466 To Bleed Unwillingly

    The moment the door to the sacred realm of Hiel academy opened, an imaginary path of blood that started from behind it, and that reached all the way to the inheritors of blood, appeared.

    As soon as this path formed, a new idea came to the mind of the cultivator with glasses. As the closest one to the planet, he gave up on acting on the feelings of humiliation and anger he felt towards Daniel's friends, and instead, shot into the planet, with his companions following right after just a few kilometers behind.

    Like living blood meteors, the five flashes of red light went through the planet's atmosphere, reached the ground, entered the city, but right as they were about to barge into the door inside which the red path lead to, they were pushed back out of the city, and straight into space. When they realized what had happened, they looked at one another with confusion, and minds cleared by the painful sensation that came from their faces.

    Cleaning their bloody noses, swollen eyes, or cut lips, the group noticed the figure that had just appeared in front of the door. A young-looking man with a blood red colored sun mark on his forehead, which was the very source of the imaginary path of blood, as well as the inheritance of their late lord.

    Despite their lack of attentiveness, just from a look at him, the five cultivators knew that he wasn't a weak cultivator, and that he probably was the reason why their lord had died in the first place. However, thanks to the numerical superiority, that did not bother them.

    "Young man, you have something that belongs to us." Said the young girl dressed in regal clothes, who despite her appearance, wasn't any younger than the rest of them. Her voice was projected through the entire planet, and showcased the domineering behaviour she would reserve to the inhabitants of the domain which her former lord had assigned to her.

    Daniel did not respond, and instead teleported next to his companions, to whom he asked, "Is everyone okay?" In response to this question, Jerigh and the others nodded faintly, right before the wolf cub jumped out of the shadows of edmund's clothes, and into his. Only after making sure that none of his companions were badly injured, did he turn to look at the five cultivators, and added, "You and I both know there is no possible way of taking this legacy without killing me, so there is no point in idle chatter."

    What Daniel had said was true. It was part of their sect's teaching that, in case the Murderous God would pick a suitable candidate, he would give out a mark made out of something called the root blood, an extremely limited form of blood cultivated by the blood cultivators, and that connected their mind, spirit, and body, to the blood essence they would use to attack.

    Consuming the root blood would usually mean the death of the blood cultivator, and that created the assumption that whenever the legacy of blood would appear, that would mean that the Murderous God would already be dead.

    The mark of blood would merge with the blood of the cultivators on which it was used, and in case that individual would be a blood cultivator themselves, this mark would reveal the last step of the Heinous Path of Blood. However, now that the mark had been left on someone that wasn't a blood cultivator, there was only one option left to obtain it.. And that option was also the reason why the inheritors of blood would never be able to share this legacy.

    In order to take away the legacy, Daniel's body needed to be absorbed.

    Naturally Daniel was unaware of all of this, and the only reason why he knew that he couldn't simply hand over the legacy to them, was because his system had never given to him the option to, and therefore, none existed. Another idea that came to Daniel's mind was whether he could obtain this legacy for himself, but after learning the requirements of cultivating the Heinous path of blood from his system, he became nauseous at the sheer thought of even considering it.

    Now that their only chance to trick Daniel had been discarded, the five cultivators looked at one another, and almost as if agreeing on what to do, they condensed their power into their most powerful attacks, and sent them towards him.

    Daniel observed as six blood whips as thick as thumbs shot towards him, and wrapped around his wrists, ankles, waist, and neck, holding him still as thousands of spears as big as trees, an uncountable number of blood-made insects, hundreds of menacing palms strikes, and what appeared to be a colossal spider-centipede hybrid with hundreds of long legs approached him..

    However, before any of these attacks could touch him, time stopped.

    He quietly unraveled the whips of blood from around his body, and while casually avoiding the thousands of blood constructs that surrounded him, he approached these five cultivators. Specifically, he flew close to the one dressed in monk clothes, who had attacked him with her blood infused palms. Then, almost as if unable to keep time stopped any longer, he curled his fingers into a claw, and pierced the woman's chest with it, ripping her heart out on the way out of her back.

    When time started moving once again, the four cultivators did not notice right away, and instead thought that they had hit the target. It was only as they heard a weak grunt that preceded the noise of steel cutting flesh, that they turned around, and noticed that Daniel had already killed one of their companions.

    The young girl with regal clothes, who was at arm's reach from the Daniel and her killed companion, reacted by panickingly shooting numerous blood bullets at him, in hope that she could gain enough time to back away, but before she could go far, a powerful kick struck her face, and sent her towards the planet at an incredible speed.

    As the young girl descended onto the planet, Daniel felt the many other attacks that came from the remaining three blood cultivators, but his focus never left the young girl, next to whom he teleported after being struck by one of the spears of the cultivator in leather armor, that caused him to lose his right arm.

    When Daniel reappeared, he was in between one of the newly built cities and the young girl, which she was threatening to destroy by landing heavily against it. However, before she could touch the ground, Daniel met her descent with his tense leg, which struck her lower back and split her spine into two.

    The young girl was utterly shocked, but instead of letting herself fall into panic, she turned her own body into blood, and tried to engulf Daniel.. But quickly came to regret that decision. Instead of escaping, Daniel started to eject massive amounts of dark essence, or more specifically, the concept of absorption, which quickly swallowed every bit of blood into its oppressive darkness.

    When the young girl stopped and tried to reform her body, she had turned into a mummified woman, devoid of most of her blood, muscles, and covered in dried up skin. Before she could even begin to plead for mercy, Daniel grabbed her by the throat, and absorbed what was left of her consciousness.

    The ease with which Daniel had killed two of their companions had left the rest of the blood cultivators paralized in fear, and for the first time, the idea of retreating had started to appear in their minds. But, Alas, according to the words of the now deceased Viewfinder, Daniel was also one of Iewah's children, or how they knew them, a spawn of Destiny. That meant that if he wanted to, he would have no problem hunting them down one by one, in which case they would not have a chance to survive.

    Their only choice was to fight him right here and now, or face the very low possibility they had of escaping, and going back to their dimensions before Daniel could get to them. However, not all hope was lost.

    While the woman dressed in skimpy clothes and the man in leather armor looked at Daniel with alertness, the man with glasses had become interested in the planet, on which he could feel the presence of millions upon millions of people. Why was he protecting that planet? Were these millions of humans important to him? These were the questions that appeared in his mind.

    After thinking about it for a few moments, he turned to look at his remaining two companions, and said, "Regardless of who obtains the legacy, if we don't kill him together, we are dead.. Killing the others must have tired him out.. We will never get another chance like this." Despite not wanting to admit it, the other two knew that the man with glasses was right, so for the first time ever since they had come to this universe, they began to cooperate.

    "Attack him from a distance, while we will keep you safe." Said the man in glasses to the one in leather armor, right before he and the woman turned to look at Daniel, and prepared themselves to follow the instructions.

    The man in leather armor was the first one to act, and turned all of the blood essence he had shot before into a single spear, which he shot in Daniel's direction with an even higher speed and power than before.

    Just like before, Daniel disappeared from where he was standing, but right as the skimpily dressed woman turned to look at her companions to organize a defence, she noticed that the man with glasses had disappeared along with the bodies of their two deceased companions.

    She was barely able to breath in with shock before Daniel's sword-like arms came down onto her, splitting her body into three parts.

    After killing the woman, Daniel was spent. Using the power of spacetime for so long, and for so many times had consumed more power than he possessed, and left him with barely enough to keep a small layer of wind essence around his body. However, Time is Precious was working tirelessly to increase his recovery of true essence, which reformed at a speed that was unseen in the history of cultivation.

    Naturally, the blood cultivator in leather armor did not allow him to fully recover, and after forming a spear with all of the blood essence left in his body, pierced it through Daniel's chest from behind. Daniel's head fell forward, as if he had died, but right when the cultivator in leather armor started to feel some sort of relief, he found himself unable to pull the spear out.

    A feeling of doom filled his mind as Aeron placed his hand over the back of his head. When he woke up a few moments later, he was floating in front of the impaled body of Daniel, but his arm, which was still holding the spear, was not attached to his body anymore. What was left of him was only his torso, and before he could even realize that none of his limbs were there, the dark figure of a wolf came out of the wrinkles of Daniel's body, and ate him whole.

    After a few moments spent recovering, Daniel removed the spear from his chest, and turned to look at the wolf cub, which was struggling to erase the existence of the man in leather armor due to him fighting back.

    Due to their connection, Daniel could feel its suffering, so he tried to help him by injecting his true immortal essence into his body. About a minute later, the pain disappeared from the face of the demonic wolf cub eased, and the blood cultivator was no more.

    When Daniel turned to look for the last of the blood cultivators, he noticed that his planet was completely covered in red mist. In between him and the planet was the man with glasses, who after absorbing the bodies of his two companions, had recovered his full power, and became even more powerful than before.

    "I now know how you have killed the lord.." he admitted before taking a small pause. He then straightened his back, and added, "I am going to leave now, and I will do so undisturbed.. If you follow me, my power will fall onto this planet like rain, and everyone on it will die."

    Daniel could not help but smile at the words of the man in glasses, who looked at him with suspicion. He then said, "If you wanted to threaten me, you shouldn't have picked the planet.." As he finished speaking the entire external part of the atmosphere froze completely, locking the molecules of blood in place.

    When the man with glasses noticed this he gave up on his plans and tried to escape, but Daniel had already appeared right next to him, and grabbed his throat. ".. but I will still kill you," he said.

    The blood cultivator with glasses tried to overpower the clearly tired Daniel, but while it was true that there was close to no power left in his opponent's body, he still found himself unable to overpower the true essence emanated by the planet, which moved into Daniel's body, and replenished him with a nearly infinite supply of power. Daniel's face was the last thing he saw before his consciousness quite literally drifted into darkness, and he died.
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