195 Can the Artist Cook?

    There were a few issues with Yunhe's suggestion.

    For one thing, Yujia didn't know how to cook very well. She could manageably cook some basic dishes, like frying rice, or boiling water for instant noodles. Everything else ventured into more complex territory, and she had never tried too many of those things out. The last time she cooked seriously was when Hui'er taught her how to make red bean pastries, and she was positive that at this point, she forgot every step of it.

    Second, Yujia didn't quite know what Yu Zixu liked to eat. She saw him buy pastries before. It was on that day where she almost drowned. Though then again, she recalled that Zixu had commented that the pastries were for his younger brother, Yu Ziyang. He denied all claims that he had a sweet tooth. So what did he like to eat?

    Third, she felt like cooking for someone might be an easy action that others could perceive in the wrong manner. She didn't feel like there was anything romantic going on between her and Zixu, and honestly, she wasn't all that bothered by that. What she wanted was to repay him and to keep their friendship, without Zixu or any outsiders getting the wrong impression.

    That was how after voicing her thoughts with her senior brother, Yujia came to this conclusion: she would make Zixu a little bit of everything. At the same time, she would also make a decent amount of everything so that she could feed all of her other senior brothers. This would make it seem like she was cooking for a crowd, and not just Zixu specifically. To make it special, she would just add in a little more effort for what she would give him.

    At the very least, this dealt with the entire reputation and rumors issue.

    Considering the enormous workload Yujia just accepted for herself, she decided to begin tomorrow morning. There were not many hours of daylight left today anyways.


    The next day, early in the morning, Yujia pulled her hair in a bun, dressed herself in simple cotton robes, rolled up her sleeves, and marched to the kitchen.

    Today was the day that she would become Chef Yang! She didn't feel like she had too much of an affinity with cooking in the past, but perhaps this was the time where she would realize her ulterior love for cooking.

    Chef Hong, quite the early-waker as well, saw her. She stopped kneading a slab of dough beneath her hand and remarked, "Could you really be hungry so early on in the morning, girlie? I don't even have anything prepared yet."

    Truthfully, Yujia didn't take any surprise that the first response Chef Hong had was to assume that Yujia was here for food. She didn't blame the woman. Nevertheless, Yujia shook her head swiftly, responding, "I'm not here to eat today!"

    "Then, you got another box you want me to chop?" Chef Hong referenced yesterday.

    "No, no, no-" Yujia continued shaking her head. She arrived in front of Chef Hong, placing her two hands on the table. "I want to learn how to cook!"

    "Ah!" The middle-aged woman's two eyes lit up, "Is that so? I have never met a single disciple interested in cooking before. Most of you all just like to paint, and paint, and paint. All those refined little things."

    "Well, you have only met Yunhe and a few other disciples. How could you assume so quickly that I am like them? Besides, you've seen how much I like food..." Yujia's voice trailed off.

    She liked eating food. She wasn't sure how much she liked cooking.

    But that didn't matter.

    Chef Hong grinned wider, clapping Yujia's back. "I see the passion in you! All great chefs share a love for food!" She glanced around the kitchen, at her own workspace, then asked, "What do you want to learn today? I have some time in the morning to teach you anything quick and easy."

    Quick and easy?

    She lowkey wanted to make an entire feast here. Could that possibly be "quick and easy" in any way, shape, or form?

    Yujia bit her bottom lip.

    "About that... I might not want to just learn one dish. Perhaps... you could teach me how to cook a few dishes that could feed... all of the disciples... in Lingxin...?"

    As she spoke, she realized that she was coming from a rather ridiculous perspective. It would be fairly simple for a seasoned chef like Chef Hong to whip up enough food to feed a whole crowd in a day. On the other hand, Yujia, as a beginner...

    On the other hand, Yujia supposed that though impossible as this challenge seemed, it would be a good idea for her to challenge herself occasionally. Besides, she had most of a day to do everything as well, considering that she planned ahead and painted extra the day before to get her plum blossom studies for today complete. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Thus, she stuck with her request, repeating it with more confidence this time, "Could Chef Hong teach me how to do so?"

    Chef Hong stared at Yujia. "You're being serious right now, girlie?"

    "Of course. Why would I joke about this?"

    "Then..." she spoke with hesitation.

    Yujia's flattery-mode automatically turned on. She put on a big smile, praising, "With Chef Hong, such a talented, skilled, and amazing cook, even a beginner like me will succeed, right? After all, everything cooked and overseen by the renowned Chef Hong can not turn out poorly!"

    This had to work. Chef Hong had to be one to like flattery. Who didn't?

    Yujia predicted correctly. A snort and a laugh later, Chef Hong gave her a nod and relented, "You have a point. Alright, girlie, I'll teach you."
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