2 Chapter 2 jason

    On their way toward child park, they saw a horrible traffic accident. When mili saw that scene she hot scared. Mary quickly took her in her lap and hug her while calming her down.

    *(mili short for amelia. I thought of naming her as amelia.)*

    when jack heard mili's cry, his heart shook. As a father he doesn't want to see her daughter like this.

    "mili everything is ok, dnt be afraid. Mommy and daddy are here for you" Jack.

    "but dady im scared" amelia. "dnt worry baby they will be alright, she they are taken them to hospital and doctor will make them fit again" mary.

    The people who got themselves into accident were also with their child with them. Miraculously child was ok. Jack and mary when saw the child, they both went out of car with mili and went to the scene. Child was crying over the body of his father and his mother was taking her last breaths. Jack went close to child and consoled him. Child's mother saw javk and marry with painful eyes as she was trying to say something but she was able to say past words to jack and marry"ple.s...akhm...akhm... Pro..ct..." while pointing toward her child. She breathed her last with a smile on her face.

    " you can pass onto afterlife without worry. From today he is our son "jack said while looking toward woman's body. Jack took child in his arm and started pating him to calm down.

    " marry he is our son from now on and dnt worry i will take him in legally" jack.

    "mili meet your brother. He will be your younger brother from now on. As an elder, you must protect him. Ok"jack.

    " i really wanted a brother. Brother see im mili. I will be elder sister"amelia.

    Child said innocently said"meei.. Im dason..".

    *(dason for jason. Sorry i have bad naming sense)*


    Due to that incident, their trip was cancelled and they came back home. Jack took jason with him insode the house with mili. Mary was behind them and she was wathing them tottering toward inside the house with loving eyes. After they went inside jack said to amelia " mili why not show ypur room to jason. You can show him ypur toys too. Daddy has some work to do and will play with you later".

    "ok daddy" amelia.

    Amelia took jason's hand and lead him tpward their room which belong to her only. Wholse room was cutely decorated and with few stuff toys and dolls in it. But today their two small beds in that room.

    "Brother see, they are my toys. We will play with them"amelia. Jason saw them and got attracted to them. But he got sad also " si..ter  I dwnt hab toys tw show jou."jason. When mili saw him like this she felt wiered feelings. She reluctantly said to jason" you can have mine". "really si..ter"said jason." yes. Ok come we play" said amelia.

    Outside the room jack and mary was listing to teir cute discussion. Mary was cuping her cheeks as they look too cute while talking. "jack If children are this cute I want more" said mary while looking at jack with pleading eyes. Jack started sweating, he said to her" what? But you know we cant have children easily. We need make triple the time of effort. Mili was a miracle for us. But dont worry we will try. "  mary hugged him and locked her lips with his. You can see from both's action how much they love each other. After few seconds they seprated from each other and jack said to mary" i need to go for work today and tomorrow I will leaglly transfer jason's gaurdianship to us and i eill be resiging from the job as this was just a formality. We have enough money to live our life but we need a camaflauge for our seleves in society." mary asked then what will you do. You can't have a useless dad image for our daughter and son".

    *(well as they already consider jason as their son so i will use him like this in their convo)*.

    "why not I open a coffee shop?" jack. "well this is not a bad idea. We can run a small coffee shop" mary. "ok I will find new house with a shop so we can easily manage our business." said jack. He saw time on his wrist watch it was almost time for his work. He said goodbye to mary and went to his work. He worked as a instructor in a gym. He trained people in stamina and muscle building. He also know martial arts but he didnt let it hidden from others and didnt use 'em till its absolutly necessary.

    After finishing his work. He went to gym ownner and presented him his resignation. Gym ownner didnt want to see him leave as he was one of best trainners. "honestly, I don' t want you to leave this gym as you are our best trainner. You can have your pay raise if you feeling salary is bit less" said gym ownner. "Its not matter of salary. Im starting my own business so im leaving this job. Im going to open a small coffee shop" said jack. "well i dnt have rights to keep you working here. If you need any help you can always contact me. And do invide me in your shop's openning ceremony" said gym ownner. "sure i will invite you. Yea i do need some help in finding a suitiable hpuse that is big enough to accomodate a front coffee shop."said jack.

    "I got a friend he might can help you in this regard. I will call him and tell him about your needs. He will call you and you just have to choose the house. I can give guarantee of his dealings in this aspect."said gym ownner while searching for a number in his phone directory.

    " ok thankyou. I need to go now and my daughter will be wwiting for me to come home and make her go to sleep. "said jack while while exiting.

    After jack exited the gym, gym ownner called his friend and told about jacks requirement for a house and told him to call jack when he finds one.


    When jack opened the door of his home, he saw amelia and jason watching cartoons on TV while they bother were sitting in mary's lap. He gave a deep smile toward marry. Amelia and jason didnt notice jack comming back from work as they were immersed in their cartoon program. Jack silently went beside mary and sat on sofa also. Mili looked to side and saw jack sitting with her mom. She jumped from her mother's lap into jack's lap and hugged him. "dad why you always leave me and. Mama home. You should take us with you. I dnt want to see you go away from me" said amelia while higging jack.

    "daddy has work to do mili. But dady wont be going anywhere as daddy is gona open a coffee shop. I will be in front of you while working and you mom will be there too" said jack while caressing her hair. "ok daddy" mili said. Jack toom mili and jason with him toward their room. He laid mili on her bed and jason his. Jason was alreasy asleep. Jack sat beside mili's bed until she slept. Jack off room's light went out of room.

    *(well this is for today. Story is going a bit slow i will try to speed it up a little) *
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