288 Accepting Him The Way He Is...

    Jiang Yuyan avoided the funny part her brother mentioned and said, "That! Umm! I think he is a bit possessive so he reacted this way."

    Jiang Yang knew Lu Qiang better and said, "Possessive? Hmm! He is and he is dangerous when he is like that."

    "I got to know this during these few months," said Jiang Yuyan but she was not worried about it.

    "He is more possessive about you because he waited for you so long and he was being too patient to have you in his life. Now you are with him finally, he doesn't want to share you with anyone. He wants all of you for himself only. That is how he is." Jiang Yang gave her sister a reason behind Lu Qiang's action and that sounded valid to her.

    "So?" But Jiang Yuyan didn't know how to react to it.

    "So? Haha! Don't worry. It's all fine. Even if he is possessive, there are other people to suffer, for example, his employees."

    Jiang Yang then looked at his sister who was having puzzled expressions on her face. He had that usual mischievous smile on his face and said, "And about you..umm... you will just end up having swollen lips like today."

    She didn't get angry to listen to her brother's words and said, "Well! It's not that bad. I like the way he acted with me when he is upset and possessive. it gives me a feeling of belonging to him only. Also, However he is, I love him a lot, brother and I am ready to accept him in every way."

    "That's like my lovely sister." Saying it Jiang Yang patted her head and said, "Sleep now, it's getting late." Jiang Yang knew there was nothing to worry about. He was also sure about the thing that his sister would be happy with Lu Qiang only No one could love her as much as Lu Qiang did.

    Jiang Yuyan nodded and said, "Goodnight, brother!" Then both went to their rooms.

    The next day, Jiang yang dropped Jiang Yuayn to the university where Lu Qiang was waiting for her.

    After talking with Lu Qiang for a while and leaving his sister to him, Jiang Yang left for the hospital.

    When he reached there, an emergency was waiting for him. It was a middle-aged woman from one reputable and rich and powerful family in the capital.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The woman had a sudden heart problem and Jiang Yang had to take the case in his hands. The patient was a lady from the Xi family, the powerful and the famous family.

    After leaving the university, on the way to the hospital, Jiang Yang already got the message from the hospital that there was an emergency and he had to rush to the hospital. Reading the message, Jiang Yang hurried and made it as fast as possible. On the call, he asked about the patient's update and discussed a few things with doctors in the hospital. When he reached there all the testes were done and results were in front of the doctors.

    Going through the tests and their results, Jiang Yang and the team of all the expert doctors decided to operate on the patient as there was a blockage in the coronary artery. Considering her the patient's age and her past medical history, it was a critical case for the doctors. Though these kinds of cases were normal for them to handle, they were worried.

    As the patient was a Vip person there was no chance they could do a single mistake in it. It was a normal surgery for all those expert doctors in the hospital but the pressure of having the patient from a powerful family and operating on her was like a stressful thing for them.

    Jiang Yang never had these kinds of fears and he always gave importance to the patient without looking at where the patients came from and what the background they had. For him as a doctor only one thing was important and that was to save the patient by any means. He had been following this attitude since he was in A states and he was famous for it.

    Though he was younger to most of the doctors around him, in states or even in China, he was the most confident, successful and skilled doctor so all decided to hand over this surgery to him. They knew Jiang Yang will accept it and give his hundred percent to save and make that patient better.

    Jiang Yang decided to operate on her and he had one more expert doctor as his assistant and they had a team including nurses and other doctors to operate as soon as possible.

    When there was a time of the surgery and Jiang Yang was going to surgery room with his team while crossing the waiting area for the family members of the patient, his sight noticed someone familiar. He identified the person but before that person could notice him too, the family member of the patient came to him.

    "Everything would be fine with her, right?" That was one older lady.

    "We will try our best." Saying it Jiang Yang left with the doctors, his sight again seeking a glips of the person sitting in a chair silently and looking at the floor."

    Jiang Yang smiled and went to the surgery room. It was a few hours longer surgery and it was successful. The patient was fine making everyone feel relaxed. The team congratulate each other and especially to the lead doctor of the surgery, Jiang Yang, though it was not a new thing for them to see Jiang Yang working efficiently.

    When Jiang Yang came out of the surgery room with other doctors, the same old lady asked him about how the surgery went and Jiang Yang assured her that everything went fine and the patient was fine.

    While talking to the old lady, Jiang Yang's sight followed the place where the person known to him was sitting when he left for the surgery.
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