    "What makes you say that?" Asked Finn with politeness.

    "We are not important enough for the universal government to spend a night waiting for us to do something as useless as sleep." Responded the young woman with a matter-of-fact tone.

    It was only after this young woman finished speaking, that Nilo chimed in, and asked, "Are you here for the second reason why we have been sent here?"

    "Which is?" Asked the young woman back with feigned curiosity, failing miserably in pretending that she did not already know the answer to that question.

    "What are you two talking about?" Asked Finn with confusion.

    Nilo turned to look at his friend, and responded by saying, "All the tests we have had to go through since the event has begun, have been challenges that put our character to the test. However, there is one side that has been ignored."

    "What is that?"

    Before Nilo could say something, Fyro broke his usual streak of quietness, to say, "Playing dirty."

    As Finn showed an expression of realization, Nilo turned to look at the young woman and her companions, and asked, "This is why you are here, but is there a reason for your group to worry?"

    "Not worry. It is out of precaution. Your group and ours combined are exactly an eighth of the amount of participants left. Would not hurt us to keep an eye out for each other" Responded the young woman.

    At this point, the woman did not believe Nilo to be aware of the real reason why she was seeking this brief alliance between their two groups. After all, the improved understanding of a situation was the power they had gained by being Romah's students.

    However, to her surprise, Nilo turned to look at the roughly hundred seemingly distracted cultivators that stuck together, and said, "Are you worried about them?"

    These hundred cultivators were, just like Nilo's group, the three rich looking young men, the humanoid beasts, and the twenty students, followers of one of Iewah's children. Specifically, the Charmer.

    "Their powers are strange. We don't understand their nature yet, but they are of the manipulation kind. I would rather not have to face them with a five against one ratio." Responded the young woman with a matter-of-fact tone.

    "Why not ask the beasts, or the three rich guys over there?" Responded Nilo with curiosity. He had kept an eye on this group of students, and he knew for a fact that he and his friends were the first ones these students had decided to approach, after being teleported into this square.

    "Because if they'll decide to target someone, it won't be those two groups. The beasts are subdued by their master, and no mental power that will try to stop that connection, will ever work with them. Similarly, the followers of the Merchant have abandoned their interest towards anything but wealth." Explained the young woman, after realizing that if they wanted to collaborate, they might as well be honest with them.

    For a few moments Nilo pondered about what could happen during the night, and whether they should accept or not.. When suddenly, right before speaking his mind, he, Fyro, and the young woman turned to look at the group of one hundred cultivators.

    Two members of that group had started to move towards one of the few cultivators who were not part of the following of Iewah's children.

    Their actions appeared polite, enough for the lone cultivator to not be wary of them. Once next to him, one of the two cultivators took a square, and solid looking piece of paper from within the inside pocket of his robe, and showed it to him.

    After seeing this piece of paper, the lone cultivator appeared to be stunned. This gave enough time for the one of the charmer's followers to approach him, and whispered something in his ear.

    Once done, the lone cultivator smiled widely, and quietly joined their group.

    "We accept." muttered Nilo as a cold shiver started from the back of his head, and reached all the way down his lower back.
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