263 Why Are You Here?

    Jiang Yang held Jiang Yuyan's face in his hands to make her look at him and said, "I hope this angry bird is happy now."

    "I am brother," Jiang Yuyan replied while looking into her brother's eyes with pleasant expressions on her face.

    "I am happy for you too," he said and kissed on her forehead.

    She had a smile on her face and brightness in her eyes showing her happiness and said, "I know. You are the happiest person, even more than me and Lu Qiang."

    Patting her head he said, "Hmm! Sometimes you talk really well."

    "I always do it's just that you keep annoying me."

    "Haha! And I won't stop it ever."

    "I don't want you to stop, brother."

    Seeing her happy and cheerful just like she was in her childhood days, Jiang Yang felt emotional as he waited for this day to come for long. He hugged her and said, "Suddenly, I am feeling like you are a grown-up woman and not my little sis Yuyan anymore. It took me time to realize it."

    Jiang Yuyan too hugged her brother tightly and said, "I want to be your little sister Yuyan, forever."

    "You are and you will always be." Saying it Jiang Yang's eyes were moist and his voice was heavy as she was a daughter for him instead of a sister and everything that can bring happiness in her life was the best thing for him. He never imagined that he would be able to see this day so soon and his sister would be this much happy so he was being emotional to see it.

    Jiang Yuyan too understood what does all these new things in her life meant for her brother as he sacrificed a lot just for her sake.

    Day of engagement..

    Lu Mansion and Jiang's residence were in a spirit of celebration. The engagement was is in the evening but all were excited since morning.

    After breakfast in the living room of Jiang residence..

    "Jiang Yuyan! You have to go to the beauty salon today where I have already booked an appointment for you," said Mo Ruolan while going through the list of stuff to prepare for the evening, sitting on the sofa.

    "What's the need, mom? I am fine like this," Jiang Yuyan replied being lazy to go there.

    Mo Ruolan kept the stuff in her hand down then looked at her daughter with serious expressions and said with a firm voice, "I know you don't need it but it's not any normal day. It's your engagement today so don't say No."

    "Mom...!" Jiang Yuyan tried to say No again but before she could say anything further, she had to stop in front of her sweet but sometimes bossy mother.

    "I am not going to listen to anything so get ready to go there," Mo Ruolan said as ordering her and left the living room to do other things in the home.

    With a sad face, Jiang Yuyan nodded as saying Yes. Seeing her sad, Jiang Yang who was sitting beside his sister, smiled and said, "Mom is the person you can't say No as sometimes she is very dangerous like a Hitler you know.

    "Yeah, Really!" said Jiang Yuyan still being not wanting to go out.

    Jiang Yang stood up from the sofa and said, "Let's go, she has already instructed me to take you there."

    "Hmm!" Jiang Yuyan gave out a deep sigh and stood up to go with her brother.

    Both reached to one of the most luxurious beauty salon and spa in the city. Jiang Yang took her inside and left her to attendants there and said he will come back to get her once she is done.

    After spending hours while going through grooming things in beauty salon and spa, Jiang Yang was relaxing in her VIP private room wearing a silver color satin gown from the salon, long up to half of her thighs and tied at her waist. She was sitting on a couch with her eyes closed waiting for the attendant to do final things.

    Soon the door opened and someone entered inside the room. Jiang Yuyan thought it must be the attendant but soon she realized she was wrong when she smelled familiar cologne and felt someone was standing in front of her. She opened her eyes but before she could say a single word her mouth got sealed with someone's warm and soft lips.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    The man leaned on her with his one hand resting on the hand rest of the couch while the other one was resting on headrest on her either side. She calmed down and let him kiss her realizing that's none other than her man. Leaving her gasping for the air, soon he parted away and sat beside her on a couch.

    Jiang Yuyan caught enough oxygen and asked, "Why are you here and how they allowed you to enter inside?" she asked with her eyes closed to gather herself from the intimacy she felt a moment before.

    "You are forgetting who I am?" replied Lu Qiang while straightening his suits jacket.

    "Hmm! I forget it all the time as for me you only Lu Qiang, not the President Lu," she said to look at him.

    "Well! You and I are the known couple in the whole city. Also, this place belongs to one of my friend whom I helped to start this business."

    Hearing it she said with a teasing smile on her face, "Ohh so my man is generous too."

    "Not for everyone but to the people who are really worth it," He replied.

    She realized, she was yet to get the answer to her main question and asked again, "What are you doing here?"

    Lu Qiang turned to look at her and replied while running his fingers along her Jawline, "I came to get you.

    "Brother Yang said he will come," she said as not being affected by his touch.

    He moved his sight and his fingers from her jawline to her neck and said calmly while still staring at where ever he was running his fingers "Do you want me to go back?"
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