464 Inheritors of Blood

    After killing the Viewfinder, the man with glasses turned to look at the empty section of space in front of them, right where the planet was hiding. However, he couldn't feel anything there.

    "Aren't you going to absorb her?.. Plenty of nutrients in a spawn of Destiny." Said a young and serious-looking young man in leather armor, who carried a decorative spear made of simple steel and wood strapped to his back. He was looking at what was left of the Viewfinder with what someone could mistake as hunger.

    The man in glasses shook his head, then said, "Let her come back. You can have her after we take the legacy."

    As soon as the man with glasses finished speaking, the woman in skimpy clothes placed her right hand onto her side, and said, "Speaking of which, why can't I feel it? It has been three months since we have lost traces of it.. Is his lordship really dead?"

    "The little spawn of Destiny would not dare lie to us." Said the man in glasses with a calm and composed tone. Soon after, his lips curved into a smile, and he added, "If there is something we can be sure of, is that that bastard would have never kicked the bucket without leaving behind the rest of his lifework. Thinking of us murdering each other for it, that is a plus. He must have died with a smile on his face."

    From behind came the loud laugh of the muscular man in the tanktop, "haha, but he was right, wasn't he?" he asked, already aware of what would happen the very moment their eyes would land on the person who was holding the missing step of their cultivation. The step that would elevate them from being servants to a tyrannical god, to the state of the Murderous God itself.

    The blood cultivator with glasses ignored the question of his muscular companion, and instead, he once again removed his glasses. His hazel-colored irises, black pupils, and white scleras quickly changed into red, charging with the blood essence contained in his body. Once identical in color to fresh blood, this film of concentrated blood essence separated from his eyes, and shot out in the distance.

    This film was similar to the one he had used to kill the Viewfinder, but instead of being a net big enough to kill a single person, it quickly expanded to a point where it could split a planet as big as a star into rows of cleanly cut and identical squares.

    The moment Nova saw this net, he activated one of the functions of the spatial formation.

    The space contained in the formation began to stretch and curve, until finally, when the net reached the planet, the side that was closer to it had become narrow enough to go in between threads of blood. The narrow part of the planet followed the path of the net, turning the planet into what would appear like a very exaggerated hourglass, and ended the moment the net passed it completely, changing the planet back into its original round shape.

    Nova had already guessed that this attack was nothing but an attempt to force them out of their hiding spot, but right when he started to think that they might have avoided the trouble, the man in glasses showed an amused smile, and put his glasses back on.

    Before Nova could realize it, the immense net that had moved past them not only had stopped its original motion and was coming back, but while maintaining its grate-like pattern, it had started to spin at a speed that turned it into a pink dish.

    When this spinning plate touched Daniel's planet, it came in conflict with the defensive measures of its spatial formation, which in need of all of the power emanated by the artifact, redirected the sustainment required to keep up the spatial shield that made the planet completely invisible, into reinforcing its defences. This forced the planet to  appear in all of its splendor, right in front of these six cultivators, and the recovering Viewfinder.

    "There they are.." Said a girl in her early teens, dressed in the kind of formal clothes that only a member of an imperial family would wear. However, in her tone, just like on the faces of all of her companions, there was no happiness. The reason for that was that while they had found something, they still couldn't see or feel the presence of their legacy.

    Just when the failsafe ability of the Viewfinder's system completed its job and brought its wielder back to life, the skimpily dressed woman turned to look at her with an expression filled with irritation, and asked, "Where is he? You said he would be here!!"

    Terrified, the Viewfinder lowered her eyes and said while stuttering, "H-He is h-here.. I am s-s-sure of it.." In her mind there was nothing but regret. In hope to recover her artifact, she had used her system to create a mission that could allow her to find Daniel. This mission had tasked her with forming an alliance with these blood cultivators, bringing them to Daniel's general position, and using their power to kill him.

    What she was not aware of, was how little these individuals would care about the life of others. Even those who helped them were nothing but little dots in the tapestry of their lives, which they would not think twice about erasing the moment they would stop being useful. A hasty feeling of irritation had already cost her a life, and now that she had witnessed their power, she knew that she had put herself in between the rock and a hard place.

    Now that one of these moody cultivators was looking at her with anger, she felt her life slip away, just like someone who would witness his death approach when free falling onto a rocky wall. However, for how close she had felt it, her death never arrived. Instead, the attention of the blood cultivators was taken away by a pair of immense green eyes, which appeared in their sight right before the lights went out, and they found themselves living random memories of their past.

    This trick did not work long, as opposed to the Murderous God, these cultivators were the ones sent by him as the generals of an army whose only purpose had been, for millions of years, to exterminate any form of cultivator that would refuse to submit, or join the multidimensional domain of the blood sect. In millions of years spent campaigning against mysterious forces, there wasn't a single one of them that did not have experience against mental attacks, so when they encountered one, it was just as easy for them to come back to their senses, as it had been for their late lord.

    When they opened their eyes, however, the starlight that delivered the images of the faraway stars had disappeared, and around them, was nothing but darkness.

    "What trick is this?" Asked the young girl in royal clothes right before looking down, and finally noticing that underneath them, instead of the infinite dark expanse they had seen ahead, lay a discolored pink surface, which became grey in the middle.

    After noticing the rosy pavement, they looked in the distance, and in the darkness of their surroundings, recognized the silhouette of what appeared to be a white and smooth mountain chain that surrounded them like an immense prison.

    The blood cultivators put two and two together, and realized inside what they were currently trapped, but before they could react, a blinding blue light started to shine against their backs, increasing in intensity by the moment, and carrying a heath that from the distance, would be able to vaporize the body of any low level cultivator in the universe, leaving nothing but the memory of them.

    The nature of this light was quickly revealed to be a wave of blue flames, which brightened the area, showing the inside of Xargy's immense mouth. This wave engulfed them, consequently trying to find a way out of his mouth by rushing towards the openings in between his teeth, but of the end of this wave, no trace could be seen yet.

    After more than a minute, Xargy ran out of the combustible gases and liquids produced by his lungs, so just as he was about to stop, he opened his mouth, and allowed his flames to push anything that was inside his mouth out, and into space.

    The blue flames were the last power Xargy had obtained. They were the hottest flames of the draconic kin, and at his level of power, they could outperform any fire construct that a normal cultivator would be able to create. This had been the first time he had used them, so as he stabilized his breathing, he looked at the result with curiosity.

    The flames of destruction would burn anything that existed in nature, with an exception made for superior elements like space and time. This was the reason why the flames kept expanding in space like gigantic nuclear mushrooms before finally disappearing.

    When the light produced by the flames disappeared, Xargy, as well as the others who had joined him after he had turned back to his human size, quickly noticed the figures of the six cultivators. All of them were covered in injuries of varying seriousness, and yet, none of these injuries were caused by his flames.

    Xargy swallowed with difficulty as he realized that, not only had his flames failed to injure these six cultivators, but they posed such a low level of threat, that they had used their incapacitating abilities to attack one another, and gain an advantage for when they would be competing for the legacy of the Murderous God.

    What Daniel and his companions did not know, was that there was a limitation that would be placed on the cultivators that would visit an aware and ownerless dimension. This limitation had been placed by the kin of the aspects of existence, so that they could stop their immensely powerful champions from stomping the weaker dimensions into submission in a matter of days.

    The existence of this limitation was part of the reason why the Murderous God had taken such a liking into Edmund, whom he believed he would be able to use to travel between dimensions without having to suffer the limitations.

    Unfortunately, the presence of a limitation, at the moment, was of no use to Daniel's group. After all, each of these blood cultivators possessed, just like the murderous god whom they had faced, a cultivation that went far beyond that of the limitation, and therefore, each of them was in no way weaker than the person they had barely managed to kill.

    "You are nasty as always.." Said the woman in skimpy clothes to the man with glasses. On her face was an amused expression, which was strange to see since both of her legs were missing, cleanly cut off at the height of the knee, and already replaced by two new ones made completely out of blood essence, which signified the beginning of her recovery. The man with glasses was not faring any better. His fancy clothes were covered in holes, from which small beads of blood floated out like confetti.

    The rest of the blood cultivators were in similar situations, and had barely managed to infer some damage before being damaged themselves. They stared at one another as if ready to go for another round.

    After a moment of silence, the girl in regal clothes, whose chest had been slashed by what appeared like the claws of an animal, said, "Shouldn't we do this after we get the legacy? We don't even know if it's here."

    By the time the young girl had finished speaking, the majority of the injuries present on their bodies had healed. "Very well." Said the man with glasses before turning to look at the figures of Xargy, Edmund, Nova, Sewah, Aeron, and Jerigh. "He better be here.. Since our guide is gone." he then added after finally noticing that the Viewfinder that was standing a few meters from their previous position, had been vaporized by the blue flames of the dragon.
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