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    "And here I thought we had come to an agreement." Said the Teacher while showing a grim smile. During the final part of the event, he had heard about what had happened during that night, and had already assumed that not only his followers, but Daniel's followers as well would catch the eye of the government. Now that they had been left behind, he was sure of it.

    The first person to react to Romah's words was the old explorer, who took a step forward, and said, "Apologies. This was the only way to make you two stay without drawing any attention. I can assure you, this has nothing to do with what we have discussed before."

    "Well then, let's talk. I have many more students to go back to. I am sure you have heard about what the mice do when the cat's away." Said Romah while showing a polite smile.

    Now it was the turn of the woman dressed in grand judge clothes to talk, so she stepped next to the old explorer while ignoring the irritated expression on the general's face, and said, "We have already explained to you what the purpose of the event was, but in your students and.. followers, we have seen potential for something different." She then turned to look at Nilo an the others, and added, "Your ability to fight in a team was impressive, and we would be happy to have you join the competition as teams."

    As she said these words, the grand judge gave off a feeling of righteousness. She was tasked to make this proposition because she represented everything that was right in the government, and her powers include the ability to be perceived as a being with higher, and indisputable judgement.

    These feelings made it inherently difficult for Nilo and the others to refuse, but not for Daniel, who said, "There is no idiot here. We all know why my friends decided to retire from the event. They are clearly not interested in this competition between civilizations."

    The use of the word "friends" surprised the organizers of the event, who by experience, had never seen one of Iewah's chosen ones put himself nowhere near the same level as his followers. The kinder example they had seen of this, was the Teacher himself, who while he did not treat his followers as slaves or puppets, still viewed himself as their teacher, which was still a position of control.

    "It would be a good opportunity for you. Based on what I have seen during the banquet, your friends do not increase as fast as your enemies." She then said before taking a small pause, and adding, "It would also be a great contribution to the society to which you belong."

    "Spare me your words, judge. I was born in an ownerless planet, and became an outcast way before my faction decided to turn me into one." Said Daniel right after. He wanted the organizers of the event to know that he and his people owed nothing to the universal government, and therefore, any kind of patriotic argument would be wasted on them.

    "As I recall, didn't two of my judges save your life in the very near past?" Asked the grand judge, slightly annoyed by Daniel's disregard about the universal government.

    At the same time, the old man in light blue clothes, who had witnessed the entire One Above All take place, stepped forwards, and said,  "Now that your group is leaving with a significant amount of wealth, with what courage do you say that the government has done nothing for you?"

    Daniel had not forgotten about the two occasions in which the judges had saved his life, but he also knew that neither of those actions had been performed because of pity, or kindness.

    During the first time, the appearance of the judge had been required to resolve a dispute between the factions of the Sovereign of Corruption and the faction of the Spiritual Emperor, while the second time, it had been one of elite members of the parasitic faction that had called them in order to save himself from the unlucky events that were put into motion by Daniel's Karmic Retribution.

    Either way, his life had been a collateral of the Judge's action, and therefore, he did not feel that he owed them in the slightest.

    "I am but an outcast. Your actions saved yourself more trouble than they did to me." Responded Daniel before turning to look at the old man in light blue clothes, and said, "About the other matter, I thank you for creating the opportunity that gave my friends the chance to think of a way to make a profit."

    The organizers of the event found themselves at an impasse. They knew nothing about Daniel or his powers, and therefore, they were unwilling to have a falling-out with him. Unfortunately, that was not the same for the general, who enraged by Daniel's sarcasm, shouted in anger, "You **ing brat! This isn't a conversation! Five years from now we will point a finger in one direction, and you will go there and fight, or else I will smite you myself."

    Ever since the universal government had discovered Iewah's sentience, they had studied his chosen ones very carefully. Without exception, those who grew up past a certain age, would be able to become beings beyond normal spectrums of power, and would have to be treated carefully.

    However, Daniel was still young at age, and he and his group were far from being a threat for the government's existence.

    At the moment, with Daniel trapped within the spatial formation of the black-robed cultivator, and too weak to fight back, it was the only chance for them to impose on him, as well as a rare opportunity to interfere with the growth of one of Iewah's chosen ones when they were that young.

    These words were relied with enough power to break apart the body of a low ranking cultivator, and delivered with the commanding effects of the man's general gift.

    Unfortunately, Daniel's mind was too powerful.

    He breathed out in what looked like disappointment, then said, "This conversation is over. Find somebody else."

    The general had clearly behaved out of place, and from what it looked like to the other organizers, this had caused Daniel to shut himself in, and refuse their proposition adamantly. Fortunately, the space in which they were now, was in their control, and without their permission, there was no way for Daniel to leave.

    Or so they thought.

    As he finished speaking, Daniel turned to look at Romah, and said with politeness, "We will meet again if fate allows." He then turned towards the members of his group, and added, "Let's go."

    It was at this point that the old explorer scowled at the general, and with a hint of embarrassment, he said, "Please do not take offense, the general was simply irritated because the participations reserved for your followers, were taken away from the army."

    Unfortunately, Daniel had no intention of going back on his word, and instead began to feel his surroundings with his immortal essence in order to find a connection between them, and the familiar outside world.

    "Kid, there is a limit to the amount of unreasonable behaviour I can tolerate. Have a seat and let's conclude this conversation, because the longer you act like this, the longer I am forced to keep you locked here." Said the black-robed cultivator, causing the others to quiet down.

    The confines of the space that he had created were truly too powerful, and as a cultivator past the hundred and seventieth phase of high immortality, to try and feel a connection through his power, was like trying to see through a metallic wall with the naked eye.

    However, Daniel was no common cultivator.

    Instead of agreeing to the man's terms, he turned to look towards him, and said, "It is not every day that I get to shock such an old and powerful cultivator." He then opened his palm, and closed his fingers into a tiger claw.

    At the same time, in Cato, a seemingly unimportant pebble that lay on the side of the road began to shine, catching the attention of every individual that walked next to it. The most curious, were the cultivators, who could feel massive amounts of immortal essence that were being emitted by it.

    The man in black-robed looked at Daniel with simple curiosity, which after a few seconds, turned into deep shock.

    Against his control, the space right in front of Daniel was starting to crack, and any attempt at repairing it was pointless, as this shattering was not a matter of power, but a matter of nature. Just like fire could not burn thunder and life could not consume death.

    "What is happening?" Asked the man in royal clothes to the black-robed cultivator, who did not respond, and from underneath his hood, looked on with sheer shock.

    What Daniel was doing, defied any knowledge that the black-robed cultivator had about space.

    Theoretically speaking, spatial essence was a physical power which could separate anything with a power that was supported by the cultivator's strength.

    When entering the portal in Cato, not knowing where it would lead, Daniel had decided to leave his planet outside, as by being part of his body, he would be able to feel it no matter how many barriers or dimensions they were separated by.

    This feeling had created a connection which would otherwise be impossible, and when used alongside his comprehension of shattered space, it was able to disassemble the very space that was keeping him trapped, no matter how powerful.

    Soon enough, the black-robed cultivator, unable to keep his control over the shattered space was forced to let go of it.

    The shattered space was quickly taken over by Daniel, which did not find a single difficulty with keeping it under control, and turn it into a simple portal that lead to the streets of Cato.

    Before Daniel and his friends could leave, the black-robed cultivator immediately tried to trap them into a second barrier, but for some reason, the moment the spatial essence he controlled tried to solidify around them, it would simply drift away, as if unable to do so.

    One by one Daniel's friends left, leaving him behind. Just before walking into the portal, Daniel turned to look back at the organizers of the event, and said, "I won't oppose them if they decide to accept your request, and if that happens, I will find a way to let you know.. But the next time you try to coerce me or any of my friends, you will have to deal with a lot more than a hint of disrespectful behaviour. So long." He then left without waiting for a response.

    After Daniel left, the portal slowly closed, and the shards of shattered space quickly merged with one another into simple space.

    "What the hell happened?.." muttered the main in royal clothes before once again turning to look at the black robed cultivator. He then asked, "Is he.."

    "No." Responded the man in black robes before letting him finish asking his question. He then added, "He is not stronger than me.. But I think that his comprehension of space might be deeper than mine."

    This answer came to great shock for the others, who knew that this man was one of the leading figures of the Void Dwellers, and therefore, possessed a comprehension of space second to none other within the universal government.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The organizers of the event fell into an uncomfortable silence which lasted for a few long seconds, and was interrupted by the dry, and fake cough of the Teacher, who after catching their attention, said, "My students have no reason to refuse, as they have already accepted to participate in the individual fights. However.."

    "However what?" Asked them an in royal clothes with a not so hidden irritation.

    With an embarrassed smile, Romah added, "However, we will need your help in getting out of here."
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