434 Being Virgin For Long Is Not Good...

    When Lu Feng looked at his left side where the blanket was stuck, he saw Jiang Yang was sleeping beside him near the edge of the bed with his stomach facing the mattress and the blanket was covering him till his lower back leaving his entire back uncovered. One could see he was not wearing anything too.

    Jiang Yang looked in a deep sleep and Lu Feng was getting red with anger. Not thinking twice, Lu Feng held the blanket tightly and kicked Jiang Yang out of the bed while covering himself securely.

    "Ahhh... My back." Jiang Yang whined in pain as he fell on the floor, hitting the one side of his back on it. Holding the edge of the bed with his hands, Jiang Yang peeked at the Lu Feng, who was sitting on the bed pressing his head.

    "What's with this, Lu Feng? Is it the way to wake up your hubby?" Jiang Yang asked, trying to get back on the bed but seeing him Lu Feng exclaimed, "Stay away from here."

    "Last night, you were the one who was trying to get closer to me and now you are doing this after you got what you want," Jiang Yang said, rubbing his back.

    Those words made Lu Feng angrier. "Stop saying bull** you, asshole. Where are my clothes and how dare you to take my clothes off?"

    "They were obstacles in what we both were doing last night," Jiang Yang replied casually while standing near the edge of the bed, not paying attention to how angry Lu Feng was.

    "What? What do you mean?" Lu Feng asked.

    Jiang Yang looked serious, and he said, "Don't tell me you are feeling weak and your back is hurting, especially this," Jiang Yang pointed to his own hips and said, "I tried to be gentle as much as I could. Are you able to sit properly?"

    When Jiang Yang was saying all this, Lu Feng was trying to get what Jiang Yang said and with the last lines, his brain worked. "What? What did we do?" Asking Lu Feng gulped, hoping that Jiang Yang was trying to just pull a prank.

    "Why are you asking me as if I was the only one to do it?"

    "Stop running around the bush and tell me." Lu Feng was getting impatient.

    "What can you guess from the situation we are in? Look at you, not wearing anything and look at me." Jiang Yang said looking down at himself and said again, "Oops, at least I was sane to wear my underwear once we were done."

    Getting the meaning of his words, Lu Feng frowned. "You asshole, stop saying bull**."

    "How dare you to call bull** to what we did and what are angry about? You were the one to ask for it. I told you being a virgin for long is not good for a healthy man like you."

    Lu Feng went crazy hearing it and shouted, "Stop it, you. I won't fall for your tricks."

    Giving out a deep sigh, carrying hurt expression on the face, Jiang Yang said, "Trick, huh? What will you say about the hickeys on your neck and then on your back? Oh, your back reminded me how horny you were that I bit you so many times on your back. I hope it's not hurting."

    Hearing it, Lu Feng touched his neck and tried to turn his head to check if he could see anything but he couldn't. Looking back at Jiang Yang, he realized he was not kidding this time. Jiang Yang was not smiling nor he had his usual teasing expressions.

    Jiang Yang sat on the edge of the bed while facing his back to Lu Feng and said while holding his head in his hands, "I hope this doesn't consider as betraying a person you love." He was talking about Nixxxie.

    "Jiang Yang, tell me you are kidding just to annoy me." Lu Feng was still expecting Jiang Yang to say it's a prank.

    Turning his head to look at Lu Feng, Jiang Yang said, "Can't you see how serious I am?"

    Lu Feng looked at him carefully but there was no change in Jiang Yang's expressions and Jiang Yang said again, "Try to move or get up and see if your back is hurting."

    Lu Feng tried to get up and realized his back was really hurting and his hips too, so he sat back in a bed looking helpless.

    "You can sit properly that means I did well and didn't hurt you much." Suddenly there was a change in Jiang Yang's expressions as if he was happy about what happened between them and it pissed off Lu Feng.

    "Ass hole I was drunk, but you were fine as you can remember everything then why didn't you stop it from happening?" Lu Feng shouted.

    Jiang Yang moved towards Lu Feng, who was sitting covering himself with a blanket. Before Lu Feng could see what Jiang Yang was doing, Jiang Yang tugged that blanket to take it off from him.

    Lu Feng exclaimed while holding the blanket tightly, "What are you doing you...."

    Having a smirk on his lips, Jiang Yang replied, "As you can't remember what happened between us, I will show you what we did exactly." Saying he leaned closer towards Lu Feng. Frowning like a bull, Lu Feng Kicked Jiang Yang hard with his feet, to push him towards the edge of the bed and before he could get up, Lu Feng moved towards him with a blanket covering around his waist and pinned Jiang Yang in the bed under him.

    "Today, it's the last day of your life you, asshole. You did it intentionally," Grabbing his neck in one hand almost choking Jiang Yang to the death, Lu Feng was about to hit him just then the door of the room opened and Lu Qiang entered the room being ready in his suit to go to the office. "What both of you are doing?"

    "Can't you see? I am about to kill one bastard." Saying, Lu Feng punched Jiang Yang in a face. As he was about to hit him again, Lu Feng stopped him by holding his hand. "Stop it, Lu Feng. What happened?"


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