3 choosing bloodline limi

    (Next morning)

    Noah  woke up in the crib, the sun was still rising in the east, it was the early time in the morning, the girl was sleeping in the mattress near his crib and everyone else is sleeping as well, when he heard it

    Installation complete....Welcome

    Name: Noah (no last name)

    Age: 1 month

    Gender: Male

    Clan: orphan

    Village: konohagakure no sato, hi no kuni

    Level:0 (won't get exp till the age of 1)

    HP: 1/1

    Sp: 1/1

    Chakra: 50000/50000

    Control: 1%

    Str: 1

    Vit: 1

    Dex: 1

    Int: 10000 ( 1 int increases 5 chakra)

    Charisma: Infinite

    Luck: 50 (Permanently fixed)

    Points: 0

    <Select elemental kekkai genkai>

    Wait...what is elemental kekkai genkai no, what is going on where and why am i here?

    As per host request collecting data.....

    Every person here is born with something called chakra, Chakra is everywhere even in trees, air but chakra comes with an element the larger the chakra reserve the more powerful elemental attack one can use for various purposes, if the chakra reserve is high enough to do magic attacks that is called jutsu; they are trained, but if chakra reserve is not high enough to do jutsu they become civilian but even if they are civilian they still have element inside of them just they don't have enough of chakra to do anything, it is called chakra locked

    There is a being in this world called ten-tails bijju, sage of the six path divided it into 9 different tails bijjus, bijju are made purely of chakra they are immensely powerful with infinite chakra reserve and stamina reserve

    Every boy or girl at the moment of their birth got their element they can use but every one can only use only 1 single element no matter how prodigious someone is they will still have one element but very very rare few got born with 2 or more elements affinities which make their kekkai genkai

    So one only use just 1 element during their life time....asked Noah

    No, they can use any element they wish just they didn't get born with the affinity and will have to waste larger amount of chakra on jutsu

    So one only has to be born with only 2 or more elements to have his or her bloodline ability?

    Yes, but there are conditions one must be born with 2 major elemental affinity not one major and one minor also there must be some auxiliary conditions

    Auxiliary conditions?

    Yes, like mukoton (wood release) is a very powerful bloodline ability, to get it one must be born with earth and water as major affinities but this alone will not grant you kekkai genkai you must also have great vitality and even greater chakra reserve or one must go through mental trauma to awake sharingan or train hard enough to awake byakugan

    There are other kind of kekkai genkai that doesn't require one to be born 2 or more elements with them like sharingan, dead bone pulse or byakugan or the so called god's eyes rinnegan which is combined through having 2 bloodlines mokuton and sharingan into one person body

    So you mean to say if 2 people one having mokuton and one having sharingan have a baby it will have rinnegan?

    Yes and no, like i said there is auxiliary conditions to be fulfilled and there is a great chance that the baby will be born with just one of the two kekkai genkai

    So, being borned with kekkai genkai is such a rare thing?

    Yes, very rare..... usually kekkai genkai passed through parent to child who have fulfilled all auxiliary conditions

    So, i can get any kekkai genkai i want

    No, the host can only have elemental kekkai genkai

    Alright, then give me kekkai genkai of all elements

    Not possible, host can only have the kekkai genkai using 2 elements


    Fine what is the most powerful kekkai genkai present

    There is no such thing as the most powerful kekkai genkai only the most powerful person using it

    What are you talking about there must be some poweful and some weaker kekkai genkai like.... like you said yourself rinnegan is the gods eyes

    Forth hokage, of this village defeated nine tales bijju as well as a sharingan user without having a Kekkai genkai using with nothing but pure speed.

    Guy of this generation has the ability to defeat a rinnegan user without having a kekkai genkai, Person who has mastered the sage mode can defeat a rinnegan user as well

    Third raikage went unmatched in his time he was untouchable by any and all and he only trained in lighting element, he defeated and took the full blast of biju ball yet all he took a single scratch that is by his own mistake as well, he only died because he fought 10,000 enemies at the same time, he fought for 3 night and 3 days and ran out of stamina and chakra

    Noah: !!!!!! that guy must have been amazing

    First hokage defeated the mighty sharingan using with nothing but mokuton which should have been relatively weaker compared to eternal mangyoku sharingan

    Host please be assured, any kind of kekkai genkai you have will not make you unbeatable it might be cheats to be ahead of normal person but if a person is capable enough that cheat that kekkai genkai will not be worth it

    So, i am only selecting cheat that will make ahead of others but not unbeatable?


    Alright, but how would i know which elements to select

    Host please be assure, any and all two major elements will create a kekkai genkai just select at your convenience

    aaalrrrright?... i must select thunder as my first element gotta be like third raikage who went untouchable in his generation also like forth hokage who defeated sharingan user as well as bijju using nothing but pure speed

    "A.I chip, give me speed related kekkai genkai that relates with thunder/lightning element"

    As per host request collecting data.....

    Swift Release (lightning, wind): Changes the perception of time of the user, the user becomes incredibly faster; eyes like sharingan byakugan or rinnegan could still see it but if the user increases it time 1000 or 10000 even those can't see through the speed of the kekkai genkai user

    [Warning: the speed only grows faster, the more dex you have if host has maximum dexerity even swif realease times 10 can not be seen by rinnegan or sharingan user]

    You stupid system said there is no strongest kekkai genkai but you sure praise rinnegan or sharingan quite too much

    Fine, either way just give me swift release

    Bloodline granted.....

    Host please select perks (2 perks available)

    Great intelligence ( increases chakra, damage through jutsus and your intelligence)

    Another bloodline ability (granting 1 more elemental kekkai genkai)

    Another element ( Will be minor element)

    Prodigal category (click to expand)

    Genjutsu prodigy

    Taijutsu prodigy

    Ninjutsu prodigy

    Bukijutsu prodigy

    Funinjutsu prodigy

    Iryujutsu prodigy

    Ultimate control of chakra ( will remove control stat and will have absolute chakra control)

    Hmm that's tough alright should i get another kekkai genkai? i already have speed one if i get attack one i should be pretty much awesome what about another element or something in prodigal category....hmm nope like A.I chip said it's the person who is strongest not the abilities, who could know it better than i do

    But what should i choose, ....thinking....thinking...still thinking

    Alright fine, i choose great intelligence and ultimate control of chakra i will just make a full dexterity build

    Perks granted....

    Host will enter unconscious state for 3 hours in 3!2!1!

    Wait.... you still didn't tell me where and why am i here?

    Drowsiness is covering noah at incredible fast speed and he was getting sleepy

    I just woke up you stupid sys-

    And he fell asleep just 5 minutes after he woke up.
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