5 Kushina Uzumaki

    (8 years later)

    "Ha, Ha, Ha finally, FINALLY i am 8, now i can do anything muhahahah"

    "Are you that happy?"....came a amused voice

    "Nee-san....of course, i am happy i am going to follow your footsteps and become a great shinobi who will protect you and naruto-nii"

    At first Noah, just wanted to become a strong person in the world, who would never ever be killed, dying hurts; he wanted to become just like a cool guy in light novels, then he will have a girl, friends, family; he already heard from the system that this world is all about kills, here you are hero if you have more blood in your hand; you are hero if you torture an enemy, but you are a betrayer if save a life just like that guy; someone called white fang "sakumo-hatake"(my favorite side character); Noah never cared about the world they can kill if they want; they can call them self hero if they wish as well, but if he does not become strong enough; than people will come after him and no one will come and save him even his sister will be sacrificed because he was useless but now his dream changed

    Of, course showing off his skills and genius; people will come after him....and he will be some one in political war just like the monkey in the game catch the monkey, he does not want it...he does not want to someone else chessboard piece, he did rather die than that but,

    "As long as she is here".....thought noah looking at miyaki

    Just like they were kids she will take away all nightmares, she will protect him from everything and anything; she is very strong

    That's his new dream....her; just like she said they are abandoned; and they must look after each other; she already protected him and he know that she will continue to protect him; now he will do the same as her, he will become mixture of those guys; third raikage and forth hokage who practically went untouched in their generation, at first he wished to be like them because he was afraid he was afraid of death some might call PTSD some might call it cowardness but he choose those techniques so that he never will be hurt again but now.....Until unless it's her he is willing to protect her with those techniques he is willing to get hurt if only it would save her; he is willing to become another sakumo hatake for her sake

    (Author note) (Why do i feel this is death flag for miyaki)

    "Alright, here drink your milk and get ready i will be downstairs"

    "Aaaagggghhh...Why do i have to drink milk like some little kid i am more than 30 year old

    DAMMIT !!!"

    (At the road towards academy)

    What's with this long and sad mood...asked miyaki as she giggled although she asked she already know the answer

    "I hate milk".....Why do i have to drink it every single day i told you already i am a grown up man trapped inside of little boy's body then why...why do you always make me drink this milk

    when they reached till the academy gates she stopped and look at noah kneels down and talk to eye to eye

    "I tell you to drink milk so that you become strong or else how are you gonna protect me if you are not strong enough" remember we both are abandon so we both must look after each other

    "And as for your being grown up man; talk about it, when you are big enough not to drink milk"

    "Bye now, i will be back in time to take you back after i am done with my D-rank mission, so if i am bit late wait for me ok?"

    yep, you herd it right she is already a genin due to her genius she started in naruto san generation, but ended in year above him she already graduated while naruto-san is still in his forth year, he will graduate as soon as he turn 12

    But what worry me the most is that bastard old man; i need to protect nee-san from that man the most.....noah thought as he start walking towards his classroom; waving his sister goodbye.


    (8 year ago)

    An old man carrying noah in his arms, is telling the orphan kids about something call will-of-fire that is passed down through generations after he is done with his boring and long speech he let the kids do their bidding while he talked to the matrons of orphanage, suddenly there were noices, when the old man as well matrons goes out they saw miyaki beaten some boys because they bullied her because of her hair color

    Her expression at that time was rather... cute, if you look at it from the perceptive of a old man to a 3 year old, but what surprise noah the most that the old man nearly lost his composer and his eyes they become a bit of watery though no one else saw it, but noah who was already in the old man arms could clearly see it the hokage whispered something un audible but being so close to him noah heard him clearly

    "Kushina".....yep, that's what he heard from the old man at that time but he quickly regain his composer gave noah to miyaki; while telling kids not to bully her anymore, he even patted her hair at that time noah thought that this old man was just cooing a little child but..... oh, just how wrong was he?

    The old man visit to orphanage for some reason increased to weekly basis, while he always carry noah in his arms whenever he came to orphan age, he really like the little guy though he never show it on his face; but any grown up who lived his life between sharks all his life could clearly see it, he thought the old man came to orphan age because of him since the old man liked him so much

    But when miyaki was no where in sight the old man brought naruto to the side with noah still in his arms

    "Naruto...what do you think, is her; i mean miyaki's hair aren't they beautiful"

    This bastard, He already betrothing his sister to naruto

    Yep, those hair they are beautiful.....said naruto with a foxy and some what charming smile

    That good, said the hokage with a sad smile, naruto i will not repeat it again so listen closely you need to protect her against any and all bullies and anyone and anything else that harms her alright?

    No worries Ojīchan, i will protect miyaki san with everything i got

    "What do you think old man, my sister and me are this boy sole friends and considering i am still a new born my sister is his sole friend of course he likes her hair he can't possibly say he does not like it and as for protecting her why are you trying to marry off two three years old" you pervert stop teaching the 3 year old the tricks to seduce a girl; dammit, look i need to do something

    He was about to cry and make scene so to break this conversation and bring miyaki here but, before he could do that there was another chakra that lost it's control

    When naruto goes to supposedly protect miyaki another voice came from practically no where scaring noah

    "For a moment i thought they were back, they both are just so like them" especially her i thought kushina-san is back when ever i look at her

    Noah: !!!!!!!

    "Kakashi look, you scared little noah here" he started cooing the little guy and singing lullaby so to make him sleep

    "Kushina is not back kakashi; she is dead alongside him, they both are dead and this is new generation deal with it"

    "I know" he only said 2 words before he disappeared

    After that day naruto and miyaki are always together it's a blessing they don't know a thing about the old man planning of bringing them together since they both are practically just kids and they both are just friends, but that old man he truly know how to make something out of nothing

    "DAMMIT old man stop trying to bring them together" AGOOOGOO

    The old man started taking care of her he gave them all the money they needed play with them whenever he has the time and even eat with them, he did everything a busy grandpa would do when ever he came home and for some unknown reason hokage really liked noah when ever he came he would always hold noah and some time even feed him milk; Because of the incident of matron unfairness towards naruto which brings the wraith of miyaki the three noah, miyaki and naruto were thrown out of orphanage, hokage not only reprimanded the matron for this but he also provided a home for them to live, this house looks some what old like some one lived here till recently

    "System who is this house registered to"

    According to host collecting data...

    This house is registered to forth hokage; minato namikaze and his wife kushina uzumaki

    Oh, so this house is there.....WAIT; KUSHINA!!!!!

    He clearly remember the first day hokage came he said that name in a teary voice

    What connection does nee-san and this kushina share.....sigh

    When noah was about to leave the matter another thing hit his head

    WAIT U-UZUMAKI !!!!!

    Suddenly, (flashback mode)

    i-i mean my name is naruto uzumaki nice to meet you


    But how come this place looks like some one was living here till recently didn't forth hokage died 3 years ago

    Noah: !!!!! 3 years....naruto is 3 years old

    According to host collecting data.....

    System..... can't identify, host chakra sense is not there.....please, learn chakra sense before asking the same question again

    And so the three of them start living in a house unknown to any of them that this house was always meant to be naruto's home
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