136 Escape Plans of the Fourth Miss

    Yujia admitted that leaving wasn't her most preferred decision. Firstly, she didn't want to leave people like Hui'er or Xiaoyi. Secondly, and more importantly, it seemed like there were many mysteries left in this household. Some of them could potentially reveal things about her transmigration, which was an even larger mystery that she wanted to solve. She was also dead set on figuring out the exact thief of her taels.

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    But now, where a few hours later, her future would be set in stone, there was nothing better to do than to run.

    Carefully, Yujia walked to the direction of the window that was at the very back of her room. To an almost overly cautious degree, she pushed the window open just a bit, testing to see if it was locked or not. It was open.

    Now that she knew that she had an exit, there was still the problem of the servants that guarded her doors. If she pressed entirely against the side of the wall, they might not notice her, but it also didn't mean that she was shielded from the sight of all the other servants in the courtyard. Those walking by would notice her trying to slip out of her window. That was the downside to being in the exact same courtyard as the kitchens.

    However, there was one positive to being in the current courtyard that she was in- the back door to the Yang Villa was also located here.

    Yujia calculated the exact route across the courtyard to measure how long it would take for her to run from window to back door. If she timed it just right, then she could probably make it without being noticed, as long as she had a little bit of luck as well.

    With this mental plan sprouting in her mind, Yujia stepped back from the window. Since she had a plan, she needed to work quickly. She didn't know when any servants might come in to check on her or prepare her for the marriage ceremony, so she needed to take advantage of the time she had right now while she still could.

    Yujia rumbled through a few of the cabinets first, pulling out a large square fabric that would've been used for some sewing or whatnot. She then took a few essential clothing items: the fancy set of dyed green and peach robes, a set of blue robes, and a few undergarments. On top of the small stack of clothing, she put her box of art supplies and a few pills that Yujia knew were crucial, especially since she knew that she was still pretty sick. Other than that, as Yujia stared at the lack of possessions she really had to carry with her, she glanced over at the stack of wed redding robes. By the side of the robes were a few intricate gold hairpins and accessories to match the robes.

    She might as well take those hairpins with her and sell them later for money. Besides, they were


    hers, so it wouldn't be a bad choice to take them so she could earn a few extra taels, right?

    With that thought, Yujia grabbed the accessories and dumped them onto her stack of possessions. She tied the fabric up with a simple knot, then slung the makeshift bag over her shoulder. She also tucked a satchel of the remaining taels she had into a pocket by her chest.

    After packing everything up- which took no more than three minutes- Yujia spent a few more minutes debating if she should just leave, or if she should make a few other preparations.

    She decided to go with preparations.

    With a spare brush, Yujia scribbled a brief message to Hui'er on a piece of loose paper. She then stuffed the paper in a corner of the cabinet where Hui'er kept her embroidery. She knew that this message would be something that the girl would find.

    Once that was finished, she dressed herself in a set of maid's robes that belonged to Hui'er and styled her hair to a mediocre maid-like bun too. This was a disguise that she thought up just a few seconds ago. Hopefully, as long as she kept her face subtly down while she was walking from the window to the back door, people wouldn't notice her presence that much.

    The next challenge that truly rose was how Yujia was going to get herself out of the window. Now that she came to one of the final steps of her plan, she realized how small the window was for her to go through in a quiet manner. She ended up propping the window up, silently lowering her bag down first, then getting a stool to help her slide through the window.

    After a few long moments of struggling passed, Yujia found herself, somewhat out of breath, but also successfully out of the confining room. At this moment, she never felt more relieved to see a blue sky. She also never felt more conscious of her poor physical stamina, and how even the slightest bit of physical activity led to immediate breathlessness. It could be because she was still sick with a cold, but even so, a part of her knew her lack of physical capability.

    Yujia added curing her illnesses and exercising onto her to-do-list of the future.

    As Yujia leaned against the wall, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a run for it, she silently decided to herself that she would eventually come back to the Yang Villa and solve the mysteries behind everything. Now just wasn't the time for it. She shouldn't feel sad for leaving Hui'er and Xiaoyi without saying goodbye- she would meet them again in the future. She knew it.

    At the end of that thought, Yujia clung her bag of possessions close to her, assuming the posture of a maid. Attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible, she made her way across the courtyard to the back door.

    Surprisingly, Yujia found herself walking out of the villa without any difficulties at all. Nobody called her out for anything, which she was insanely grateful for. Within only a few moments, Yujia found herself successfully walking out into the main street, completely blending into the crowd.

    Was escape this easy? She expected something wrong to happen, but seeing how flawlessly everything went, Yujia felt a little more confident now.

    The only issue now was where she was to head. She could head out of the capital. She definitely had enough taels to afford her safe passage. Yet at the same time, she remembered her promise to return to the Yang Villa to track down some clues. The scenario she was in left for only one place for her to go, off the top of her head.

    Yujia set off in the direction of Lingxin Pavilion. Time to bid a hello to her master.
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