624 I Am The Law, I Am The Punishment...

    \"Why didn't you just get your wallet back from the person instead of doing this?\" asked Zhang Wei.

    Giving out a deep sigh, Ming Rusheng replied, \"Instead of asking it back, this was the better way.\"

    \"Do you dislike the person?\"

    \"Well, not that person but someone related to her.\"

    Zhang Wei exclaimed, \"Her? A woman? Jiang Yuyan?\"

    \"If it was Yuyan, then I would have definitely gone back to her as it was a nice reason to see her.\"


    \"Leave it, uncle. It's just someone not so important. I am hungry. Let's just eat something.\"


    In the Lu Mansion...

    After having dinner with the family and putting Lu Lijun to sleep, Jiang Yuyan went to the gallery and called San Zemin.

    \"Yes, Mrs. Lu.\" The voice came from the other side of the line.

    \"I am giving you one week to gather all the information related to the accident and the people involved in it\"

    San Zemin heard the cold voice of his new boss who directly gave him an order.

    \"Mrs. Lu. I am already doing it. I just need to gather strong evidence so that we can present it in the court and punish them lawfully,\" said San Zemin just to hear the mocking chuckle from the other side of the line which surprised him.

    \"I am the law, I am the punishment.\"

    As Jiang Yuyan said it, her voice sounded evil and her eyes looked scary. San Zemin could just hear her but he could feel what her intentions were, only if he could see the evil darkness in the eyes of his boss.

    Getting back to his senses San Zemin said, \"Mrs. Lu, there are other few problems.\"


    \"It's related to the business. Just like in the past when Chairman Lu Jinhai got into an accident, few people created the rucks to take Lu corporations down so we need to take care of it too,\" San Zemin replied but later he got disappointed in the return.

    \"I have nothing to do with the business. You can go to others with these things. Uncle, Lu Chen.\"

    \"But, Mrs. Lu, he can't.....\"

    Before San Zemin could complete his words, he heard another instruction from his boss.

    \"Keep everything ready until I come back to the city.\"

    Even before San Zemin could say yes or anything, the call was disconnected.

    When Jiang Yuyan was talking to San Zemin and told her last line of instruction, she felt the presence of someone standing behind her and hung up the call just to stand still for a few moments. Till then she knew who it was but didn't want to show the person she knew he was standing behind her and acted calmly.

    In a while, Jiang Yuyan turned.

    \"Lu Lijun, why did you wake up?\" she asked, showing as if it surprised her seeing him there.

    One could see how fast she changed her expressions in just a few moments. Her evil expressions when she talked to San Zemin and when they changed on the realization of Lu Lijun was standing behind her.

    Lu Lijun didn't answer and continued looking at her. When he woke up, he saw the place beside him in the bed was empty and Jiang Yuyan was not in the room. Last time when he woke up, she was in the gallery so he directly went there but he couldn't hear what she said on the call.

    Jiang Yuyan went to him and said, \"Sorry to disturb your sleep. Let's go back,\" and they went back to sleep.

    Lu Lijun was so used to having Jiang Yuyan around him that her absence for even a single moment was enough to make him anxious when he didn't know where she went. Slowly it was becoming his habit, that would be troublesome for Jiang Yuyan, which she never thought would ever happen.


    Not getting a positive reply from his boss, San Zemin felt worried about the things which were going to happen in the Lu Corporation. Lu Chen was not that capable of handling the things on the dark side of the business world as he was one simple-minded person and other than Jiang Yuyan as she was his boss, he didn't know who would handle it.

    San Zemin made a call, \"I want to meet you.\"

    \"In half an hour at the intersection before the bridge.\" The person on the other side of the line said.

    San Zemin reached the desired location where the man was waiting for him. The man was standing looking at the river passing under the bridge, his back facing San Zemin.

    \"Mr. Lu Feng,\" San Zemin called.

    \"Why did you want to meet me? If it's about the thing you talked to me at the Lu Mansion that day then my answer is the same.\"

    \"Other than you, there is no one who can take the boss's place in Lu corporation. It will fall soon if it continues.\"

    \"I told you before, I have nothing to do with the business,\" Lu Feng declared.

    \"Mr. Lu Feng, You already know how hard the boss worked to get it this far and it would be sad to see his hard work to end like this in the hands of his enemies,\" San Zemin insisted.

    There was no reply from Lu Feng so San Zemin continued, \"I know what work you do so you are...\"

    \"That's my personal matter. It's nothing to do with me working for Lu Corporation.\"

    \"I didn't tell anyone because just like my boss I owed you once but as I know you are the only person who can save Lu corporation, I want to insist you.\"

    \"I am afraid that I will just disappoint you with this again. You can take this matter to my father, who is handling everything.\"

    \"We all know what is meant by handling these situations. I am sorry to say it but your father is not that capable as he is one simple man and this is the time we need someone like a boss.\"

    \"Still, you have no other option but my father,\" concluded Lu Feng.

    \"Mrs. Lu doesn't want to look into these things and now you too but ....\"

    Hearing the word Mrs. Lu, Lu Feng exclaimed, \"Mrs. Lu? You mean, Yuyan?\"

    \"Hmm!\" San Zemin nodded.

    Worry took over Lu Feng's mind and he asked, \"When did you talk to her and how?\"
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