118 What the Fourth Miss Did For Some Time

    Two more days passed.

    In the past two days, Yujia mainly focused on creating oil paints. She wasn't sure how to, so everything was very much a trial-and-error experimental process. At first, she went with Hui'er to find and buy all types of oils that there were to act as a base, but after trying to blend the oils and pigments together, she found that it really wasn't working, no matter what kind of oil she used.

    There were always just some sort of problem with the paint she managed to create, whether the ratio of oil to pigment wasn't correct or if the paint just didn't hold up as paint.

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    As for Three Inks Shop, although Yujia visited it a few times to check on progress, she no longer had the patience to simply sit and look at people buy the pencils. It was fascinating to see their interest the first time, but soon enough, it got boring. Gao Yi, the store clerk, didn't seem bored at all though- money motivated him more than anything- so she didn't have to worry about him slacking off.

    Another thing that Yujia managed to do in the past two days was going shopping with the money she earned selling her paintings. Though what she earned wasn't too much, she still had a decent amount to buy things with. Some of the money was spent on buying different kinds of oil, which wasn't that expensive, but Yujia also bought a few pigments after wondering if the pigments she used weren't proper for mixing oil paint with because of their original form as inksticks.

    She visited the same silk store she visited in the past and bought the prettiest dress they had, in her opinion. The colors were not overly saturated, and the embroidery on the robes were extraordinary too. The dress consisted of two parts, with the top part made of a few layers of thin peach colored fabric, while the bottom half had folds of lightweight white fabric dyed with dark jade greens. The way that the fabric was dyed nearly resembled mountains and trees, which Yujia thought to be fitting since she had worked on so many generic mountain paintings. A matching pale peach sash also went with the robes.

    Along with a couple of accessories, such as hair pins and bracelets, that Yujia bought to match the outfit, everything totaled up to thirty taels. This was rather expensive, but it was worth it considering the quality of the robes and that summer was coming up, where the robes would be perfect to wear.

    She also spent ten more taels buying a blue dress that was slightly more fitting for spring weather. This robe was a set that Yujia planned to wear more often to replace the poor quality robes she usually had. Though the embroidery skills of the old Fourth Miss were exquisite, elevating the level of her clothing, there was a clear difference in fabric quality.

    All in all, Yujia just wanted to have the experience of dressing up a little. She was never able to in her old life or in this one up until now. So, she was finally living out one of her dreams.

    Considering that Hui'er knew about her status as a transmigrator now, life was definitely easier since Hui'er pointed out a lot of things about the market that Yujia didn't notice before, letting her make wiser decisions when buying things. This saved Yujia a couple of taels, and it increased her understanding of the world.

    For now, besides all the shopping and fun, Yujia didn't really know what else to do. Because of the fact that all she needed was to just sit back and watch as her pencils sold, she had a lot more free time than usual.

    Thus, for today's late afternoon, Yujia decided to pay a visit to her master, who she thought would surely be up by now. He would surely provide her some new wisdom, or even entertainment, for that matter.

    She still dressed simply as usual- it would be too jarring of a difference if she wore her peach and green dress now- but with the fine blue robes she just bought and the combination of a more detailed silver hair pin and a jade bracelet, it felt like her entire demeanor and appearance was elevated to a whole other level. No longer did she look like a pitiful illegitimate daughter. She resembled someone worthy of the status of a legitimate daughter at least.

    On her way to Lingxin, to further Xiaoyi's dreams, she brought her younger sister with her to let Xiaoyi interact with Yunhe more. This, obviously, brought Xiaoyi much happiness.

    When Yujia found that Yunhe wasn't with his master, she just dropped Xiaoyi off in a subtle manner to let her talk with Yunhe more while leaving to go find her master. At Yujia's actions, Xiaoyi was a bit flustered at first while she claimed that "It wouldn't be proper!", but it seemed like Xiaoyi became more lax with all the rules and etiquette, allowing herself a chance to socialize with Yunhe more. Plus, this time, Xiaoyi's maid, A'ling, came along as well, so she wasn't completely "unsupervised".

    Following a word of advice from Yunhe who claimed that their master might be surprisingly spreading his "sacred words of wisdom" to students at Half Moon Pavilion, Yujia headed in that direction. Yet when she arrived, to her disappointment, it seemed like her master finished conducting his teachings and left a few minutes right before she arrived.

    This left Yujia a little clueless on where she was supposed to go next to find her master, as well as the problem of if it was really worth it to hunt him down throughout Lingxin just to get someone to talk to.

    That was when Zixu appeared, along with a familiar face that Yujia thought she recognized but couldn't quite remember the name of.

    He gave her a simple smile, then asked, "Miss Yang, didn't you promise to teach me a few of your painting techniques the other day?"
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