2 A.I chip

    That Night as the boy was looking around he heard a weird sound

    "A.I chip starting"

    AGOO he tilted with his big adorable eyes and round face

    "KYAAA", are you trying to say that you like big sister "hehe" big sis like you as well....said a young girl; 3 years old from the looks of it

    "Huh? who the hell are you i was just shocked of that weird voice"....though what came out was


    The boy: "......"

    "KYAA" hehe; she just rubbed her cheeks on his face

    "Will you stop it myaki; put the boy back in crip" and go back to sleep too

    Huh? but i wanna play with him longer obāchan

    "Alright, why don't you do one thing, bring your mattress over here alright sleep next to him"

    Suddenly her face turned scary

    Let the boy sleep and you sleep as well, if i find out any of you awake obāchan is gonna be angry.


    The matron just smiled sweetly and rubbed the head of the young girl and then walked away while the young girl she brought up her mattress

    "If you have any nightmares don't worry about it ok" big sister will make it go away big sister is very strong"

    she just started singing lullaby she heard when matron sleep other children

    He just smiled at the young girl; this is not the fake smile he gave when he was a businessman, this was his genuine true nature smile

    "A.I chip start procedure complete"

    The Boy: !!!!

    "Starting installation"

    Host will enter unconscious state till installation is complete

    Entering unconscious state in 3..2..1 ! enter unconscious state now !!

    Initiate installation 1%...5%...10%....99%

    The girl put the baby into the crib proud that her lullaby is the reason he slept

    Her name was miyaki no last name and an orphan her hair color was blue just like the boy and they got found out in orphanage at the same time as well, but the truth is the girl was never related to the boy she found him appear out of thin air in front of her she got scared but after waiting for a long long time their was no one to take the boy she though hesitate but touched the boy several time like he was some kind of alien species but she find him cute and eventually she due to their same hair color she just took him in as her younger brother

    "Hmm are you abandoned?"..... don't worry i am abandoned as well we will take care of each other alright from now on you are noah; remember my name it's miyaki; she just smiled..... isn't it nice name i gave it myself.

    "Then she moved towards the orphanage with the baby in her arms where she told them it's her little brother...that's how they make it to the konoha's orphanage and start their journey


    [Dumbledore: Today, I am gonna teach you the most strongest magic out their in the world

    Harry potter: Really, what's the most powerful magic sir?

    Dumbledore: It's the power of love harry, that's why you will defeat tom while he could never defeat you

    Harry potter: power of love? how can love help me defeat Voldemort

    Dumbledore: It's the bond harry, a bond created not through blood but love

    Harry potter: ?????

    Dumbledore (smiling): the truth is when you fight to save something or one that's precious to you at that very moment you become genuinely stronger

    Harry potter: "....."

    Dumbledore: That's what i am gonna teach you today harry... love

    Harry potter took several steps back: "what you gonna do sir, just so you know i am straight"]
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