9 Team assignmen

    (1 week later) (ninja acadmia)

    When noah walked in the academy classroom he witnessed a very.....uh, different scene...naruto kissing sasuke

    Sakura and every other student was shocked to say the very least

    Sasuke while holding his mouth especially lips: "Naruto, you bastard!! i will kill you"

    Naruto too holding his mouth: "Ahh!!! my mouth is rotting"

    Suddenly there was a blood lust in the building

    Sakura craking her fist: "Naruto you-

    Naruto: "sakura-chan it's really an accident truly, really"


    Noah sweat dropped..."It's amazing how much power she can manage to summon to beat naruto-nii every single time"

    Suddenly there was another bloodlust as noah looked around he found sasuke glaring at him with pure and absolute hatred

    "What's this guy problem, my infinite charisma should effect everyone; and he is definitely no exception; also i am pretty sure we never met in my entire life as well so, why?


    "Alright everyone settle down; beginning today you all are real ninjas....but you are still mere rookie "genin." the hard part just started"

    Iruka had his hands behind his back with a single paper in his hand as he continued

    "Now.... you all shall be assigned duties by the village, so today we will be creating the 3 man teams, and each team will have a "jonin sensei"; you shall follow that sensei's instructions as you complete your assigned duties"

    "Pft 3 man teams? that's just more people in my way"...thought sasuke still looking cool and bored

    "I have to be with sasuke-kun"!!! .....thought sakura with her fist clenched with determined expression

    Sakura-chan...then...Anyone besides sasuke!! ...thought naruto still being naive as always

    Iruka called teams and their member names

    "Team 10".... nara shikamaru; yamanaka ino; akimichi choji

    "Team 8".... aburame shino; hyuuga hinata; inuzuka kiba


    "Team 7" .... Uzumaki Naruto; haruno sakura-

    "Hell yeah"....Naruto jumped and intrupted iruka's speech

    "Damn"....Sakura was just went in depression

    "NARUTO LET ME COMPLETE".....Iruka's right eye was just twitching from anger

    *cough*cough*...as i was saying

    "Team 7".... uzumaki naruto; haruno sakura; uchiha sasuke

    "Hell yeah"....Sakura who went in depression suddenly act like she found her saving straw

    "Damn"....Naruto was just went in depression

    Suddenly a hand rose up from the back "Iruka sensei you didn't call my name"

    Yes, "noah" well you see, your name was not in any team's list; if you have any complain please see "hokage-sama"

    As for those whose name was called please come back here after lunch you will meet your "jonin sensei" at that time

    While everyone was going to have the lunch noah went to hokage office he enter after his knocking was answered

    Grandpa hokage, i passed the academy final's; why was my name not in any team's list

    "Well, that's because noah; i have granted you the apprenticeship of an appropriate jonin sensei"

    "Huh? grandpa hokage is it any different than that 3 man team"

    "Hahaha of course it's different little noah, the 3 man team is not permanent, as soon as they become chunin they will be working with another team; can you tell me why?"

    "So that chunin can learn to work together with everyone in the village, that will not only help for missions but also during war where countless shinobi work together to form an army; not to mention Konoha strength lies in it's exceptional team play".....said noah without a moment hesitation

    "Very good little noah" ...that's the thinking and the reason for making a 3 men team; but there is another prospectus to it, when a jonin is asked to take care of 3 men team they never teach their entire techniques to them why should they when those 3 are just going to leave that's where come apprenticeship, if the jonin instructor see that you are are suitable to become his student, learn his techniques and if both student and teacher agreed then no matter where you got assigned, you will always be the student of that jonin sensei, that jonin sensei will teach you his entire arsenal of techniques so that it does not vanish with the passage of time..... Do you understand now little noah?

    "I don't want apprenticeship of a jonin instructor, i just want to be in normal 3 men team like the rest of the class" .....said noah with a pout

    "I believe your hero, fourth hokage was an apprantice of jiraya who was jonin at that time; i heard from miyaki that you wish to become someone like forth hokage right?"

    That got reaction from noah as his breathing got fast, this one sentence got him

    "I-I agree but who is gonna be my teacher"

    Hokage smiled, he knew that one mention of minato's name would be enough to get a positive reaction out of the young kid in front of him but he still maintained his business face

    "You shall find it when other find out their sensei, now go and take your lunch then go to classroom"
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