117 The Fourth Miss Admits to the Truth

    As Hui'er looked away, Yujia's heart felt heavy.

    She glanced down at her own hands, pale and smooth with such elegantly slender fingers. When she first transmigrated, she thought she was lucky to transmigrate into a body like this one. Albeit the health issues that came along with it, the new face she had was beautiful.

    But now that she knew that the body she owned was the one of someone who abused Hui'er, her entire perception changed.

    It sickened her to think about it like that.

    Neither of the two knew what to say anymore.

    After a long moment of silence, Hui'er spoke up. "It's okay now, though. As long as I don't- think about it- it's not that bad. I'm- putting it behind me now."

    Yujia looked down, and her eyes still noticed that Hui'er, despite claiming that she was putting it behind her, still had hands that haven't stopped trembling ever since she started telling her story. It was clear that the memories of the things that she experienced still haunted her no matter what.

    "I've told you everything," Hui'er continued, "so now it's your turn. What's the truth? Who are you, really? How can you share the same face, the same body as her? Are you really a spirit?"

    "Spirit?" Yujia pursed her lips. "No. No, I'm not a spirit... though, perhaps... something similar."

    "Something similar?" Hui'er shrunk backwards.

    At that moment, Yujia didn't want to lie anymore. She was tired of all the lying. It came so naturally to her when facing everyone in this new world, except now, she just realized how much the lies dragged her down. All this time, she was locking herself in a cage of lies.

    She didn't want to lie anymore. She really didn't.

    So, she decided to tell the truth.

    "Hui'er, I'm from the future."

    She blinked a couple of times. "The future?"

    "Yes. The future of more than one thousand years later. I don't know what happened, but I was living in the future before I came here. I was an artist as my profession, but then this one night... I did some really dumb things. The next morning, when I woke up, I found myself here, in the body of your Fourth Miss."

    "That's- that's-" The idea that the person standing in front of her right now shared the soul of someone from the future seemed to shock Hui'er, more than the idea of spirits or other superstitious things.

    "I don't know what I can say to prove this to you," Yujia admitted, "considering that I've lied to you for so long. I guess I just didn't want people to think that I was crazy- no one would really believe me if I told everyone I came from the future- so I decided to go with the lie of a 'twin'. It's okay if you don't believe me either. That's just... the truth."

    Hui'er was silent for a few moments. The two of them only looked at each other, neither of them drawing their eyes away.

    And then, Hui'er said with a soft smile spread across her face, "What's the future like?"

    With that simple question, Yujia realized that Hui'er didn't doubt her words anymore. It was a warm feeling, knowing that the two of them shared a newfound mutual trust after this day after all the wrenching emotions brought up.

    Returning her smile, Yujia began, "The future... is a good place. Men and women are closer to equals than they are in this time period. Women can own jobs, property, choose who they want to marry and who to divorce, and determine their own destiny. People are a lot more open-minded than now. There are no servants or slaves. We live in a time of peace. We're able to fly in the sky."

    "Fly?" Hui'er's eyes widened.

    "Yes. Fly. There's something we call 'airplanes', and when humans ride on it, they can go above the clouds in the sky and move faster than any other creature on Earth. On one of those, you can travel from one corner of the country to another in a few hours. And oh, there are 'cars', which are like carriages without horses. There are also 'buses' and 'subways'..."

    Yujia went on, describing the future she knew, reliving all of her experiences and knowledge from the past. Hui'er listened attentively. In a way, Yujia's stories and words must've been a distraction for her, something to draw her thoughts away from all the painful memories. Her hands didn't shake anymore. So even when Yujia felt her voice getting tired from speaking so much, she continued.

    Towards the end, right where Yujia finished discussing her career as an artist and all the ups and downs of that career, Hui'er asked a question.

    "Would you... go back to the future, if you could?"

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    That was an interesting question that posed Yujia a true dilemma. She thought about it for a long moment, then came up with her final decision.

    "No. I don't think I would. I... like the person I am right now a lot more than the person I used to be. And there are people and relationships from this place that I don't want to let go of."

    "The future seems so much more fitting to your personality though. Are you going to change yourself to adapt to this new society?" Hui'er's brows wrinkled.

    "Definitely not." Yujia let out a small laugh. "Rather it be that I change the world than let the world change me."

    "Then, I can't wait to see what you do."

    Hui'er gave her a simple smile, and their conversation ended there.
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