453 A War for Nothing Part 3

    As big as a small planet, covered in semi-opened eyes, and with tentacles that seemed to be able to reach the other end of the universe, this destroyer showed itself in front of the intergalactic coalition's flotilla, and the few thousands of cultivators that were left standing.

    "What the hell is that?" Asked the female general dressed in siler light armor, spelling what each and everyone of her peers were thinking at that moment.

    Of all of the destroyers present, this one had had its fill. Lucky enough to be near its awakening, and still the closest one to the explosion, it was able to absorb every bit of the essence of the spacetime that was produced. This power was enough to complete the concept of collapsed space contained within its stomach, which gave it a firmer grasp over the space it occupied.

    Now free from the limitations of negative space, this monster was the first universal destroyer of this universe, and similarly to the ones present in the void, its only purpose was pure and indiscriminate destruction. A destruction which started with a seemingly imperceptible yet deafening banging noise that came from the depths of his stomach.

    Initially these banging noise would propagate through space like the ripples left in the water by a small and harmless pebble, but after every rumble, the ripples would become more violent and invasive. After no more than twenty, the entire space that surrounded the battlefield started to become unstable, and even the wormholes created by the coalition were starting to be affected.

    While the cultivators possessed senses that allowed them to feel the power of that monster, the aliens didn't. What they saw was a being that was trying to destroy their way back home, and if that happened, the cultivators would have enough time to call for reinforcements, and they would be left between the mallet and the anvil. The coalition was clearly unprepared for such an eventuality, so their only option was to kill whatever this strange monster was.

    In their eyes the destroyer was only an organic being which possessed the size of a small planet, and therefore, it shouldn't have been a problem for them to destroy it. It was only after they charged their cannons and tried to shoot it down, that they started to understand their mistake.

    After awakening, the destroyers would maintain a passive behaviour, at least until they would be able to complete their first objective.. To fragment the space around them. However, that did not mean that they had no means of protecting themselves.

    The thousands of missiles and bullets reached the body of the destroyer at the same time, but before they could even touch it, their motion would be stopped by the violent ripples of space. Their fate was to explode one by one, leaving behind only a barrier of flames which suffocated into nothing immediately after.

    The destroyer did not take this attempt at his life lightly, and while continuing the destruction of the surrounding space, it sent hundreds of tentacles in the direction of the ships, cutting through each one that attacked him as if they were made out of paper.

    The bodies of the cultivators, as well as the few alien present within the surviving few ships shrieked back in a collective shock. The whole process had only taken a few moments, and even if they saw that coming, the ships would have never been able to avoid it.

    Something became extremely clear to all those present. If they were alive, was only because this monster was busy doing something else.

    The aliens immediately ordered a retreat, but it was too late. As if aware of the ships' intentions, the destroyer increased the intensity of its internal processes and turned the ripples into massive waves that, as soon as they came in contact with the wormholes, turned them into mortal weapons. The unlucky first ship that was already halfway through was ripped into pieces, which were then left moving erratically through the entire canal.

    Even cultivators' attempts to leave or call for reinforcements were useless, as the disturbed space would not allow the creation of any spatial connection that could be used to open a portal, or teleport inside or outside of the affected area.

    Trapped within the monster's reach, the survivors of both sides could only witness as the rumbles increased in intensity, applying pressure over the glass like stability of space, until finally, it cracked. A web-like crack quickly spread outwards, reaching in a moment the hundreds of thousands of kilometers in radius, and encompassing the relatively safe zones in which the survivors of both parties were watching in fear.

    Everyone felt the different parts of their bodies being tugged on by the now split portions of space they occupied, and this pulling was getting stronger by the moment. If not for the basic control of space of the cultivators, or the spatial suits of the aliens, the atoms that made up their bodies would have already separated, and they would have died an instantaneous death. Even the children of Iewah who, after surviving the explosion thanks to their failsafe abilities, were trembling in fear at the very realistic chance of dying once and for all.

    Right when the chances of surviving started to turn bleak, from out of nowhere, a perfectly stable portal opened in between the camps of the two armies. Easy to see thanks to its size, this portal seemed to be able to fit the passage of an entire planet.

    Both sides hoped for a power strong enough to destroy this monster, but instead, from it, only came out five humanoid beings.

    Who these microscopic beings were was beyond important at this point, as from the point of view of the aliens, a way out of this nightmare had just appeared. However, that was not the same for the cultivators, who thanks to their incredible sight and sensing abilities, were able to recognize two of them as Daniel and Aeron, the outcasts of Iewah's faction, and the Psionic Dimension.

    The ships of the aliens turned towards the massive portal, ready to burn as much power they needed to go through the portal, but just as they were about to give the order, a massive scaly head breached the water-like surface of the portal, followed by the rest of Xargy's immense draconic body, which was so big, that it could easily be compared to the destroyer's body.

    Once Xargy joined Daniel, Aeron, Sewah, Nova and Edmund on the other side, the portal closed, leaving them in the same position as the rest.

    Daniel and his group ignored the looks of the cultivators. They were there for one reason alone, and that reason was to prevent their space from becoming identical to that of the void.

    Without needing to say anything, Aeron's body expanded to a size that could compete with that of his draconic companion, and the monster they were here to face. In his green transparent hand appeared a massive sword made out of mental power, and once ready, he dashed towards the destroyer along with the enormous dragon, and the human-sized Sewah.

    The destroyer immediately tried to defend itself, but its soft tentacles could do nothing against Aeron's constructed sword, Xargy's mountain-sized sharp claws, and Sewah's concentrated power, who allowed him to easily pierce through the destroyer's body like a bullet.

    At the same time, Edmund and Nova started to work on their task, which required both of their combined powers to be completed.

    The only one who had yet to move was Daniel, who instead was focused on the surrounding space. He could feel every ripple around him, see the cracks, and sense the concept of collapsed space within the destroyer's body. His job was to stop this process, so with all the power that his improved cultivation granted him, he started to slowly take control over the surrounding space.

    At first, the ripples of space stopped advancing, and stabilized. Then, the cracks started to be repaired, restoring the space into the disturbed state that preceded the shattered one. Finally, after various minutes, the waves of destruction stopped coming out of the destroyer's body, blocked by Daniel's control, and unable to leave the monster's body. Weakened by the constant ripping, piercing, and cutting of its flash, the destroyer was unable to fulfill its purpose, and that had allowed Daniel to repair whatever damage he had done.

    For the following few minutes, Daniel continued to wrestle against the destroyer over the control of the surrounding space, while his companions injured the destroyer for as long as they could. Unfortunately, due to the incredible regeneration of the latter, it did not appear that Daniel and his companions could finish the job.. But, alas, to kill the monster was never their plan.

    The onlookers observed as even after ten minutes, nothing had changed. Daniel was still struggling, and the others were still fighting. What they did not know, was that the four of them were waiting for something. "Use your memories. Focus on the shattered space around you." Said Nova while pressing his hands over Edmund's shoulders.

    "I am almost there.. I am almost there." muttered Edmund as the memories of thousands and thousands of planets appeared in his mind. He had spent the last ten minutes trying to single out a single dimension from the thousands contained in his memories, "I am there!" He then said with an elated tone.

    As he heard these words, Nova started to emanate an immense amount of spiritual essence, and soon after, he shaped it into the form of an enormous portal, just as large as the one from which Xargy had just gone through. The only difference between this protal and the one opened by Daniel, was that this one was not as dense, and from each side, the other could be seen through.

    What everyone saw on the other side of this portal, was the destroyed space of the void, or at least, a dimension that shared the same fate of the void.

    The moment the portal was opened, the two moved out of the way, leaving Daniel alone.

    Once alone, Daniel stopped controlling the space, and instead, started to emit an extremely faint amount of spacetime essence, which until now, he had kept compressed onto his body, and covered by a layer of spatial essence that separated him from the normal space.

    As soon as Xargy, Aeron and Sewah noticed that the portal had been opened, they stopped attacking, and instead focused on defending themselves against the onslaught of the monster's attacks.

    These attacks did not last lost, as soon after, the thousands of eyes that covered the destroyer's body converged towards Daniel's direction. Once it recognized the essence that surrounded Daniel's body, the monster started to fluctuate towards him.

    Daniel did not move, and instead looked at the silhouette of the monster grow bigger and bigger as it drew close. When its body was almost as big as the portal, and its stomach opened to swallow the entire area around Daniel's body, he shouted, "NOW!!" and disappeared immediately after.

    Only moment's after Daniel's signal, Xargy's massive body came crashing against the monster's back, pushing it right into the portal, which started to close right after.

    The monster instinctively wrapped its tentacles around the dragon's body, but just as it seemed that Xargy would be pulled in as well, the vertical slash of an immense green sword came down the monster's tentacles, cutting them clean off. Before the monster could recover or once again try to reach through, Nova finished closing the portal, banishing the monster to live alongside its mature peers in the desolate expanse of that destroyed universe.

    The actions of each of Daniel's companion had required an incredible amount of effort, and now, they were beyond exhausted. However, after regrouping, the did not leave. Instead, they moved further in between the two armies.

    To the cultivators, it was clear that what Daniel had said before was the truth, and that he wanted to talk, but that was not the same for the aliens, who made use of the once again stable wormhole to try and escape.

    Before the fastest of the flagships could leave, Daniel interjected it by teleporting near the wormhole, and with a simple thought, he took control over the spacetime essence emanated by it, and distorted it, forcing the wormhole to dissipate into nothingness. He then released a faint wave of sound essence which relied only two words to each of the two army's survivors, "Let's talk."
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