179 Way Too Many Gifts for the Artis

    Yang Yujia tried to stop the servants from letting the line of gift-bearing people in, but things didn't work out. The servant seemed to be bribed. He didn't listen to her words at all and only backed down with a smile.

    Yujia could only gawk at the next scene that happened.

    Tens of servants walked into her courtyard, each one of them holding a fabric-covered tray. When they saw her, they knelt down and presented the tray to her, taking off the fabric one by one with a flourish and an explanation.

    The first servant presented a jade tea set, informing, "Here is a precious tea set crafted with the finest quality jade in the capital. This icy white jade is so flawless and semi-translucent that it is comparable to a thick sheet of ice itself, and it is especially suitable to be used during the heat of the summer."

    Before Yujia could say anything, the servant backed away, giving room for the second servant to kneel and present, "This is a set of silver hairpins encrusted with jewels and fine pearls. Along with it comes matching jewelry, including earrings and a set of bracelets to be worn on both hands. The hairpin is carved to resemble bejeweled pear blossoms, and it will bring unmatched elegance to the wearer."

    Yujia opened her mouth this time, ready to turn down all the servants before they could say anything else, but another one cut in speedily.

    "Here is a complete set of brushes, ink, and silk to draw on. To bring out the full quality of this silk as white as snow, the ink made of materials imported from the south must be used along with it. There are various colors of ink, all made from the highest quality pigments possible, and when one applies it to paper or silk, they will glide on in a smooth and effortless manner."

    He paused, then focused on the brushes, "As for the brushes, they are made with precious black rabbit fur. The rabbit kind is so rare and the selection process is so refined that only eighty brushes can be made from a thousand rabbits. The hair is collected during the winter, when it is at the best firmness. The core of the brush contain furs from the north, while the furs from the south coat the outside. This ensures a stiff center and a soft exterior, which leads to the best brush strokes. These brushes are so magnificent that the Emperor himself would use similar ones."

    Hearing this, Yujia admitted that she was intrigued. She didn't know much about hairpins or tea, so she couldn't admire it that much, but which artist did not appreciate receiving free, high-quality art supplies? Though she still was very shocked and caught off-guard by all these gifts, seeing the brushes and hearing their description made Yujia want to get her hands on them and test them herself.

    She used goat hair brushes, "wolf" fur brushes, and white-haired rabbit fur brushes before, just not black rabbit. How much bigger of a difference could it make?

    The servants, taking her brief pause to admire the brushes, soon presented another gift.

    "Here are two sets of robes made from the newest produced silk of the season. The silkworms were all grown in the best farm in the empire, and their rare and valuable species allows for a lovely kind of silk to be produced. Both robes have such a wondrous material that they can keep you cool during hot summers and warm whenever the breeze picks up. They are also embroidered with a hundred thousand stitches of iridescent threads that glimmer in the sunlight. It is suitable for even fairies to wear."

    "The statue right here is an antique passed down from centuries ago. The red and white swirling agate stone depicts two intertwined fishes to symbolize greatness and prosperity."

    "A box of pastries and fruits lie within this box. The box is composed of eight layers, each layer holding a different delicacy. For example, there are phoenix cakes, dried persimmon, mung bean pastries, thousand layer cakes, peeled chestnuts, and more."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Here is an emerald jade vase..."

    "Here is an entire book and scroll collection of various paintings throughout history..."

    "Here is a mirror on a stand made of jewels, jade, and gold..."

    "Here are two matching fans, each painted with the work of a renowned painter..."

    "Here is a jade bottle filled with the sweetest, most enticing wine in the empire. The cost of just one bottle of this is worth at least a gold tael..."

    "Here is a box of silver taels, so if any of these gifts do not suit your liking, you may go purchase anything to your heart's content..."

    As the line of servants went through, Yujia only became more and more speechless.

    Lingxin was not a poor place. There were plenty of valuables around the academy. Yujia's living quarters were also not shabby and decorated with simplicity that made it quite dignified, which Yujia liked.

    But now, seeing these countless valuables carried out in front of her, flashing by her eyes with the end of each explanation...

    The shock of it all was still registering in her brain, and it was almost terrifying to see how many valuables Zhizhong could come up with. If one Third Young Master could easily gift away so many valuables, how many total valuables did the family have? How wealthy exactly was the Bo Family?

    Lastly, a servant with a bowed head came up to her, presenting a medium sized box. He lifted the lid of the box with a dramatic wave of his hand.

    Yujia was greeted with a roasted duck with crispy brown skin, hot steam still curling from it.

    She blinked twice at the sight of this duck. After seeing all the vases, statues, jewelry, and carvings, it was unexpected to see this rustic, roasted duck just sitting on a simple white platter.

    Not that Yujia was complaining, however... she was just getting hungry for lunch.

    Then, the servant behind it looked up, greeting Yujia with a cheeky grin. He spoke with a familiar voice, and his face was all too familiar as well for Yujia to not recognize.

    "How do you like your gifts?" he asked.
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