6 Prince Charming

    (9 months later) (hokage office)

    Hokage was reading the file of the students taking the graduation test, he did it every year so it's not like it's anything special but...this year it's special because the one taking the graduation test this year is the last uchiha and the last known uzumaki; it is very normal but what gave hokage the real trouble is the boy in the file he is reading

    "Hokage sama you summoned me?".....said an indifferent voice

    "Yes read this file and tell me your thoughts kakashi"

    "T-This"....hokage-sama this-

    "yes" noah has made it to the final graduation exam of academy in just 9 months

    "He apparently has beaten itachi's record by 2 months"...Hokage smiled weakly

    "Hokage sama; i volunteer to be his jonin teacher we can't afford another itachi uchiha; one is more than enough"

    I do guarantee you, we will not have another itachi in our hand...but i will not have you as noah's teacher sasuke and naruto are on this list you need to train them and they must be in the same team as well, not to mention we can't have all boys team when it's not been done in years; that will only raise suspicion

    The old man never understood why, but he truly liked that little bundle noah at first he thought it's because he was getting old and his parental feelings getting the better of him but then he noticed something strange it's not just him who was getting affected it's nearly everyone that little noah meet weather it's civilians or shinobis, he later kept his anbu's to keep the watch on noah but they found nothing strange and concluded that it's the baby's natural charm...but its kept getting weird as he grow up he become more and more handsome and everyone just kept getting affected by his charms and like him more and more..... this much charm it's just unnatural something was definitely weird but no matter how much hokage tried he never saw anything weird so he accepted what his anbu's said that this is the boy's natural charm which somehow for some weird reason kept growing

    It should have been a good thing if he could get noah some leadership training he is bound to be a great and charming leader even if he has no interest in being hokage; the old man could probably make noah sit in counsil and give him enough power to make the difference

    But that brought up some unspoken problems; what if he betray the village what if the power corrupt him; with his natural charms he could have nearly everyone on his side, the little boy nearly 6 years old is born to be a leader; or the charms he has, will actually go to waste.... at that time hokage already made the decision either noah will be loyal to konoha or he would have to die, no matter how much he like the little guy, he can't have a natural born leader betray the village

    That's why when the little guy guy made it to final graduation exam in just 9 months; it nearly give hokage the heart attack not only the little guy born with natural charms he is also born with abilities far above his own age that's why to give noah a chance, he ordered noah's information to be hidden; This file will not make it to the council's hand especially danzo

    Kakashi: Then who will be-

    "I don't know that's why i asked you to come we can't let this matter get into council or in root's hand; you are one of my most trusted jonin and also someone with experience in this field" after all you did pass the academy when you were 3

    After some thinking kakashi said his solution with a firm resolution


    (At the academy) (Graduation day)

    Noah was sitting on his chair waiting for his chance, when he first made it to the final year there were some weird glances on him some looking at him like some kind of cute baby; some looking at him like a monster but there were two different glances in the crowd of kids one is of uzumaki naruto; who yelled his name and kept waving his hand like afraid that someone will miss this guy.... although noah was quite embarassed but he was actually happy for he really made a friend in this life no matter who it is naruto is his true friend

    But there was another person another glance some one called sasuke uchiha; He was looking at him with a glance that was not friendly it was actually quite opposite to say... it was filled with hatred towards him and this hatred was not just jealousy it was more intense than that; it was quite strange because not only noah met that guy before but his charm status in system is infinite no matter who it is; they should like him, right now he is just a kid that's why everyone look at him like some cute kid and like him but once he grow up he is sure he will be a huge lady killer

    NOAH your turn...come
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