1 Chapter 1 : family

    (Marvel verse,New york)

    Man was sitting on sofa while he was watching a kids channel that was playing kids cartoons. His age was around 25 years and he is having a very handsome face. His figure is well build, not much skinny and fat. Its well propotioned.

    In kitchen a beautiful lady with a georgeous figure was making something. Constant voice of spoon clatterings can be heard from the kitchen, from the sound its to be judged she is mixing something. *(🤔well lets latlk about her figure)*

    She has a face that is hardly seen around whole earth. Beautiful cherry lips, sleek eye brows, and wiered thing is she got eyes with white iris.

    *(🤔well thats wiered)*

    she have long hair

    *(sorry i won't tell its color, 😏lets keep somethings upto ypu to guess)*.

    if she is to be compared with the women of whole world, she will stand on the top.

    (its a family setting so lets add another character)

    Man stood up from sofa and went to a child of around age of 2 years. She was watching cartoons on TV while sitting close to it.

    *(well its a girl, Im clearing its gender in the starting)*

    man went upto her and picked her up. " Don't you think our child need some outing, Marry?".

    "We can't let her be in front of TV all the time."

    Marry :"hubby what if someone hurt her 😥?"

    Child" I am strong. I will smack them ".

    Man: " She is our daughter and do you think anyone have guts to hurt her? And have some trust on her". While watching lovingly his daughter who was snuggling in his arms.

    *(well thats some confusion, dont worry it will be cleared in future)*

    Marry:" 😋I know, by the way jack when are you going for work today".

    Jack:" I think it will be at evening, sigh I hate evening jobs".

    Marry:"🤨child wont be able to sleep if you are not around and you know she cant even see you away from her ayes for few seconds. She really loves you more then me 😭".

    Jack:" stop being dramatic marry😒, its not like she can see you being away from us. Well im taking child out to park, you wana come? "

    Mary:" wait a bit im almost done with kitchen work, we will go together. By the way, do u really want leave me behind 🤨?"

    Jack:"😥no boss i cant even think of leaving you behind. You change your clothers and then we will go for outing"

    Marry replied :"ok" with a hrin on her face.

    (well you can judge from this she got a naughty character)

    .... After 20 mins,

    Jack locked the front door and went for his car. Car is an old model of 1990's with a black color.

    Mary:"why dont you buy a new car"?

    Jack:"im ok with this and we dont need car to travel and its just a formality for us."

    Marry:"well you got a point, but its a good cover to look same as these people, lets go."

    Child "*while pouting* mom and dad always talking with each other. You always leave me aside".

    Jack and marry:"oh honey! We can forget ourselves but not you 😘".

    Jack drove toward child park. But something happened on their way toward it.
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