226 You Will Ask For More....

    Jiang Yuyan had a puzzled expression on her face to see why Lu Qiang got out of bed suddenly. Lu Qiang walked towards his wardrobe and opened it. He pulled a drawer which had so many different ties in it, folded in a circular fold pattern and all were back. He took out one tie and closed the wardrobe.

    Lying in a bed, Jiang Yuyan's sight was following Lu Qiang all along till he came back to the bed with a black tie in his hands. On his way back to the bed, Lu Qiang opened the tie by holding it's one corner which made the tie to unfold and to fall straight downward. He held it tightly by circling it to his both palms like a rope.

    Tugging a tie in his hands, he stepped towards the bed. Jiang Yuyan gulped to see it. She was about to get up from a bed but Lu Qiang stopped her and said, "Calm down, you will like it. Trust me."

    Listening to him, Jiang Yuyan laid back in a bed with lots of questions in her mind.

    Lu Qiang sat on the edge of the bed beside her and said, "Give me your hands."

    "W..why?", she asked as she felt scared to see the tie.

    "I am not going to hurt you but I am going to do something that both of us will enjoy so give me your hands, Yuyan," he said looking in her eyes. In his calm and caring voice, there was a tinge of an order too.

    Jiang Yuyan was scared but she trusted him a lot so she put forward her both hands obediently and she was ready to see what Lu Qiang was going to do.

    Lu Qiang circled a tie tightly around her wrists and tied her hands above her head to the headboard of the bed. She gulped to realize what Lu Qiang was doing. After securing her hands, Lu Qiang looked back at her and caressed her cheeks. "You would be fine trust me" and gave her a light peck on the lips.

    He went on top of her again and trailed kisses till her neck and started to suck and bite her skin while nuzzling into the crook of her neck. Soft moans came out of her mouth while feeling scared deep down in her heart.

    He moved further down and played with soft and pink peeks on her chest. He kissed them, suck them, bite them and kneaded them with both of his hands, till his heart's content leaving her all breathless and wanting for more.

    When he was playing with her bosoms, Jiang Yuyan wanted to respond back by running her hands through the back of his head. She wanted to pull him towards her as she had an urge to kiss him but her hands were tied to do anything at the moment other than moaning and panting loudly with her hand gripping the tie tightly and her toes curled in a mattress. She was helpless so she had to leave herself in the valley of his desires but she started to like it.

    Lu Qiang was looking at her while using his skills on her and he felt aroused to see her reaction which made him do it even more. Leaving her gasping for air, he went down further and kissed her while nuzzling into the cotton soft skin on her stomach.

    In reflex to it, she pulled muscles of her stomach inside. Her core was shaken and she wanted it even more. Her legs started to rub against Lu Qiang's body as he was in between them.

    Lu Qiang held her legs with his hands on either side and put them in a place. He looked at her and said, "I think I should have tied them to the bed too." Those words made her feel scared as she couldn't imagine herself tied with a legs under the shadow of his wild desires.

    Lu Qiang smiled to see her scared and said, "but let's keep it for next time."

    Keeping her legs in a place, He moved his face towards the inner side of her thighs and traced light kisses towards her sex while caressing her thighs with his hands. Each kiss from him was leaving her breathless as he was moving towards her core.

    Once Lu Qiang reached there, he placed a light kisses on her forbidden place which was hiding under expensive and beautiful blue lace panty which made her shut her eyes tightly.

    Lu Qiang nuzzled into her cave to smell her erotic aroma. Feeling aroused with her erotic scent, he tore out that last tiny peace of clothing on her body without giving a second thought. He realized she was already wet which was not surprising for him though.

    He looked at Jiang Yuyan who was panting heavily with her eyes closed. He parted her lips between her thighs with his fingers and ran his tongue inside to reach her nub. With the touch of his fingers, she gasped and held her breath while clutching tie in her hands, being ready for the next sensation.

    The moment Lu Qiang's warm tongue touched her inside, She couldn't help but moan loudly and the moment he swirled his tongue around the nub, she cried out his name, "Lu Qiang" clenching her legs together with her back moved up in the air.

    Lu Qiang lifted his head to look at her. She too looked at him to know why he stopped. "It's just a start, my love. Later you will cry out my name again and again and you will ask for more," He said and buried his face again between her legs to suck her dry.

    Jiang Yuyan was moaning loudly as not to understand what to do. She was rubbing her both legs in a mattress with her back arched in air.

    Once Lu Qiang felt she was wet enough, he moved his head back and sat up in between her legs. When Jiang Yuan looked at him with her moist eyes to see what he was up to, he put his forefinger in his mouth while gazing at her with his intense sight. After soaking it in his own saliva he pulled it out of his mouth and slowly inserted inside her cave while staring into her eyes to see her reaction.
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