3 Chapter 3 supreme bean cafe

    The very next day gym owner's friend called jack to inform him about that he have few properties that are suitable to start business. He told jack to visit him of he is free today.

    After having breakfast with family, jack went to gym owner's friend to check the location for his shop. He gr3ated jack and introduced himself.

    .. "Im eric and nice to meet you."

    Jack "nice to meet you to, as you told on call that you good locations for a shop".

    Eric"Can I know what type of shop ypu want to open? "

    Jack" I want to open coffee shop but i want to have a good location for it, It doesnt matter if its not in main commercial district. Just show me locations which have living apartment with it".

    Eric  while taking out few pics from his drawer he shpwed them to jack. "these are few locations that will be suitable for your shop" eric kept on skipping pics but he didnt show jack one pic which showed a pretty run down shop with and three house.

    Jack saw that picture and asked eric "what about that pic?"

    Eric"well I dont want to show you this because this building is in pretty dangerous area. Streat crimes like murder, theft, drugs are common there. If you are with family I dnt recoment you to choose that place".

    Jack"I know your concerns but dont worry just tell me the price of that house. "

    Eric" If you want to do renovation then it will cost you one million dollars with all equipments and furnirure etc. And if you want to rebuild it again according to yoir choice, it might take 2 to 3 weeks and will cost you 3 millions".

    Jack"well money is not a problem, I will decide after seeing the site. Why not you show me that place first".


    At house location jack sees whole house. It looked pretty old that might fall in any moment. There was many drug addicts living in it as there were many drug addicts. After seeing the house situation. Jack applied with complete destroying building and making a new one.

    Jack " I will go with new house construction, shop should be in ground floor with a tv louch so that my children can watch tv. You should also add a dinning table. And 5 to 6 tables for coffe serving will be ok. As I dnt want to make it a big shop. It will be just to keep myself busy. "

    Eric" ok all will be done in 3 weeks "

    Jack" ok we will visit in a week. Oh you should make a garage too so I can park car in it. "

    *After three weaks*

    Jack visited his new house with mary,mili and jason. It looked marvelous peace of art from outside. Mary, mili and jason and went inside. Mili and jason were very excited to see the new house.

    Eric came to jack and mary and greated them. "your house furnishing and construction is finished, all the things are there as you asked. If you have anymore modifications you want to make in it you can call".

    Jack" oh right! As Im starting a shop so it needs shop front. I want a wooden front with supreme cafe written in golden on it. When will it be ready?"

    Eric" If you want urgent It will be ready in 1 day".

    Jack "ok. Eric do visit openibg ceremony of my shop"

    Eric " I will. And right you must be careful, there will be gangsters comming to your door to creat trouble as this area is not peaceful."

    Jack " thanks for warning. I will be careful"

    After eric have gone. Jack went to mili and jason amd asked them if they like the new house.

    Jack specially asked eric to make a gaming room for them and they have a study room and small libary in it also. Their bed rooms are decorated with different cartoon characters

    Mili and jason looked really happy about their new rooms.They were jumping in joy and gave a kiss on jack's cheek. Mary pouted while seeing this and she said"mili and jason dnt love mom 😒." mili ran up to mary and hugged her" mili loves mama "also and she gave her the kiss. Mary looked at jason who was watching mili hugging mary. She opened her arms to jason signling him to come to her. Jason came upto her and hugged her also.


    Next day....

    After puting shop front, and small shop opening ceremony was held where gym owner, eric and few collegues were present. After jack made coffee for them and served to them. When they drank it they felt like they were drinking most delicious coffee in their whole life. Actually coffee beans used by jack were not normal as they were specially from different world where coffee beans are common. This type was of lowest type that can be found everwhere there.

    *(i will create 1 chapter about world travel and will try to create past scene for jack) *

    Eric and gym owner" Jack this is the most delicious coffee we have drank in my whole life. After drinking this, we think other drinks as a dirt. We  are already addict to this taste and congratulations for gaining your first costumers".

    After everyone went away. Jack started thinking about menu for his cafe. Mary suggusted few things and they were added it also.

    *Next day*

    Jack opened his shop at 8 am. While Mary went to kitchen and staryed making breakfast for family. They had a breakfast and jack went to counter to see if he gets any customers.

    Not far away from shop a man was being chased by few people. He looked pretty tired. He had a pretty good figure. He looked like a retired soldier. But he was running away from something. He saw a cafe opened there and without thinking he rushed in it. That startled jack. After he entered the shop he saw menu hang in front of counter. And suprisingly it only have two items listed on it.

    Black supreme coffee for  150$

    Creamed supreme coffee for 175$

    After seeing these ripped off pricing he almost yelled at jack

    "why you are pricing normal coffee to high? Its just a black coffee".

    Jack" if you want to drink it you can order or you may leave ".

    After looking outside the shop as if checking if he is followed he reluctantly ordered black coffee.

    Jack" you can sit and wait for it to be ready, it will be ready in 5 min. "

    Man went and sat and started waiting for coffe but he was checking outside of shop from time to time"

    Not far away from shop on same route 10 to 15 gangsters where comming toward shop with holding bats and knieves.

    A goon said to team leader "boss i saw him entering new coffee shop".

    Leader"when did we have a coffee shop in this area. Lets go and get protection money and that man from that shop".

    After that they went toward shop. But they didnt know that jack and mary were already aware of them comming toward shop and they show no emotions as they were ants that can be dealed any moment.
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