460 The Murderous God vs Daniels Group Part 2

    With a sword pierced through his tongue, and into the back of his throat, both arms gone, and the majority of his power being pulled out of his body by the concept of absorption of dark essence, the murderous god stood there. On his face, not a trace of pain could be seen. Only an increasingly more evident anger.

    With very few who could match his power, and people who idolized him like a true deity, the murderous god could not stand this amount of disrespect. A slight that brought him way past his breaking point. "ENOUGH!" He shouted in a fit of rage, forcing an immensely powerful wave of blood essence out of his body, and expand until it was able to engulf all of Daniel's friends.

    The murderous god did not care anymore what he had come here for. He had been humiliated, and he needed to teach a lesson to these insects. To alleviate his anger was the thought that in that very moment, their bodies would be consumed, and become nourishment for him.

    Unfortunately, that never happened.

    When his mind caught up with his actions, he quickly noticed that trapped in this field of blood, were only Daniel and Aeron. This was an additional source of irritation for him, but now that he had captured at least two of them, his sadistic side kicked in, and he decided that he would enjoy looking at Daniel's friends expressions as he would kill him in front of them.

    However, once again, he was wrong. Jerigh was the only one who could be considered worried, but as soon as he noticed the calm and unaffected demeanor of Xargy and Sewah, he calmed down, and looked at what was happening with slightly less worry.

    Looking forward for the begging and crying, the murderous god used his power to try to melt the bodies of the two imprisoned cultivators, but quickly realized that something in them was different than any other cultivator he had met.

    Aeron's body was easily consumed by his blood essence, but no matter what, he could not absorb any of his power. He could do nothing but watch as his intangible consciousness left field of blood, and once outside, shaped back into his body. Daniel, on the other hand, was shielded by a power that the murderous god could not understand, and that would consume Daniel's body at a rate that was neglectable to him.

    Offended by Daniel's ability to resist his attacks, the murderous god moved his arm to grab him, but right before he could, Daniel had disappeared, and reappeared outside of the blood field.

    Like a bunch of flies buzzing around his head, the murderous god looked at them with a seemingly boundless anger, until he lost his patience. He dissipated the field of blood to end this circus once and for all, but right as the sight of his surroundings became once again clear, two fingers dug into his eyes, and before he could even react, after feeling the gentle pressure of Aeron's hand onto his head, he once again found himself into one of his past memories.

    He was once again a kid, now younger than he was in his other memory, and with him, were his parents, whose names and faces, after all these years, he could not remember. However, there were no feelings of affection in his heart. Not even when outer disciples of his former sect raided his village, killed them in front of him, and kidnapped him so that he could be sacrificed. His hate towards weakness had started with his parents, who were even weaker than the lowest form of cultivators of a then low-tier sect.

    All that forcing him to relive this memory did, was to fuel his anger, which he thought could only be satiated by drinking the bone marrow out of the bones of these cockroaches.

    When he left his memory, he was once again in an uncomfortable position. His body was pierced by at least thirty swords, making him look like a pin cushion. The absorption of his blood essence was once again present, as Daniel pressed his hands over his head in order to clear him off of his power, right before he could try to erase his mind once it would be left without protection.

    While not particularly damaging to him, the loss of power was still something that cultivators of any degree of power needed to be wary of, and an enemy that was hard to kill and that could directly absorb his power, was the enemy of any cultivator. Unfortunately, he still did not understand the degree of danger that Daniel's group posed to him.

    In a second attempt to get them off of him, the murderous god blindly tapped onto the golden bell that was hanging by his waist, from which hundreds of strings of blood came out and shot in the direction of Xargy, Sewah, and Jerigh, whom he knew he would be able to hurt.

    Now prepared, Jerigh was able to use his comprehension of spatial essence to gently deflect the threads of blood, while Xargy was pushed out of the way by Daniel, who at some point, had appeared next to the humanoid dragon, and moved him out of the way faster than the motion of the threads themselves.

    The only one who was caught by them, was Sewah.

    Satisfied by at least catching one of them, the murderous god showed a smile that, unfortunately, did not remain for long. At a faster rate than he was being consumed, Sewah's power was increasing to a point where, if it kept on going, it would reach the power of the murderous god himself. This was the ability that Sewah had gained from his ascension. The ability to momentarily increase his power, the more powerful his opponent would be.

    This exchange between the two parties was repeated over and over again, until finally, the murderous god started to get nervous. His reserves of blood essence were going down to critical levels, and for some reason, he knew that if presented with the opportunity, this group of inferior cultivators would be able to trap him, or banish him in some mysterious way.

    He had severely underestimated Daniel and his companions.

    As a god in his own universe, his rise had put a stop to any other path of cultivation, and by extension, made the cultivation of those who followed his path, highly dependent on him. Pampered and spoiled, he had spent the last million years cultivating in the most lazy and uneventful way possible, and if not for the appearance of Edmund, he would still be receiving his human sacrifices, while being adored by his subjects.

    But the cultivators in Daniel's universe were different. They were used to the never ending conflict of a generally free and less totalitarian society of cultivators. However, at the end of the day, he was still a cultivator.. And an immensely powerful and vicious one at that.

    His viciousness in particular was the reason why he had spared two powerful cultivators like the parasitic king, and the sovereign of corruption, whom he had brought for more than just spectate to what he was doing.

    After more than an hour spent feeling his power being taken away, the blood essence of the murderous god finally reached a critical point. Each of his attacks had failed miserably, and if he continued to this path, he would end up in dire straits.. but even to escape, he needed more power than what he had left.

    It was right then that, instead of focusing on Daniel and his companions, he dashed towards the extremely worried parasitic king and the unfazed sovereign of corruption. However, instead of barking out orders like he usually would, he extended his hands outwards, and grabbed their necks.

    Before either of the two could react, two small and yet extremely powerful vortexes appeared in the palms of the murderous god, which in a matter of moments, absorbed their bodies as if specks of dust being breathed in by a giant.. completely unable to fight back, or resist in any capacity. The absorbed bodies of the two cultivators immediately turned into a new wave of blood essence, which washed over the body of the murderous god, and allowed him to regain a large portion of his power.

    As soon as he finished absorbing his two servants, the murderous god immediately thought of protecting himself from one of Daniel's random and unpredictable attacks, Sewah's dangerous strikes, or Aeron's inevitable mind tricks, but none of those happened. Instead, Daniel and the others observed him in silence.

    After this catastrophic failure, the plan of the murderous god was to escape, and find them again once he would be more prepared for their odd abilities, but now, all of those reasonable thoughts had left his head. What was left in it, was the only possible reason why Daniel and his companions would quit while they were ahead, and that was that they were unaware of his background.

    In his head, the fact that Daniel and his group did not know who they were fighting against, was a huge deterrent. Were they afraid that his sect would come to find revenge? Were they afraid to kill the champion of another aspect of life? He did not know. What he knew, was that this was his chance.

    He quickly composed himself, and after recovering his sense of superiority, he looked at Daniel, whom he had realized was their leader, and said, "You are more sensible than I had realized."

    Daniel did not respond, and instead, pointed his eyes at the uncovered layer of skin of the murderous god.

    The murderous god took this as a sign of submission, and with an even higher level of confidence, he said, "I admit that I have underestimated you. Your abilities makes you extremely difficult to kill, but I wonder if you would be able to resist the combined attack of multiple universe's worth of cultivators." On his face was a confident smile.

    For a few seconds he waited for a response from Daniel and his companions, but after noticing that the group had no interest in talking, he continued by saying, "Of course, you could avoid that, if you hand over to me the dimensional jumper." Once again he stopped, but yet again, he found himself almost talking to himself. Daniel and the others not only refused to talk, but appeared uninterest about what he was saying.

    Being ignored irritated the murderous god greatly, but unfortunately, he was no longer in the condition to fight.

    All he wanted to do was to go back to his dimension and recover, and once back to his peak form, he would find a way to come back to Daniel's dimension, and finish these little ants once and for all. Nevertheless, in his mind was a certain level of regret. He regretted being cocky, and coming to this dimension personally, allowing his power to be greatly limited by the laws of the kin of aspects of existence. All that because he wanted to be the only one to know about Edmund's power. A power that could allow him to travel between dimensions without any limitation, which would be desired by anyone in the multiverse, if public.

    It was his greed that had led him to be in this sorry state, but in his mind, there was still time.

    Unfortunately, his thoughts and reality refused to match one more time, and they would never again.

    Unbeknownst to him, multiple dark grey spots had appeared on his skin, and they were becoming bigger and bigger by the second, trying to cover his entire body. "Wha-COUGH" he muttered before letting out a dry cough, and spewing small beads of black liquid.

    "No.. no no no.." he said as he finally noticed the changes to his body, rubbing over them with his hands, trying to take them off of him. But, alas, it was too late. The temporary power he had obtained by absorbing the two faction leaders quickly turned into a death-like dark grey-colored essence, of which he lost control over. His life essence, kept strong by the uncountable sacrifices that had been offered to him, started to dwindle, and on his face, nothing was left by horror, anger, fear.

    The body of the murderous god began to rapidly age, to a point where he was nothing but dark grey skin, and bones. "Not like this.. I will not.." he muttered with his dried up lips, clearly on the verge of death.
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