218 Breath Taking Beauty...

    An Tian went inside to check on Jiang Yuyan. When he saw her, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He was in a bit of a shock after looking at such a pretty lady in front of him and he exclaimed, "I am feeling blessed to see my creation worn by a pretty lady like you. You totally justified my creation." He paused and said again after looking at her carefully, "Ohh! Correction! Actually, my creation justified the beautiful lady like you."

    Upon hearing it, Jiang Yuyan didn't say anything. His words made her smile and blush that made her look even more beautiful and pure. Seeing her blushing, An Tian said to tease her, "I think you are going to give a heart attack to my friend. Come out and let's see his reaction." He stepped to go out.

    Jiang Yuyan was excited to hear it but she was nervous at the same time. She followed An Tian to go out of the room.

    Lu Qiang was waiting for her. An Tian went to him and signaled him to look into the direction where Jiang went before. Just as Lu Qiang moved his sight in that direction, he saw Jiang Yuyan coming out from the room and walking toward him.

    Lu Qiang almost forgot to breath when he saw her. She looked like an Aphrodite in that royal deep blue color dress which had a tinge of purple in it like a shadow. It was sexy but elegant hollow backless lace evening dress with deep V neck having thin straps of lace on her shoulder.

    The dress was stitched in a mermaid pattern with half the bottom side of a dress had blue net cloth on it. The dress was longer in the back side touching to the ground as spreading on the floor and following her with each step she took without interfering in her steps. The fitting was so perfect as it looked like the dress meant for her only showing all her curves.

    Her golden brown hair was tied loosely with few strands of hair pulled towards the back of her head and secured with a tiny diamond brooch which was the same as what Lu Qiang had on his suit.

    Makeup was minimal to keep her innocent look as it is. Beautiful diamond tops in ears and delicate accessories in her hands made her look attractive. Those diamonds were shining just like her fair and radiant skin.

    Each step towards Lu Qiang was making her heart beat faster with a nervous expression on her face. Lu Qiang who was looking at her like he was in a daze while almost forgot to breath was brought back to his senses by An Tian. He laughed to look at Lu Qiang's reaction though he already expected it but seeing him like this for the first time was something special.

    An Tian patted Lu Qiang's shoulder and said, "Breath my friend."

    Lu Qiang listened to what An Tian said but still couldn't avert his site from Jiang Yuyan. He Exhaled through his mouth and was ready for Jiang Yuyan to come closer to him. With her each step, his heart was running faster and faster.

    When Jiang Yuyan reached him, she was nervous and she had a feeling of having butterflies in her stomach. She was looking into his eyes to see Lu Qiang's reaction but he didn't say anything. Instead, he stepped forward and kissed her lightly as to be careful about not to ruin her makeup or hair. He didn't care about the presence of An Tian there.

    An Tian smiled to see Lu Qiang kissing her without any thought, but didn't disturb him. Once they parted away, An Tian said, "I was expecting few precious words from you to hear but what you did just now was more than that. It was the best way to appreciate the beauty of a lady and the hard work of a designer like me, by the person like President Lu."

    Lu Qiang smiled to hear it and Jiang Yuyan felt shy after what Lu Qiang did in front of An Tian. "You did the best job of your life, An Tian. From now on, you would be her personal designer. Whatever she will have, should come from your brand so brace yourself.

    "Always at your service, my friend and from now on it would be also for Mrs. Lu." An Tian replied to see this happy couple which made Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan smile. An Tian knew Lu Qiang since long back and he knew, Lu Qiang never had an interest in any woman before. When he saw Jiang Yuyan with him, An Tian was happy for Lu Qiang and realized, Jiang Yuyan is not an ordinary woman.

    Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan both looked like 'made for each other couple' whom anyone would envy. Lu Qiang left for the wedding with Jiang Yuyan after saying bye to An Tian.

    At the luxurious wedding hall in the city....

    It was almost evening and guests started to arrive at the venue. All the famous people in the country arrived to attend it. People from all the sectors were invited there, from business, entertainment, media, sports etc. Media people were present with their mikes and cameras outside of the all to get and all the updates about the wedding and the guests attending it.

    Almost all the guests arrived and a couple of the day was busy with the pre-wedding photo shoot with friends and family. Lu Feng and Ming Rusheng were there too as close friends of a groom. They had a common friend circle, so most of the time Lu Feng had to face Ming Rusheng but both were never friendly with each other. Ming Rusheng always tried to fill something toxic in Lu Feng's mind which Lu Feng was aware of and felt annoyed most of the time.

    Before the wedding could start, there was a movement outside of the hall that everyone was waiting for. A black Maybach arrived and the reporters present outside recognized whom it belonged to. The guards present to escort guests, open the car's door. Lu Qiang came out of it. Seeing his car, every camera at the venue moved to capture his glimpses. All reporters were excited to capture him in their cameras.

    When they saw Lu Qiang, they were a bit surprised to see Lu Qiang wearing a suit in a different color other than black. Their sites and camera never left Lu Qiang for a single moment.

    When Lu Qiang came out of the car, he moved to the other door of the back passenger sit on another site. The door was opened by the bodyguard already but Jiang Yuyan was yet to come out from the car. Lu Qiang went to get her and offered her his hand.

    All were looking at what was happening. Jiang Yuyan accepted his hand and came out of the car. Seeing a woman stepping out of Lu Qiang's car, everyone dropped their jaws in a shock. They immediately collected themselves and started to click pictures not missing any movement made by this beautiful couple.
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