190 An Artist’s Infiltration, Phase Failure ?

    Yujia walked out of Madam Zhang's room, her head hung down. This time, however, it wasn't just from the act of keeping herself inconspicuous. She couldn't bring herself to be too excited with any of the non-existent discoveries she made so far.

    So far, all she found that had the slightest potential in being a major piece of evidence was a box that she couldn't even open. And what point was there in that?

    Yujia still decided to take the small box with her, however. She could easily carry it without being discovered, and based on what she observed in Madam Zhang's little under-the-bed space, the box wouldn't be missed too bad. With all the cobwebs intact, it didn't seem like anyone had gone under there anytime recently.

    Before taking it, Yujia also thought of the existence of the thieves in the household. She still didn't know who they were- that was her next task to solve once the entire poison ordeal was revealed- but the box's disappearance could be credited to the thieves. After all, who would suspect a Fourth Miss, who had long disappeared into non-existence and vanished off the grid?

    She estimated how much time she had left and decided to check the Old Master's room and study, which was just within the courtyard, as well.

    The results no longer surprised her anymore: no discoveries.

    Exiting the villa now that she went through everything she could check, Yujia walked along the alleyway and back into daylight. A few minutes later, right on schedule, Yu Zixu exited as well. The carriage rolled in her direction, stopping to let her get on, then continued traveling back in the direction of the Yu Villa.

    Inside the carriage, Yujia sighed deeply, running her fingers through her hair. Zixu glanced in her direction, stating after a moment, "You didn't find anything."

    Statement- not question.

    She nodded. "Except for a box," she added in, drawing the box out of her sleeve and handing it over for Zixu to see. "Do you happen to know how to pick locks, Senior Brother?"

    She said that as a joke. It was really supposed to be a joke.

    But Zixu actually nodded solemnly as a response, replying, "I've tried it once or twice."

    He took the box from her, turning it in his hands as he observed the metal. His slender fingers ran over the lock and the edges, tracing it in a perfect continuous line.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Yujia's jaw dropped. "Are you serious?"

    Zixu was good at observing people. Zixu could start a fire with some sticks and twigs. Zixu had a good brain for memorizing things. Zixu was talented at painting. Zixu was skilled at calligraphy. Zixu had a great face, plenty of wealth, and a good family background. Zixu was good with animals.

    What was it going to be next?

    "Is there anything you can't do, at this point?" she questioned, tilting her head in exasperation.

    Zixu thought about it for a second. He stopped turning the box in his hand, looking up and answering, "For one thing, I'm bad at-"

    His words cut short when he glanced over in her direction, staring at her face.

    Yujia blinked. "Bad at what?"

    "You-" he spoke, his words slow and his eyes narrowed.

    "Me? You're bad at... me?" She leaned back, folding her hands, "What does that mean?"

    He immediately shook his head, pointing in the direction of her hair. "No- not that- you have a spider in your hair. Did you notice?"

    'You have a spider in your hair.'

    'You have a spider in your hair.'

    'You have a SPIDER in your hair.'

    All the color drained out of Yujia's face.

    She shrieked, then leapt up from her seat. Her hands flew up to her head, violently smacking it. As she did so, her face scrunched up, she repeatedly called out, "S-spider- Is it gone? Is it gone? Is it gone?"

    Please, dear heavens, begone, begone, begone, begone, begone, begone, begone...

    "It's right there- no, a little more to the left- yes- alright, you've killed it. Now you have a spider corpse in your hair. Oh, it fell off..."

    At those words, Yujia stopped smacking her head.

    She flinched back, staring at her seat, which now had a squashed spider corpse resting on it. The spider was no bigger than a nail on her finger, but Yujia still winced and covered her face.

    Thank the heavens that it was gone now!

    Yet there was that demonic being in her hair just a few minutes ago. How long did it crawl in there? And the fact that she didn't notice it- it was just- spiders- they...

    When she looked up from behind her hands, Zixu was smiling.

    "You're smiling at my misery?" she asked, a little out of breath.

    "Indeed," he laughed, a small smirk spreading on his lips. "You're that afraid of spiders?"

    "Of course! They're disgusting-"

    Just then, before Yujia could finish- or even start- her long rant on how terrible and unnecessary spiders were, the carriage lurched, likely from an uneven bump in the road. If Yujia was sitting, this bump would be nothing more than an uncomfortable jolt. Except because she refused to sit down on a surface once graced with a dead spider corpse, she was still standing and her balance was uneven.

    And thus...

    Yujia toppled over in Zixu's direction.
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