248 Curious Jiang Yang..

    When Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan sat in the chairs, breakfast was already served in the dishes by a servant. All started to eat the delicious breakfast made by Mo Ruolan personally as her future son-in-law was there and she wanted everything to be perfect.

    Seeing Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan sitting and eating comfortably, Jiang Yang said, "Both of you are late. Seems like you slept late and woke up late" and winked at his sister.

    Their parents were startled with the sudden question from Jiang Yang to his sister but they smiled to hear it and continued eating as they knew what was going to come next.

    Jiang Yuyan was sitting opposite to her brother. When she heard it, she kicked him lightly on his feet under the table, as asking him to stop while

    Lu Qiang was sitting quietly while eating as not affected by his words. Lu Qiang was used to the shameless behavior of Jiang Yang and he was already expecting it.

    "AAuuuch sis! You hurt me," Jiang Yang whined.

    "I didn't hit you this hard. Don't do overacting," Jiang Yuynan said harshly.

    Rubbing his feet with a hand he asked as showing he did nothing wrong, "Why did you hit me? I am just curious to know what both of you did."

    "If you want to hit him again, tell me I will do it even better," said Lu Qiang and continued his breakfast.

    Jiang Yang gave out a deep sigh and said, "Sigh! Being curious and asking simple questions can get one beaten up nowadays. Not done."

    "Ask something that someone can answer you," said Jiang Yuyan

    "What's difficult in answering what both of you did," Still, Jiang Yang was not ready to give up.

    Lu Qiang pinched the space between his eyebrows and said after giving out a deep sigh while looking straight into Jiang Yang's eyes, "We kissed for some time and slept while cuddling each other tightly, in a bed. If there is more than this in the future, I will personally come and update you."

    Lu Qiang was not hesitant to say it. He knew Jiang Yang won't stop until he gets an answer. To handle his grandpa and his shameless friend, he always had to become one of them.

    "Cough- Cough!" Jiang Yuyan didn't expect Lu Qiang to say it in front of her parents who were now focused on food as not wanting to react to it but Jiang Yang was just being himself.

    "See how easy it was to say," Jiang Yang said to look at his sister.

    Hearing it, Mo Ruolan was smiling while Jiang Peizhi was focused on eating, trying to keep his expression neutral. The atmosphere was playful. Mo Ruolan didn't want to spoil it but still said, "My dear son, concentrate on eating. You are looking weak nowadays. This is how you are going to give us grandchildren.

    "I have a time mom, till then you can start expecting grandchildren from your daughter. From what I see, I think soon you will get to see them playing in our home," Jiang Yang said and winked to see at Jiang Yuyan.

    Jiang Yuyan frowned to hear it, "Stop it, brother. At Least behave in front of dad."

    "What? Dad understands everything. We didn't come to this world directly from the sky." He then looked at his father and asked, "Am I right, dad?"

    "Cough-Cough!" Jiang Peizhi was startled again. seeing him coughing, Mo Ruolan passed him water. Drinking water, he looked at his daughter who was eating her head down being embarrassed.

    Clearing his throat he said, "Hmm! I would be happy to see my grandchildren." He didn't want her to feel shy about it and feel embarrassed in front of him anymore. The things they were discussing at the moment, he never expected this day to come.

    Hearing it, she was surprised a bit and said, "Dad, not you too."

    "Dad is right and stop being shy all the time. Learn something from your husband. See how bold he is," Jiang Yang said while chewing the food.

    "Having, all you bold people around me is enough. Let me be myself," she replied in an angry tone.

    Lu Qiang patted her head and said, "Be the way you like." She was happy to hear it but just then he spoke again, "I am happy with you being bold only in front of me."

    She gulped to hear it and exclaimed, "What? When did I?"

    Lu Qiang looked at her with a questioning look and asked, "Do you want me to say it in front of your parents?" This made her feel nervous and she kept quiet.

    Hearing it, the gossip queen Jiang Yang felt excited and asked, "What? Is my little sister know how to be bold? You can tell me I am her brother, not her parent."

    "No!" she exclaimed and said, "Both of you are too much," and put her chopsticks back on a table as showing her protest to eat further.

    "Ohh, don't do this, sis. You need the energy to be bold. Eat well and let him tell me," Saying he looked at Lu Qiang, expecting to get an answer but Lu Qiang avoided him and fed Jiang Yuyan as she was sulking.

    "It's useless to argue with you," she said and ate what Lu Qiang offered her.

    Seeing him taking care of her, Jiang Yuyan's parents felt glad and continued their breakfast with smiles on their faces. The argument between their kids was normal for them so they just preferred to hear it quietly and it was fun.

    "Then don't do it. Just tell me what I ask. It's as simple as that," Jiang Yang said again.


    "Stop it both of you and eat," Said Mo Ruolan to finally stop them.

    The atmosphere was lively due to the banter between these two. All had smiles on their faces except for Jiang Yuyan who was still sulking because of her brother and Lu Qiang was trying to calm her down with a smile on his face to look at her like this.

    Jiang Yang was smiling too and winked to look at Lu Qiang to which, Lu Qiang replied with a smile.
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