4 Training regime

    (After 3 weeks)

    Noah woke up, but this time he was in control, yet growling at the same time he just accepted the fact he had a weird system in his brain

    "somehow this all is related to that machine and there is possibly no way i can figure it out is there?"

    "Are you hungry"...asked the 3 year old

    Looking at her something felt weird inside of him

    "Hmm... is it a bad thing that i somehow get to live here it doesn't matter who i was isn't it?" until unless she is here everything is alright right? she loves me not because of what i am but for who i am; that's right until unless she is there...until unless she is there

    The girl cooing him asked the same question again

    "No i am just shocked about having a crazy system in brain"...but what came out was


    And she started rubbing his face on herself

    "GYAK...I hate the baby mode" AGOO...AGOOGOO

    "Get off me you crazy girl" AGGGOOO

    For the entire day he has been held and got taken care by the young girl she made him bath prepare the milk changed his diapers and did every thing a mother was supposed to do

    But what disturbing was other than providing necessities like milk a roof on their head and some money of some kind noah never ever saw someone the entire time to take care of them

    They basically just give them money and goes off to do their work he even deduced if his supposedly crazy sister and himself got lost and never came back no one will even care just like that boy they all call a demon, although not direct bullying, but it's the same they both got ignored some kids even make fun of her blue hair which even noah felt weird of having naturally but they never get to bully her because this crazy sister is demon....yes, you heard it right she is so good at hand to hand fighting that other kids can't do a thing to her and for that she got scolded and get grounded every time for this

    "What kind of bull** orphanage is this?"

    "System when can i start training"?

    As per host request collecting data.....

    Host can start training at the age of 8 years old when host get to start attending academy

    "You mean i can't start training before the age of 8"?

    Host can start from the age of 3 but this kind of training needs a supervisor which host doesn't have, any kind of wrong action will result in fracture, disability, or in more severe cases death from chakra exhaustion and stamina exhaustion

    Alright what do i need to do to become like that guy third raikage?

    Increase VIT and INTELLIGENCE, and control to increase stamina and chakra level; host have the perk of intelligence and chakra control, so host is in need to increase VIT, three thirst of hell already has the piercing effect, so host does not need sever STR training but some STR training is still in need and severe DEX is needed as well to capture a fast enemy, high intensity of training is require in lightning element and perfect control over it

    But why do i need strength and vit don't i already have kekkai genkai related to speed i can just zooom and them BAM with three thirst of hell they can't do anything to me as well because of lightning armor right?

    If host does not have VIT, the three thirst of hell will kill host without even moving; third raikage defeated 10000 shinobi without rest for 3 days that speaks just how much training he did for increasing VIT

    "But he died in the end"

    Yes, but with host it's not the case with the help of system and maximum VIT and intelligence host can fight that many numbers for a straight week before letting up

    "DAMN this VIT seems important"

    Every single attribute is important; STR gives host the power in not just arms but every single part of body as well, if the host have strong leg, host can take off at a incredibly fast speed and before host start using the stamina host would already be far ahead it's not just running and dodging at short range with high strength host can penetrate with high strength host can move the arms and legs faster because host will have the strength to move them

    Noah: !!!!!

    VIT increases just stamina but it's necessary, host can show off his ability and strenght of skills for a long period of time any and all kind of skills that puts the pressure into the host body will be negligible, host can practically defy death with high VIT, even if host gets stabbed via knife on his stomach of any other fickle place besides high level of VIT is require for host dream skill....three thirst of hell

    Noah: !!!!!!

    High level of DEX will not just allow host to move fast it increases perception with High level DEX host can throw more accurately allow to see the host even fast running opponent it increases reflexes,without high DEX host can never activates his bloodline before the enemy actually manage to score a hit and practically the kill

    Noah: !!!!!!

    Host already has the perk related to intelligence and it's control so hot does not need to know about it

    I can't increase everything through points...thought noah

    "what does the system recommend i do"?

    As per host, request collecting data.....

    Increases everything through training, and every time you level up put the points in DEX make the all DEX build, since this is your bloodline..... speed, Host must have extreme precision for the use of kekkai genkai, host needs to learn to learn chakra sense to be prepared for an attack and host must do the VIT training every single day all day alongside some little STR training daily

    How should i do that? Increase VIT i mean, i know of various ways to increase STR even in this backward society

    The best way would be "Lightning armor" which will put enormous pressure on host body which in turn will increase host VIT alongside lightning attribute another option is sprinting which will increase user strength by a little bit and dex alongside user vit

    Wait...isn't three thirst of hell require lightning armor?

    Yes, lightning armor is just one part of three thirst of hell; another part is using piercing ability of lightning and increases it via focusing it on 3 or less fingers

    Host is not recommended to start training like this till 8 years old


    "Hey, can you look after my little brother i need to purchase milk for him"

    When Noah look he found his sister talking to the so-called "demon"

    "H-Huh? don't you hate me"?

    The girl just look in confusion: why would i hate you? you don't seem to be one of those who bully me

    "W-Well, i don't know everyone just hate me for some reason"

    Forget about those idiots; you are abandoned right? me and brother are abandon as well, it's nice to meet you........ she extended her arm... my name is myaki my little brother name is noah what's your name.....it's not demon right?

    NO, i-i mean my name is naruto uzumaki it's nice to meet you....said the blond boy grinning

    "Alright naruto-kun please, watch after noah i will be back in 10 minute or so"

    [And so the destiny changed] [Because noah was there, myaki talked with naruto other-wise they would become just a passing memory to each other without even talking to each other]
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