33 The Fourth Miss Realizes the Truth

    Yujia rushed forward, her arms instinctively reaching out to grab the girl. It only took a few seconds for her to reach her, and seemingly, the girl heard her running as well, freezing and spinning around right when Yujia grabbed onto her shoulder.

    Both of them stiffened up when they looked at each other's faces.

    The girl recognized Yujia, and she pushed Yujia to the side. Yujia recognized the girl, and she stepped back two steps as well.

    It was Yang Qingxia, the First Miss of the Yang family.

    Qingxia was the first to speak, her voice cold and icy.

    "What are you doing here, Fourth Miss?" Her gaze traveled to Yujia's clothes, and she tensed up even more. "Today is your robe-fitting day, isn't it? Shouldn't you be with the tailor?"

    Stiffly, Yujia took another step back, recalling the excuse that she thought of earlier. "Madam Zh- Mother- wanted me to go show Father to see if he liked it."

    "Or is it because you want everyone in the household that you are getting married soon?" It was a simple statement, but coming out of Yang Qingxia's mouth, it sounded almost accusatory. "If so, I'm very happy for your engagement, little sister." A smile spread out on her expression, but there was not an ounce of warmth within it. After saying so, Qingxia turned back to the pond and sat down again, picking up the scattered pebbles and resuming the pebble-tossing that she had going on before.

    It was an awkward moment. Yujia didn't know what she should do. Surely, Qingxia needed an explanation for what happened before.

    "Big sister..." Yujia began, "I'm going to leave now, but I just want you to know that whatever it is that bothers you, it's not worth giving up. Hang on in there."

    Surely that was good enough for words of consolation.

    After speaking, Yujia turned back around and began to head out, but she was stopped by Qingxia's voice.

    "What are you speaking of?"

    Yujia spun back around, seeing that Qingxia was looking at her with suspicion. "Weren't you trying to... throw yourself in the pond? I just want you to know that I support you."

    Upon hearing her words, Yang Qingxia let out a laugh of unbelief. "Fourth Miss, what nonsense are you on about now?"

    Yujia paused. Could it be that she interpreted the situation wrong?

    Her question was answered when the other girl continued talking.

    "I was merely taking a closer look at one of the carp in the lake. Father bought another species yesterday, so I was admiring the fish. Did you really think that I.. was going to jump? I'm not that foolish, am I? Is that why you grabbed onto me like that?" Qingxia raised an eyebrow.

    "Ah." Mentally, Yujia chastised herself for overthinking."It's my fault, big sister. I was just too concerned for what you could possibly do... so that was why I acted like that."

    Qingxia didn't appear very satisfied with what Yujia said, scoffing under her breath. "In the future, I do not need your false concern."

    Yujia's fingers tightened at her side. False concern? She was actually worried. Yujia admitted that she shouldn't have acted so recklessly without learning the full story, but she would've rather saved someone from jumping in the water than to watch them fall and then dive down in the water to save them herself. She just didn't want to take any risks.

    Yang Qingxia should've been more grateful to her that she was actually trying to help. And perhaps, Yujia should just stay away from people like Yang Qingxia who didn't deserve concern at all. Kindness should not be given to those who did not deserve it.

    Before Yujia could retort back to Qingxia's accusations, her words were stopped when another voice traveled close to her.

    "Miss! What are you doing here? Madam Zhang and the tailor are looking for you!"

    Spinning around, Yujia came face-to-face with Hui'er, whose face was turning slightly red as she spoke out of breath.

    "Hui'er?" Yujia tilted her head in surprise.

    Hui'er must have ran her way to where Yujia was at now. The matter seemed urgent.

    Behind her, Yujia noticed Hui'er arching her neck to see who else was in the courtyard with her. Upon spotting Yang Qingxia, Hui'er straightened her back and grabbed Yujia's arm. "Miss, we should be heading back now."

    Narrowing her eyes, Yujia stared at Hui'er. What was wrong with Yang Qingxia that caused Hui'er to suddenly tense up? Nevertheless, Yujia reluctantly nodded her head politely at Yang Qingxia, whose back was already turned away.

    Then, tugging her arm gently away from Hui'er's grasp, Yujia spun around and exited the courtyard.


    As the footsteps of the two girls slowly distanted, Qingxia finally turned back around, deliberately, staring into the opening of the courtyard. In her mind, the image of the Fourth Miss and her red wedding robes reappeared, followed along by her own memories of wearing a robe similar to the one the Fourth Miss had on today.

    It was a delicate memory. They did say that women were the most beautiful on the day of their wedding for a reason, after all.

    Shifting her gaze back towards the pond, Qingxia blinked away a few rising tears.

    The past and the memories, however lovely they may be, would be best to keep buried deep, deep down.
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