517 Not Willing To Let Go...

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    Lu Qiang looked at Jiang Yuyan and asked her to sit. Sitting in one of the chairs, Jiang Yuyan passed the shopping bag in her hands to Lu Qiang. Lu Qiang had a smile on his face as his woman bought something for him.

    "Brother wear it and show us," Lu Lijun said.

    Lu Qiang got up from the couch and wore the black winter coat while standing in front of the mirror. He turned to look at both of them. Jiang Yuyan looked at him with her eyes wide open to see how handsome he was looking in that coat.

    He always looked handsome but her reaction was like this because he was wearing something bought by her and she couldn't help but admire him.

    "How is it, Lu Lijun?" Lu Qiang asked.

    "It's  really nice elder brother, I want to wear it too," Said Lu Lijun.

    "Okay! Come here," saying it, Lu Qiang was about to take it off just then Lu Lijun spoke, "Not now elder brother as its size won't fit me."

    "Then?" Lu Qiang asked.

    "I will wear it when I would be taller like you."

    "Hmm! That's a good idea. Then I will keep it safe until you become like me."

    Jiang Yuyan was happy that both liked what she bought for them and said, "Lu Lijun will look more handsome than you in this coat."

    Lu Qiang agreed and said, "Not a doubt as he is the most handsome man in this family."

    "Both of you, are you trying to flatter me? No need because I already know I am handsome," Lu Lijun said confidently without blinking an eye and looked like he was not joking.

    Jiang Yuyan and Lu Qiang both smiled to hear it and didn't say anything but both meant what they said- Lu Lijun was going to be the most handsome man in the family.

    Lu Qiang took off the winter coat and stepped towards the wardrobe. The wardrobe had one section that was empty and it had a glass door. One could see what was inside.

    There was only one jacket hanging that he took out and hung the winter coat in it. Turning around to look at Lu Lijun, he said, "This coat will be here always. Even if I will wear it, it will be here only. The day when you will feel like you can wear it, just go ahead and do it.

    Lu Lijun nodded and said, "I will."

    That night, Lu Qiang asked Jiang Yuyan to sleep in his room as they never slept in his room before. It was always Jiang Yuyan's room, they shared.

    Looking at the huge king size bed, Jiang Yuyan said, "It will be the first time that I am going to sleep here."

    "I found your room better as I can feel your presence in everything there and don't worry, in the next few months you will be sleeping in this bed, always," Lu Qiang replied that made her blush.

    Lying in a bed, while Jiang Yuyan lying beside him with her head resting on his arm, Lu Qiang said, "Lu Lijun likes you now."

    "I think so too." Jiang Yuyan agreed.

    "More than that, he respects you and cares for you."

    "Is it?"


    "Well, I am glad to know it."

    "He would have rejected that sweatshirt you bought if the person was someone else instead of you but he accepted it and he will like it too."

    "Are you sure that he will wear it? Jiang Yuyan asked.

    "Yes!" Lu Qiang replied and after some talking and teasing both fell asleep.

    The Next Morning In Jiang residence.

    Jiang Yang was ready to go out of the home early even though it was not a time to go to the hospital yet. He sat in his car and looked like he was thinking about something but there was a smile on his face.

    Soon the car stopped in front of Xi residence. Jiang Yang got out of the car and entered inside. Song Meilin was waiting for him as Jiang Yang already informed her that he was coming to meet her.

    "Welcome doctor Jiang Yang," she said.

    Nodding with a smile, Jiang Yang went with her to the sofa in the living room and sat there. Jiang Yang's eyes looked around in the living room and noticing it, song Meilin said, "Nicky is in her room as she is getting ready."

    Jiang Yang gave a little nod. When Jiang Yang informed Song Meilin he asked her that all the family members should be there so song Meilin invited him for breakfast as it was the time when all are mostly available. Song Meilin didn't consider other members as a family but Jiang Yang insisted her to have everyone there. Soon it was breakfast time and all came to the living room, Xi Cheng and his mother, Nixxxie's father and Nixxxie herself too.

    Seeing Jiang Yang there early in the morning, she felt worried and asked, "Mom are you fine? Is there any problem that doctor Jiang Yang is here?"

    Everyone looked at Song Meilin when Nixxxie asked her this.

    "There is nothing wrong with your mother's health. I am here for something related to me," Jiang Yang replied instead of Song Meilin.


    **For the readers, who wants to read the present situation between Jiang Yuyan and adult Lu Lijun. A glimpse...

    Jiang Yuyan opened her eyes as she woke up but her vision was blurry as she had a high fever the previous night. Realizing someone was standing near the wardrobe in her room, she looked in the direction while rubbing her eyes to see clearly. Her head was still spinning.

    She looked at the man who was standing facing his back towards her, wearing a winter coat bought by her for Lu Qiang in the past. A wide smile painted on her lips and getting out of the bed in a hurry, she back hugged the man saying, "Lu Qiang. Where were you?"

    A man gulped to get a back hug from her and couldn't move. When she released her strong grip around him, the man turned to make the smile on her lips to disappear in the next moment and she exclaimed, "L-Lu Lijun?"



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