10 Teacher and student parte 1

After the lunch students were sitting in the classroom awaiting their jonin sensei after what seem like eternity their jonin instructor came

With poof!! of smoke came out a shadow who didn't look like someone that can be pissed off

Asuma Sarutobi: Team 10 meet me at training ground 6 in 10 minute

"Troublesome" was the last word noah heard before team 10 ran out of building

Within 5 minutes another poof!! of smoke came and came out a beautiful kunoichi

Kurenai yuhi: Team 8 meet me at training ground 3 in 5 minutes

That kunoichi was beautiful to the say the very least but noah knows that beauty hide a very deadly shinobi that will kill without hesitation

Team 8 ran out of building and now the only team remaining in the classroom is team 7 and noah

After a while noah stood up and made it's way to sasuke desk who looked pissed for some reason

"Alright sasuke we are here now let's talk; what do you want"?


"SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN THIS LIFE"... came a twin shout that came from both noah and sasuke at the same time

Sakura quietly sit down with sinking feeling that came from the angry glance of both sasuke and noah

"Noah let's just calm down ok".....Naruto stood up trying to diffuse the situation at hand

"Naruto-nii, please stay out of this"...said noah smiling at naruto

"I wish to fight you"....said sasuke staring at noah without moving his eyes a single bit

"Is that it, you wish for a spar?"...said noah looking rather confused

"No, i want a real fight with real weapons; where you kill or get killed"...said sasuke with a hint of bloodlust

"Why?"...said naoh without moving his eyes a bit

"Because you are just like him; same calmness same talent; same show of fake kindness, i will kill you to get stronger than go after him"

"Oh so it's like that, it's not me that he loathe at; it's because i remind him of someone, Hm someone close?".....thought noah while just kept staring at sasuke

Sakura was bit afraid of sasuke now after he talked about killing so casually like it's nothing; while on the other hand naruto was angry, noah is his friend his only male friend he is family Goddamitt!!!

S-sasuke kun!!! you are kidding right y-you are not-

SHUT-UP SAKURA!!!.....sasuke voice resounded in an empty classroom this useless bitch what could she understand, how could she even begin to understand the pain that naruto has to bear all of his life; how could she even feel the pain that has his entire family killed in a single night


Naruto-nii, please just stay out of it ok.....said noah just smiling at naruto

Suddenly with a poof!! of smoke came a purple hair girl who has a sword on her back

Yugao Uzuki: "Noah come with me" aaaand she is gone just like that; bringing noah along

Sasuke kept staring at the place where both of them disappeared after a while he sat down mumbling something


(In some kind of forest)

The purple hair girl was sitting on a stone with a sword on her lap while noah is sitting exact opposite of her

"Alright introduce yourself"....said the purple hair girl

Yes, my name is noah no last name what i like is-

Bang!!! suddenly there was hit on his head

What was that for?.....asked noah while rubbing the head where he got hit

"Why are you telling me what are your hobbies or you dreams".....asked the purple hair beauty

"Well you asked"...said noah feeling wronged

"Sigh, listen up kiddo since you are now my apprentice i think it's my duty to tell you; we are ninjas, while it may sound fancy in name but the truth is we are just plain paid killers; we kill anyone or everyone for enough cause, that cause might be anything in most cases the cause is money".....but anyway do you know the most important part in an assassin's life

Noah shook his head

"It's the information" so from now on when one ask you anything if it's the authorized person you tell your name truthfully while only answering the question that they ask; like in this case when i asked you to introduce yourself you only needed to tell me your name, and if it's not someone who is high status enough don't ever even give away your name, let them find it out on their own"

Alright, from now on for every stranger your name is ghost, i will tell you my name but it should never be told to anyone till they are either family or authorized personal it's "Yugao Uzuki"

"Now then tell me truthfully; when we are on an important mission with some fellow shinobi's and there was an accident would you save the guy and risk the very important mission or would you complete the very important mission that is told to be our top priority by our higher ups; and let the the guy who is your friend die."

From the system noah already knew the situation that his sensei put in front of him is the situation of certain someone he was dissed by everyone for saving his friend the rational choice would be completing the mission but....

"I would save my friend and give him my top priority then the mission" said noah preparing himself for the speech of how wrong his choice was but what came out was still the speech but....

"There was a shinobi very powerful of his time and his fame was wide known as well, but during the mission he made a mistake he saved his friend that day and risked the mission; which brought the great shinobi war everyone dissed him even the friend he risked the mission for dissed him; none of them realized that time the second great shinobi war would have happened that time even if the shinobi completed his mission, the shinobi was just the source of hatred to everyone in the village even though they never knew the entire truth".....yugao was telling the tale with a sad expression

"Hatake Sakumo"...thought noah

The purple hair beauty came to him kneel down and looked into his eyes

"Never forget this my apprentice, you can never ever abandon your friends to die in a battle, this way they will give their everything knowing you are there protecting their back, even if this mean you end up taking the entire hatred of people you can not abandon them"

Alright now enough of this lecture, tell me young apprentice do you have anyone you wish to protect, i mean someone you wish to protect even at the cost of your life?

"I do sensei it's my sister her name is m- (He only needed to say "i do")

Suddenly noah went quite he need to get used to talk and tell only what was he asked for

"Sigh, at least you are trying to getting used to it"....said yugao with a deadpen expression

"Well anyway i want you to keep her in mind when ever you fight alright"?

Noah: "Yes sensei but can you tell me why"?

Yugao: "Because i want you to become stronger"

Noah: ????

"The truth is when you fight to save something or one that's precious to you at that very moment you become genuinly stronger"

"Oooh Dumbledore dialogue"...thought noah with a smile and then he nod towards his new sensei to whom he grew a new fond respect

"Very good now; since you are my disciple, i think it's time you know something every jonin sensei takes the test of their students to evaluate their abilities you are exception to this rule because i already accepted you as my disciple but we still will fight for your evaluation; but before that channel your chakra through this paper we need to see what element you have or you have any kekkai genkai"

Noah channeled his chakra through the chakra paper suddenly split into two, then it wrinkled

"Hmm...not bad; so do you have some bloodline you wish to share?"....asked yugao with thoughtful look

"I think its swift release"....said noah

"Alright with enough said and done lightning and wind along with swift release makes you one of the fastest ninja potential list"

"Wind can be used for long range; while lightning can pierced through anything at close range with swift release you can dodge any harm as well but what most problematic is your defense".....in just a moment noah entire skill set has been prepared by yugao

"Uh sensei i read in the history book about third raikage lightning armor; wouldn't that solve the defense problem"

"NO, that thing requires extremely high Vitality; even then it's still requires extreme level lightning control and the body tough enough to withstand the force of lightning armor dismiss that thoug-

"I can do it" said noah with practically stars in his eyes...."I can practice to have extreme level lightning control and i can do vitality training as well"

That look yugao saw that look countless times in the past; she knew no matter what she says he will practice lightning armor, well the only difference is weather he will do it in front of her, or behind her back; and that all decided by her answer this moment

"Sigh, fine just get ready for a spar in 10 minutes".....suddenly yugao disappeared with a puff of smoke

Suddenly noah herd something he didn't heard in years

Quest Alert!

Yugao's Genin Test

Yugao wants to know your current abilities and skill-set. Use these 10 minutes to warm-up and plan for succesful battle

*You must fulfill four out of five objectives to receive the quest reward.*

**Bonus objectives can count towards the objective total.**


1: Land a clean hit.

2: Use five Jutsu.

3: Use Everything in your arsenal, don't hold anything back

4: Force Yugao to use the [Substitution Jutsu] three times.

5: Don't get knocked out.

Quest Reward: 3,000 EXP per objective, 6,000 EXP per bonus objective, permanent title [Yugao's Apprentice], and increased relations with Yugao.

Quest Failure: 1,000 EXP, temporary title [Overrated Apprentice], and decreased relations with Yugao.


(After 10 minutes) (Noah perceptive)

"Good now Noah, Before we start, let me explain the test's criteria again. This'll be a one on one fight and I want you to come at me with the intent to kill. Now don't think this means I'll stand around and not do anything because I will attack you." She explained, but I interrupted her.

"Kill? Not incapacitate?!" I blurted out and she nodded in agreement.

"The hokage has assigned me to be your teacher to prepare you for future enemies who'll hunt you. To do that, I need to see you go all out using all shinobi arts you have and your creativity. Any questions before we begin?"

"Can I use anything at my disposal?" I asked just to make sure and Yugao paused in consideration before replying.

"Yes Noah, you can and for you i will not use my weapon my sword; do you think you can defeat me now?"


"Any other questions before we start?"

Shaking my head, Yugao's posture went from relaxed to battle ready. She then began the battle with her next words.

"Then let's begin!"

I expected her to sprint at me, but yuago just stood there alert and waiting for me to make the first move. Knowing this test is about my skills, I had to initiate the first move.

With an activation of Chakra Reinforcement pumping my body for additional DEX, I started the battle with several jabs all over her body to see her reaction. In response to my probing attacks, she simply diverted them with a simple push with her hands.

Eight jabs later and Yugao started to block my hits with her palms instead of deflecting them. This change of tactic practically screamed "CHANCE" in my mind and I simply had to take advantage of it.

After retracting another left handed jab, I threw a right handed straight empowered with chakra;   Just as I expected she blocked it with her right palm to see how much power a straight punch will do.

CRITICAL! -419.59 HP!

The sudden power increase took her by surprise if the loud exclamation of "What" didn't tip me off. Due to being taken off guard with her right arm flung up into the air because of my strike's unexpected force, it left her right side open for a direct attack.

Before she could move her guard back in place, I rushed in to deliver a left handed liver blow. Her face grimaced in pain upon my fist making contact, but she exploded into smoke. A delayed seal-less substitution?

Checking yugao supposed remains, she switched places with a boulder. Where the hell did she get that at?

"Not bad!" From behind, I heard Yugao comment out loud and waiting for me to continue fighting.

So I obliged and continued using Taijutsu with a variety of punches, kicks, and strikes. Unlike last time, she struck back by parrying my hits and lightly hitting me back.

-410.6 HP! -412.2 HP! -410.6 HP!

After receiving a third hit, I separated from Yugao to take a small breather and some time to think.

Soon, I know just how messed up this test gonna be
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