34 The Foundation Day Of The Family...

    Jiang YuYan : "This is too much now."

    Jiang Yang : "Haha!! But unfortunately you are still virgin. Not only that, I think you are still waiting for your first kiss"

    Jiang YuYan : "Urrghhh!! How can you be so sure?" She said and frowned.

    Jiang Yang : "You haven't had a boyfriend even once. While in middle school, you beat that poor boy till he became half dead. After that I know, no boy ever tried to talk to you let alone became your boyfriend."

    Jiang YuYan : "Is it necessary to have a boyfriend to kiss?"

    Jiang Yang : "Ohhhooo!! That means you had it right?" He asked it getting excited and suspicious too.

    Jiang YuYan : "I didn't say it." She said while avoiding his sight and sat back on the corner of her bed, thinking about her stolen kiss.

    Jiang Yang : "But looking at your expressions, I am smelling something fishy." He was staring at her face which she was trying to avert from his curious sight.

    Jiang YuYan : "Cough cough! Stop working out your brain uselessly."

    Jiang Yang : "Ok! But I am waiting for the day, when you will fall in love and I am eager to know who will be the one to tame this angry bird?"

    Jiang YuYan : "Not gonna happen."

    Jiang Yang : "You never know. But I am sure that, I'll be the first one to know about it."

    Jiang YuYan : "In your dreams. I'll never ever tell you about my personal matters."

    Jiang Yang : "You won't but your paintings will." He said with one corner of his lips curved upwards.

    Jiang YuYan : "How?" She asked surprisingly

    Jiang Yang : "You don't need to know." He said with a sly smile.

    Jiang YuYan : "Huuuu?" She looked like there was a big question mark on her forehead.

    Jiang Yang : "Yes!! I'll take my leave now and make sure to wear that dress for the celebration party in the evening." He got up from the couch and left the room leaving her with the questions in her mind.

    Jiang YuYan : "Uuuuu!!My paintings? How?"

    She put that box in her wardrobe and laid back in the bed.

    ___________ ____________

    At Lu Mansion....

    Two black luxury cars entered through Lu Mansion's gate and stopped few metres away in front of the Mansion's door. A man and a woman in their mid fifties stepped out from the first car while a young man and a young girl stepped out from the second car.

    A butler Xu Dui was present outside of the mansion door to welcome them. He greeted them saying, "Welcome, Master and Madam Wang" He then turned his sight from this elder couple to the younger ones and said, "Welcome, young master and young miss." He then led their way inside the mansion."

    Elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang was already present there in the living room sitting on the sofa with their two sons, waiting for their guests.

    Lu Huan : "Welcome My dear daughter and son-in-law." Elder Lu Huan said with a smile full of happyness when he saw them. Everyone got up from their seats to greet them.

    "How are you father and mother? How's your health?" A woman asked while hugging her parents.

    Lu Huan : "What do you think?" He said while making his collar tight.

    "You look fit and fine as always," she said looking at him with a bright smile.

    Wang Zhilan was the only daughter of elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang. She was the elder sister of Lu Jinhai and Lu Chen. She came to capital for her parents' wedding anniversary with her family all the way from city S. She had an impressive personality. She was tall and had a well maintained figure even in her mid fifties.

    "How are you brother-in-law Wang Chao?" Lu Jinhai asked while shaking hands with him.

    "I am good. Can't you see your sister is taking good care of me?" He smiled and looked at his wife who was still busy with her parents.

    "Huuu!! Still trying to woo our sister?" Lu Chen said with a smile and shook hands with him too.

    "Haha! What can I do? I can't get enough of your sister." He said and winked at his wife who was now looking at him after hearing what her husband said.

    "No need to woo me. I already got deceived by you 30 years back when I decided to marry you." Said Wang Zhilan.

    Everyone laughed at this. Wang Zhilan and Wang Chao shared a very good relationship just like elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang.  Wang Chao loved and respected her and same applied to Wang Zhilan. He was a very successful and respectable personality in the business world.

    "Grandpa-Grandma, wish you a very happy wedding anniversary." The young man and a girl stepped forward and hugged elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang.

    "Thank you so much." Both elders hugged them back.

    "Wang Shu, you are looking so pretty just like your grandmother." Said Lu Huan

    "Thank you so much grandpa. But are you trying to woo your wife too just like my father?" Said Wang Shu.

    "No need! Like you mother, I too was deceived by my husband long before." Said Lu Shuang.

    "And like our father, Grandpa too can't get enough of his wife."  Wang Peng said it and winked at the grandpa.

    "Absolutely right, my grandson!" And he gave a smile to his wife, to which she didn't react saying 'Enough old man. We are not young anymore for you to behave like this'.

    Wang Peng was an elder son of Wang Zhilan and Wang Chao. He was a good business man just like his father. Wang Shu was an younger sister of Wang Peng, a beautiful and a pampered girl.

    Everyone greeted each other and sat on the sofa. Just then four handsome men from Lu Family were coming downstairs after tricking their sisters. When they saw their aunt with her family, they stepped forward and greeted them too.

    Everyone sat together in the living room except for Lu Feng and Lu Qiang. Both excused themselves as Lu Qiang had to attend an important call and Lu Feng was simply not interested in sitting there. Lu Jiahui, Lu Hui and Lu Xiu all three were not present in the mansion because they were busy to get ready for evening party.

    Lu Huan : "It's great to see everyone here. What a beautiful occasion! The foundation day of this family and the origin of Lu's next generation." He said with hell lot of pride on his face and in his voice.

    Wang Zhilan : "Father, this one is not the actual foundation day and the start of our origin. Don't forget you impregnated mother before your marriage." She said with the hidden smile on her face and looked at her brother's who too were agreed with her and had a smile just like her.

    Lu Huan : "Cough**cough!!!!" and he looked at his wife then to his daughter as conversing through his eyes -'Why are you trying to build the great wall of China between us on this very important day'.

    Wang Zhilan : 'Even if I do, I know you will easily climb up and cross it father.'

    Lu Jinhai and Lu Chen : 'You are right sister. Nothing can stop our father'.
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