615 Finally, Made Him Cry...

    Lu Lijun recognized the place the moment they stopped there, but he didn't question or hesitated to follow Jiang Yuyan. For him, whatever Jiang Yuyan asked him to do was the right thing.

    \"There, I saw your brother for the last time,\" Jiang Yuyan spoke, standing beside him and pointing her finger towards the repaired patch of the road.

    Lu Lijun looked at where Jiang Yuyan pointed. He had been to this place before so he knew where the accident happened.

    Few vehicles were passing by the road but the newly repaired patch of the road was guarded by the barricades, so they could stand there, also it was the sight of the planned accident which yet to be solved.

    Jiang Yuyan pointed towards another place which was a few meters away from the previous place she signaled, \"And I was there, in my car, looking at him helplessly. He was badly injured and stuck inside his car as it was flipped upside down.\"

    She remembered those bad memories again and Lu Lijun was listening to her.

    \"He was bleeding and looked in so much pain but he was still smiling looking at me. A huge piece of glass pierced in his stomach.\"

    Saying Jiang Yuyan placed Lu Lijun's hand on her stomach, to show where exactly, \"Right here, the glass pieces was stuck here till deep inside in his body.\"

    Tears rolled down from Jiang Yuyan's eyes and Lu Lijun pulled his hand back from her stomach, hearing what she said.

    His breathing pace increased a bit and he felt difficulty in breathing with different emotions taking over him but he could not cope with it and resulted in making him anxious.

    Though Jiang Yuyan noticed his condition, she didn't give up. With her choked voice, Jiang Yuyan continued.

    \"I-I could feel his pain just by looking at him and I could only wished if I could be the one to get it and not him. I wanted to go to him and save him, but I couldn't do it, Lu Lijun. I could just look at him helplessly and cry.\"

    More she said, more he was getting anxious, not knowing what to do. He was about to step back and run away from there, but Jiang Yuyan held his hand, making him stand at his place. She showed as if she didn't know what he was going through and what he was up to and continued speaking as if she was determined to make him listen to everything and imprint it in his mind

    \"Your brother tried to say something to me and I understood half of what he said and a half I couldn't understand. He said he loves me as if he knew he would die right there and it was the last time he could say this to me. I wanted to reply that I love him too, but my words betrayed me. I don't know why, but they couldn't come out and before I could try harder, the car blasted. I couldn't even say those three words to him.\"

    Unknown to her, tears rolled down from Lu Lijun's eyes, he was looking at where Jiang Yuyan pointed before and he could imagine what must have happened.

    Standing away from them, Lu Feng and An Tian could hear what she was saying and they both couldn't control the tears from making their way out. An Tian put his hand on Lu Feng's shoulder as Lu Feng was on the verge of crying out loud. He was the one to witness everything along with Jiang Yuyan.

    Jiang Yuyan noticed Lu Lijun's tears but she didn't stop as if it was still not enough.

    \"His smile which he gave me as if he was saying goodbye to me, I can't forget it. Even in the pain, he was smiling for me and assuring me that everything would be fine. More than his life and his pain, he was worried about me and he was happy that I was being saved. How can he do this and make me regret being alive?\"

    Soon there was another sound of crying and sobbing other than Jiang Yuyan and that was from Lu Lijun, but she didn't stop and continued.

    \"Your brother was burning in that car and I could do nothing. How much it must have hurt him? How much pain would he have gone through? In front of my eyes, he was burning into ashes,\"

    With these words, Lu Lijun broke out into a loud cry and Jiang Yuyan finally turned to look at him. He was crying with his head lowered down and his eyes shut tight.

    Cupping his face in her hands to make him look up at her, while she herself was crying, Jiang Yuyan said, \"This is the truth, Lu Lijun. Though it's painful, we have to accept that he is dead and not with us anymore...he is dead...your brother is dead....Lu Lijun\"

    Saying \"he is dead\" again and again was like piercing her own heart with a knife, but Jiang Yuyan continued saying it until Lu Lijun gave up on his stubbornness of not accepting it. He hugged her and cried like a little kid.

    \"I want my brother back... bring him back to me...I want him back....\" Finally, Lu Lijun said something after so many days while crying and sobbing harder.

    \"I wish I can do it, Lu Lijun. If so, I would have traded my own life to bring him back alive, but I can't.\"

    Jiang Yuyan hugged him back and cried along with him. These both were the most hurt people after Lu Qiang's death and the ones who could never imagine living their lives without him, but the destiny took a harsh turn and made them lose the most precious person in their lives.

    Seeing Lu Lijun crying and talking, Lu Feng and An Tian gave out a sigh of relief and they understood Jiang Yuyan's purpose to bring Lu Lijun to this place, though An Tian already predicted it.


    Finally, wrote the chapter where Yuyan married Lu Lijun and they are tied to each other...
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