7 Genin tes

    Iruka and Mizuki both sat behind a big desk and took a list of names. Soon they started calling the students names one by one and asking them to perform the three basic academy jutsu. One by one the students executed it and passed. Soon it was Noah's turn

    "NOAH...your turn come"

    Soon like everyone, noah performed three without a single problem

    Name: Noah (no last name)

    Age: 8 year 9 months

    Gender: Male

    Clan: orphan

    Village: konohagakure no sato, hi no kuni

    Level: 1 (First level granted 10 to all attributes)

    HP: 100%

    Stamina: 10/10 (genin level) (regeneration: 1 stamina per second)

    Chakra: 500,00,000/500,00,000 (regeneration: 50,00,000 chakra per second)

    Control: 100% ( granting 10% chakra regeneration per second)

    Str: 10 (genin level)

    Vit: 10 (genin level) ( granting 1 stamina per second)

    Dex: 10 (genin level)

    Int: max

    Charisma: Infinite

    Luck: 50 (Permanently fixed)

    Points: 0


    Academy level taijutsu (level 1) (E-rank)

    Clone justu (level 1) (E-rank)

    Body Replacement technique (level 1) (E-rank)

    Transformation technique (level 1) (E-rank)

    The system never did let him train heavy exercises only mild running crunches sit ups and some basics even if he tried to train, system never did increase the points stats, he even tried to get help from miyaki and naruto but they were too low level according to the system and can not profit him

    Due to the system however no one ever noticed his chakra levels which can be said through the roof, he is pretty sure if he ever show them his true chakra levels they will bind him kidnap him and then experiment on him like some kind of lab rat, even if that does not work they can just make him a puppet a slave of theirs and that crazy sister of his will just be killed and no one will bait an eye on her no will anyone will let him do it as well

    The intelligence enhancement and the ultimate control was one of the reason; noah even made it to final year; as for the rest well, they do teach little kids; while noah is practically 30 year old not to mention he was a genius in his last life as well, it would have been weird actually if he failed the graduation test when he wanted to pass it

    After I while Naruto came out with a face filled with sadness. Noah sighed, he went to Naruto while trying to think of a way console him, he could only invite him and miyaki to have some ramen and tell him that he can still try again next year.

    He knew that it's possible that this will make Naruto angry with him but he could not stop himself. But as he was about to call for Naruto. Naruto run out of the academy. He could only give up for now as Naruto needed some time to calm down. He then headed for home.

    "I am home"..... he said to relatively empty house he did not see his sister often now as she is busy with her genin training and missions, her last mission was some escort C-rank mission and she actually promised him that she will return when he become a genin.....but she didn't

    "Oh well congrats me" noah said with a sad smile he actually bought cake for both naruto and him getting promoted but he would have to eat it alone now...."just how sad" thought noah before putting the entire cake back in the freeze he did not feel eating it now

    (Night at the same day)

    "Huff.....Huff" sorry i am late and missed your exam day....said miyaki who looked like she ran for miles before make it back here the same day but still came during night

    "It's alright nee-san besides look i am now a genin" hehe

    "Well well well will you look at that my little most awesome and dearest brother is now a genin hahaha"

    Sigh, why do i feel sometime that i am the big and mature person here and not you

    Miyaki grinned to this and said

    "Well it's because you are".....she came and hug him tightly

    "It's because you are here being mature that i can act like this"....she said grinningly

    "Remember it noah..... we are abandon, so we must look after each other" i will protect you and make up for anything you are bad at, while you will protect me and make up for anything i am bad at, that is our bond noah; our own will of fire

    "That's right....until unless she is here, everything is alright, she will look after me and protect me from anything right?" i too must work hard to look after her as well and protect her from anything ....thought noah looking at miyaki

    Alright enough of this talk, where is naruto; did you finish the cake, what about celebration?" asked miyaki very excited that her best friend and her brother passed the graduation exam and become genin

    "Nauruto-nii he.....failed" said noah feeling down

    "WHAT" how did he ev-

    Suddenly entire village locked down and everyone was advised to stay at home and suddenly various shadowy figures starts jumping the rooftops

    Noah looked at her sister being confused but she looked quite pissed and angry

    "That idiot what was he thinking sending entire village into lockdown".....Miyaki was in absolute pissed mode

    What is she....oh well now that i think about it there are two ways for village to enter into lockdown mode and one of those ways would have put civilians and genins under the hidden basement of mountain

    While the second method is definitely naruto, for some reason he was a source of hatred for everyone for goddamn reason, do they know the person they hail as hero they are treating his very own blood and flesh his very own son like something worse than a dog

    After seeing miyaki getting back to her room, noah just sighed while going back to his room as well


    It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard can you get hit and keep moving forward and then get hit again....... and again till you become a total masochist

    Rocky Balboa
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