575 Are You A Sadist?

    "And your way is..." Nixxxie couldn't continue.

    His one eyebrow curved up, Jiang Yang spoke, "You didn't like it. Let's just stop here then." Jiang Yang didn't forget to use his acting skills, though he knew what Nixxxie was trying to say.

    "No, I didn't mean it." Nixxxie felt bad thinking he took it in another way, when she meant to say that his teasing was making her feel nervous.

    "Hmm! Tell me what do you want me to do then?" He questioned, which made her speechless again.

    "I...don't... know..." Broken words came out with her low voice.

    Jiang Yang went closer to her, just to push her in a bed to get on top of her, with the support of his elbows resting in the mattress on her either side. His intense sight fixed on her.

    "Learn to be honest with what you want, dear. If you want me to ** you, then you should say it looking straight in my eyes." He instructed in an ordering voice.

    Continuing gazing at her and his bold words made her short for words.

    'How can he say it like this?' Nixxxie thought.

    "As we are doing it, there is no shame in saying it," he continued, guessing what she was thinking.

    "Hmm!" A light sound of agreeing to his words came out of her throat with a slight nod.

    "So?" he kept looking at her, pressing her in the bed.

    She understood what he meant and gulped before she could say what she wanted from him and what he wished to hear from her.

    "I..want..you..to..umm.." Nixxxie couldn't say it and Jiang Yang still continued looking at her so she asked, "Are you a sadist?"

    She couldn't understand his different behavior- demanding and controlling.

    Staring at her with amazement, Jiang Yang left out a soft chuckle as he couldn't get how to react to her sudden accusation. "Do you even know what sadists do?"

    "I just read it," she replied, her eyes blinking few times.

    "Do you want me to be one?" he asked, to which she exclaimed.


    Jiang Yang found her cute and thought he must have scared her a lot to let her think about him as a sadist, when he was just trying to get her bold side out, which she was hiding.

    The way she got back at him asking why she was the only one to get undressed and countered his other actions instead of being quiet, he understood that she was not a shy girl but she just needed a push to open up.

    "I can be the one but not the kind who will hurt you," he spoke. "But let's get over with the first stage."

    "First stage?" She gave him a questioning look, thinking there must be something different in his mind.

    Caressing her cheeks with his thumb softly, he replied. "Let's not keep you a virgin for a long time."

    Jiang Yang's reply satisfied her curiosity and she nodded lightly, her sight moving away from him with the awkwardness she felt with his another bold reply from him while Jiang Yang enjoyed her reactions.

    Holding her chin to make her look at him, Jiang Yang assured her, "It would be all right, trust me."

    This time his voice was gentle and assuring as if he would not tease her more.

    Trusting him, she nodded, "Umm!"

    Jiang Yang resumed their kiss while being on top of her, his bare chest pressed against her soft bosoms while his one hand making its way towards the forbidden space between her legs, underneath her panty.

    The moment she felt his fingers rubbing over that few inch space between her legs, her eyes left wide open while a light moan left out from her throat against his lips. The grip of her hands on his shoulders tightened while her feet rubbed against each other.

    Not stopping kissing her, Jiang Yang increased the pressure to open those closed lips and ran his fingers along its length just to realize she was already wet. He stopped kissing and parted her legs away with his knee to sit in between them. Not thinking twice, he pulled out her panty and tossed it away.

    Looking at him catching her breath, she wanted to close her legs, but she knew there was no use with what he said to her earlier when she tried to do it and waited for him to go further, her heart ready to jump out her ribcage.

    Jiang Yang looked at her sex and then looked back at her to see her reaction while rubbing her nub with his finger and another one inserting inside her as she was wet enough.

    Nixxxie tried to move up to resist that little burning she felt inside because of his finger but Jiang Yang held her at a place holding her one thigh just to pull her towards him.

    "Relax and don't resist or you will feel hurt." He instructed her and she stopped moving as the burning sensation faded away. All she was feeling was a sweet sensation inside her core with his thumb circling her clit and his finger moving in and out.

    Her lips left open, gasping for air, while her hands were busy clutching the bedsheet to control over the foreign pleasurous feeling inside her core. She was aware of what was happening with her and what would be the end of it, but letting go of it was difficult as it was the man who was doing it for her.

    Jiang Yang stopped before she could get her release and she gave him a puzzled, questioning and disappointed look.

    With the one corner of his lips curved up to create a teasing smirk, he spoke, "Not so soon. Let me join you, dear."

    Saying, he took out his underpants and tossed it aside to let it accompany where Nixxxie's clothes were lying on the floor.

    What Nixxxie saw later made her gulp. She felt afraid, but her body was demanding it with the way he made her feel high and stopped exactly at the moment when she was at the cliff.
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