222 Someone Is Being Horny...

    The moment, Lu Qiang pulled Jiang Yuyan in his lap, the driver pushed one button in the car to put up a partition between them. Driver Xu Bai was with Lu Qiang since Lu Qiang started working in Lu Corporation. He was a few years older than Lu Qiang and he was a good friend with assistant Xiao Min. Like Xiao Min, Xu Bai was loyal to Lu Qiang too and he was happy to see his rock heart boss, finally in love with someone.

    After noticing a partition, Jiang Yuyan looked back at Lu Qiang with a surprise but before she could say anything, Lu Qiang pulled her face towards him by moving his hand towards the back side of her head to pull it closer and kissed her. He started to suck and nibble her lips gently to feel them.

    since the moment Lu Qiang saw Jiang Yuyan in An Tian's designer clothing's VIP showroom after she got dressed up, he felt like to devour her at the very moment. He thought to take her to their home straight, instead of attending a wedding but he controlled himself as he had already planned his first step to introduce Jiang Yuyan to the world as his woman.

    Throughout the wedding, he could feel the gazes coming in her direction and he felt annoyed because, for him, Jiang Yuyan was his woman and only he had the right to admire her beauty. Once the wedding came to an end and the moment he finally got a chance to be alone with her, even if it was in his car, he couldn't control himself from kissing her like he was just waiting for this moment.

    Upon feeling Lu Qiang's soft lips sucking and nibbling hers, Jiang Yuyan forgot what she was about to say and she too responded him back. His touch was the thing she never wanted to resist. His touch was like a drug to her. once she was addicted to it, she wanted it even more.

    Jiang yuyan circled her right hand around Lu Qiang's neck and with the other hand, she was caressing Lu Qiang's cheek. Lu Qiang tightened his grip around her waist and his hand which was on the back of her head was pushing her face against his to allow himself to kiss her harshly.

    Seeing her responding with the same passion Lu Qiang kiss became intense as if he wanted to engulf her completely. He was switching between her top lip to the lower one while biting and pulling them out with his teeth which was making her moan softly.

    That moving car was filled with the sounds of their panting and moaning which was clearly heard by a driver. He immediately played a piece of music in the car to save himself from the awkwardness of hearing the lovemaking sounds of his boss and his future lady boss.

    Coincidentally, the music was the romantic one which added fuel to the passion of these hungry lovers. Jiang Yuyan too wanted him as much as he desired for her. Jiang Yuyan wished to take control of the kiss. She held his face at a place and took over his top lip. She bit his lip which made him feel pain and he clutched her soft butt cheeks in his palms. Even if they were covered in her dress, he could feel how soft and round they were.

    Jiang Yuyan slipped her tongue in Lu Qiang's mouth as taking control over him. Lu Qiang allowed her and started to play with her tongue too. Threads of saliva were visible with both of these trying to taste each other as much as they could.

    Lu Qiang wanted to make her sit cross to him but her mermaid pattern dress was not allowing him to do that. Finally, he lifted her up a little and placed her on a seat and he was on top of her. Even though it was the luxurious and most expensive car, the space in it was not enough for both of them to be in a comfortable position. Still, it didn't stop them as the desire to get each other was more dominant than any other thing.

    When lu Qiang placed her down. He moved away from her to give her space to adjust herself comfortably in a seat. Removing his suit's jacket and bow he asked while catching his breath, "Are you comfortable?"

    "Yes!" she replied and pulled Lu Qiang back towards her by holding his collar which surprised him.

    When she was about to kiss him, Lu Qiang said, "Someone is being horny today."

    "Don't you like horny me?" Jiang Yuyan asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

    "I want to see the same Yuyan when I will take you to bed tonight." He spoke to show her his intentions for a night.

    "With you, I can be like this every night," she said and kissed him again by pulling him towards her. Lu Qiang liked this new Jiang Yuyan and was enjoying every bit of her.

    As Lu Qiang was on top of her, he took control and kissed her. His tongue was rolling with her in her sweet cavern to make her breathless. With the car moving ahead with each passing second, their kiss was becoming more and more intense

    In a while, both parted away with their mouths wet with saliva. Their breathing was heavy and hot which they could feel against their skin. Lu Qiang didn't want to stop with only this much. He moved down towards her chest and passed his sight across the deep V-shaped neckline of her dress which was the most seducing and beautiful thing in it. He placed light kisses on the bare part in her deep neckline.

    Jiang Yuyan felt his soft lips and hot breath against the skin of her chest which was seductive, making her curl her toes. Both forgot that they were in a car which was running on the streets of the capital. Lu Qiang wanted to unzip her dress to pull it down below her chest but he couldn't figure out, how to and said in frustration, "Damn An Tian! I am going to cut the price of this dress to half."
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