1 prologue: rebirth

    In a room full of toys a newly born boy looking around curiously with his big, adorable eyes, the boy has blue hair and black eyes; in a minute he saw two women coming to carry him off there were couple of kids mostly 2 or 3 year olds


    The boy name was Loki, the business tycoon his life was perfect he was rich, powerful, deviously handsome with great connections and to top it off he was freaking genius he was just 25 when he became one of the richest person in the entire world to sum it up it could be said that he was perfect there was particularly no flaw in him, his life was so perfect that everyone looks at him like looking at a monster, he was not normal yes, but which genius was normal they all have their quirks but they look at him like a monster one mistake and they are all onto him like a meaty fish ready to be swallowed he has no friends or a girlfriend or anyone he can care about, how can he when he has to be careful if those guys calling themselves his friends are not some con artists without the title

    One day he was sitting in the VIP seats of conference hall which is showing some breath taking invention of a genius scientist

    "well hello everyone thanks for coming here, well with no further wait i hereby officially announce my latest invention a inter dimension machine and well before any of you ask why some simple and boring name ask my wife i am totally innocent one here". the scientist blinked with an embarrassing laugh "ha ha ha ha poor joke"? well anyway

    Since you all here are geniuses with IQ above average person i don't need to tell you the importance of dimensions and with this machine we can... wait, what is going on?

    "Hello, dearest ..... doctor we here thank you for your hard work and now we will take it from here". Said a mask wearing man with AK-47 in his hands.

    A group of mask wearing terrorists came in with blazing of guns killing police security guards and everyone else that seems to be a nuisance as well as all security cameras, all of them stood behind the mask man.

    The mask man smiled and ordered his man to take the machine

    "No.....wait, you don't have the idea of what you are doing its a freaking inter dimension machine one wrong move of yours and you can kill thousands so please stop this huh? please"..... said the scientist with a hopeful eyes.

    Neither of them saw the woman doing something to the machine acting like nothing has happened

    "we know dearest.....doctor" said the mask man smiling before killing the scientist and his wife who was a fellow scientist that is standing besides him

    "kill em all i don't want any witness before anyone arrives" said the boss

    Everyone tries to run but to no avail everyone was dead killed with the most brutal of ways this was major blow to the state they all were not just geniuses they were tycoons scientists doctors politicians they were the state giants who practically run the entire country.

    Loki was the last man standing before a bullet came and hit his heart he was dying yet he felt nothing; he practically has no one to cry for or look after for so why should he feel bad about dying either way they all just look at him like a monster anyway

    "Maybe they will finally have their wish to have a bite of this fatty meat"...thought loki before laughing weakly and ready to close his eyes

    "Something's wrong.....this women she rigged the machine" said a henchman terrorist pointing at the wife of the scientist

    "RUN" said the boss but to no avail they died.....they all died terrorists who killed the scientist and all people present here died via hand of woman she took her revenge of her husband and everyone death including hers. (a woman's revenge sure is frighting)

    the only person alive in this bloody room is Loki though barely and is on the verge of dying when a sudden vibration hit him making him disappear

    And here he was, god knows where and why

    [ An invention could have lives of people but the very same invention could save thousands it all depends on the very person using it as there is no evil thing only evil people.]

    [ Nothing that happened this day on this building could ever get out there was no camera no witness not single person alive since they all turned into bodies that could only talk to forensic doctors and they still won't be able to find anything, this day marks the great tragedy.]
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