411 Bad Apples

    After three years, Daniel had started to realize what the limitations of his system truly were.

    Karma X Luck, which was the passive ability thanks to which he had been reassured about his friends' well being, was also the biggest obstacle to his own cultivation, as now that he had passed the hundredth phase of true immortality, his consumption of karma points had grown to a ridiculous degree.

    Each additional phase consumed karma points by the billions, and the amount of resources required to nurture the three parts of his being, was fifty percent higher than what any common high immortal would require in order to cultivate their body, and spirit.

    Unfortunately, Daniel had found himself forced to choose between the invisible layer of protection granted by Karma X Luck, and the ability to cultivate while using Time Is Precious.

    Against all suggestions, Daniel could not bring himself to take away the protection on which Alesia and the others relied on, so for the majority of these past three years, he had been stuck at the hundred and first phase.

    On the other hand, the power of his companions had grown exponentially.

    Thanks to the large amount of resources gained by Nilo and the others during the One Above All, the company had managed to create a foothold for themselves in the universal market, officially becoming one of the uncountable mid level companies.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Those for whom Daniel cared the most, had finally managed to ascend to high immortality, but since their ascension lacked the level of danger that was pivotal for the best gifts to become an option, most of their ascensions had created high level gifts which, while of a higher potential than most of the gifts that the explorers possessed, could not be compared to those of Jerigh, Alesia, and the others.

    Due to this, it had become a common use for Daniel's followers to leave the academy right before trying to ascend, and travel around in order to train in their strengths, and increase their chances to obtain a gift worthy of that name. This practice had also contributed to change the golden karma company from being a simple company which dealt in essence spheres and alchemy, to one that would accept mercenary work of many types.

    The numerous successes of the members of Daniel's group had allowed them to gain the fame which any other group that belonged to one of Iewah's chosen ones possessed, making them known all through the universe as a new and superior generation of cultivators. At the same time, the number of enemies of Daniel's group began to grow exponentially, as even those who did not have a grudge against him, had started to see him as a growing threat.

    This was caused by the fact that his followers were not limited like the followers of the other chosen ones, who would usually be used as cannon fodder by their leaders, and were instead allowed to live freely under Daniel's protection, making them look more similar to a sect, than a normal company, or group of mercenaries.

    The increasing number of enemies had also caused for Daniel's followers to be targeted whenever they would set out for their ascension.

    Unwilling to remain in Cato, Daniel and the rest of his group had decided to move into his planet, which traveled through space while hidden by a natural formation formed by his unique essence, and which only he was able to control.

    Invisible and unstoppable, the planet would aimlessly move through space, only stopping every now and then to allow for the members of the golden karma company to open new branches on any planet which they would find appropriate.

    Unfortunately, to all the good and bad things that this expansion brought, one stood out.

    Bad apples.


    Planet Viveki, Imperial city.

    Inside the emperor's residence of Viveki, one of the oldest and most desolate planets of the universal government, a massive banquet was being held. However, the participants did not appear to be in a joyous mood, as much as anxious and worried.

    The only individual which showed happiness, was a blond young man dressed in the typical clothes of an inner student of Hiel academy. He was currently eating to his heart's content, and behaving in a manner that any respectable emperor would have punished with a death sentence in the blink of an eye.

    Next to him was an uncomfortable young woman, whom despite her terrified appearance, could not hide her incredible beauty. Sitting next to her, right in the middle of the table, was an angered middle aged man who could barely witness as the blond young man took the liberty of touching, and teasing the young woman whenever he felt like.

    These two, were Viveki's emperor, and her daughter, the Maiden of Viveki.

    The cultivation stage of the Princess, which was at the late stages of immortality while only being nineteen years of age, was high enough to display her terrifying talent in cultivation, and make her known as one of the greatest promises of the newer generation within their galaxy.

    Many academies had tried to accept her before anybody else could notice her talent, but the One Above All had completely ruined their efforts. Now, each and every talented individual dreamt of joining Hiel Academy, and discover the secrets that had turned Daniel's followers into unmatched cultivators.

    The Imperial family of Viveki was not an exception.

    However, as politicians, instead of going through the normal process of acceptance to which every new student of hiel academy went through, the Imperial family of Viveki had tried to use their connections to help their prices and princesses to be accepted.

    Their connection, was the family of the blond young man, who after discovering who wished to use him, had gladly accepted their request under a few conditions.

    Another problem which Daniel had recognized about his system, was the fact that he could not interfere with the members of his group. He was unable to allow a person in, just like he was unable to kick a person out, and therefore remove the group's passive effects that being his follower, allowed them to obtain. Anyone who reached a point of loyalty towards Daniel in which they trusted him completely, were able to enter his group.

    Unfortunately, not everyone who joined Daniel's group was a saint, and even if they did not ignore the moral teachings that the teachers tried to impart to them, some of them were a compliment away from becoming conceited, and evil minded individuals, prone to abuse the power they had just obtained.

    The blond young man was one of such individuals.

    As nobles native of Viveki, the family of the blond young man had always been beneath that of the imperial family. Just a year earlier, the sheer thought that this young man could act so impudently in front of the emperor, would have been unthinkable-but now, things had changed.

    The condition given in order to grant a recommendation that could have allowed for the princess to be accepted directly as a senior student, was that she had to either defeat the blond young man in a sparring match, or marry him.

    Being at the early stages of immortality at the age of twenty-six, the blond young man was beneath the princess in both cultivation and talent, and this had allowed the emperor and his family to still have hope that their princess could maintain her independence without having to tie herself to this noble family. However, it took a humiliating defeat for the princess to realize that she could do nothing against one of the mythical senior students of Hiel Academy.

    The banquet went on for the rest of the night, and as time passed, it became clearer and clearer that the young man had no intention of leaving for the night. Instead, he wanted to spend the night with her fiancée.

    At the same time, enraged by the behaviour of the young man, the emperor tried to find any possible chance to null this agreement, and send him back. After all, even if denied of her first choice, joining one of the other top tier academies did not mean that she would not be successful in her cultivation in the future.

    The anger that the emperor felt quickly turned into hate, which he was more than willing to transfer towards this young man in the form of a series of deadly slaps.

    What stopped him, was the idea of the protector. A member of Daniel's group which had already reached the high immortality, and followed the students in secret, whenever they left the academy on their pilgrimage.

    This young man had visited home during his pilgrimage along with many other senior students who were currently not present at the banquet, and this meant that, in Viveki, there was a powerful cultivator who was watching over them.

    At the end of the banquet, just like the emperor had imagined, the blond young man stood up from the table, and after turning to look at the beautiful princess with lustful eyes, he said, "Princess, I have always wondered what the difference between the imperial chambers and ours are. Why don't you show me around?"

    The princess reacted by turning to look at her father in anxiousness and unwillingness, which was enough for him to stand up, and say in her stead, "Young man. We appreciate your willingness to help my daughter in entering Hiel academy, but in the end, I think I will send her to the Diamond Thread Academy. I do not believe a marriage between you two is possible."

    These few words caused the blond young man to turn around in shock.

    "Emperor. What was the point in having the young master and the princess have a duel, if you did not wish to agree to his suggestion?" Said one of the elders of the noble family to which the blond young man belonged, with politeness. His level of cultivation was near, yet slightly lower than that of the emperor.

    As the old man finished speaking, the emperor turned to look at him, and said, "My daughter is not a bargaining chip. You haven't acquired her by defeating her in a duel. She has to be willing to marry. This is my decision."

    From the expression present on the old man's face, it was clear that he, along with the rest of the blond young man's family, still had a certain amount of fear and respect towards the emperor. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the blond young man.

    "How **ing pathetic. You rule a patch of land that means nothing in the universe. Now you expect to aim high while being unable to offer anything in return. I am surprised you still have subjects that look at you as their guide." Said the blond young man with a tone that could only be seen as hostile.

    "YOUNG MASTER!" shouted the old man before turning to look at the fuming emperor. He then bowed as deeply as his old age allowed, and said, "Your highness, please do not mind his words. He is young, and he doesn't know better."

    "Elder, what are you talking about?! Don't you understand what is happening?! They wanted to use me, and now that they have banged their nose against a wall, they are backing out." Said the blond young man in anger before turning towards the emperor, and adding, "You **ing cowards. I have already reached a level of importance above that of your puny empire. You should be offering this little slut to me willingly!"

    Right at the end of the last sentence, something in the mind of the emperor clicked. In front of him wasn't one of the prized disciples of a feared individual within the universe anymore, but a monster who had insulted his beloved family and daughter. Caution and fear were put aside in his mind, as only blind rage remained, which he released in the form of a wave of immortal essence that he used to wrap around this monster.

    However, on the face of the blond young man was no fear. More than anybody else, he knew that any group of students who went to their pilgrimage would go back safely with no exception.

    Just as he was expecting, the attack of the furious emperor was stopped, but instead of being stopped by a mysterious old cultivator like the students had speculated until now, it was stopped by a young man who had quietly appeared at the entrance of the hall.

    By his sides, was a regular size wolf completely made out of metal, while sitting on his shoulder, and displaying the complexity of dark essence, was a demonic wolf cub.

    "What are you doing?" He asked.
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