723 Stop Bothering My Wife...

    Agreeing to San Zemin, they all left the place in the elevator.

    Just as they stepped down, Jiang Yuyan said, "We need to treat Lu Lijun's wound."

    "No need, I will do it myself," Lu Lijun said coldly.

    His reactions were not normal, so Jiang Yuyan thought it must be because the incident must have scared him to go somewhere else.

    "Lu Lijun is right. You can treat the wound at home. He had his tetanus vaccines so we need not inject him with it as it's just a minor cut and our Lu Lijun is very strong," An Tian instructed, as for now he wanted things to go according to Lu Lijun's wish.

    Nodding, Jiang Yuyan left in a hurry as San Zemin followed them carrying all the shopping bags. An Tian was looking at Lu Lijun, who was silently leaving along with Jiang Yuyan as she held his hand. An Tian looked like so many things were going through his mind as he kept looking at Lu Lijun.

    Jiang Yuyan, San Zemin, and Lu Lijun sat in the car, and on the way, they stopped at the medicine shop to buy medicines so that Jiang Yuyan can treat Lu Lijun's wound on the way.

    San Zemin passed the bag to Jiang Yuyan, which had the first aid stuff. Jiang Yuyan pulled out the stuff from the bag and turned towards Lu Lijun to untie the handkerchief which was loosely wrapped around his neck and it already stopped bleeding.

    "I told you, I will do it myself once we are home," Lu Lijun said coldly.


    "Don't make me repeat," Lu Lijun interrupted her as he looked at her, his sight cold but one could sense he was angry about something.

    Before Jiang Yuyan could say anything further, there was a message on her cellphone. It was from An Tian.

    "Take the things according to Lu Lijun's wish. Let him do what he wants and don't force him to do anything that he doesn't want."

    An Tain was Lu Lijun's doctor, so Jiang Yuyan was sure he must have said it after observing Lu Lijun.

    Jiang Yuyan didn't insist on treating him and stayed silent.

    Lu Lijun grabbed one shopping bag which had his just shopped clothes. He pulled out a black hoodie T-shirt from it and instructed Jiang Yuyan, "Look on the other side."

    Feeling puzzled, Jiang Yuyan turned her face to look at the opposite side and Lu Lijun took off the T-shirt he was wearing and put on the black hoodie.

    His light blue color T-shirt was stained with the blood and he changed it so that the family members should not know about what happened. c

    Stuffing his stained T-shirt into the bag, Lu Lijun informed, "It's done."

    Jiang Yuyan looked at him and thought how thoughtful he was as she herself didn't think about changing his clothes so that family members won't panic seeing him wounded but at the same time she felt puzzled with why Lu Lijun asked her to look in another direction when he was changing the T-shirt.

    When he was in a bad condition after Lu Qiang's death, she helped him change it so many times, and even to date he never hesitated to change his shirt or T-shirt in front of her as they shared the same room but what had changed suddenly.

    When they reached the mansion, Lu Lijun pulled out the handkerchief around his neck to stuff it in the bag and put on the hoodie over his head as he secured its zip till the top of his neck. It was clear he wanted to hide the wound on his neck.

    When they stepped out of the car, Jiang Yuyan looked at San Zemin. Before she could say anything, San Zemin bowed to her as he said, "I will take care of it."

    Nodding, Jiang Yuyan left with Lu Lijun to enter the mansion. When they reached the living room, few family members were there along with the elders. Jiang Yuyan greeted elder Lu and grandma Zhao Shuang, but one person sitting there didn't like the peace in the house.

    Just as Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun were about to leave to go upstairs, she said, "It's just a month since the tragedy happened and the daughter-in-law of our family is already enjoying the shopping and going out to have fun."

    Jiang Yuyan had nothing to say as it was annoying to talk with the annoying woman and didn't want to disturb the peace around the elders. She chose to stay quiet, but the little guy was already in a fighting mode.

    Lu Lijun turned to look at Su Hui and before Jiang Yuyan could stop him, he spoke, "Aunt Su Hui, you should pay attention to brother Lu Feng as he is still not back home and you should be concerned about his whereabouts."

    It left Su Hui speechless, and others didn't know what to say as it was Su Hui's fault. When Lu Lijun talked like this, no one dared to stop him. Moreover, his words always made a sense.

    Before it could get worse, Jiang Yuyan held Lu Lijun's hand as she instructed, "Lu Lijun, let's go."

    Lu Lijun ignored what Jiang Yuyan said as he warned his aunt, "And stop bothering my wife."

    Everyone heard it clearly. In shock, Jiang Yuyan let go of his hand while Su Hui felt happy when she saw everyone's shocked faces, especially Jiang Yuyan.

    Lu Lijun didn't turn back to look at anyone and stepped ahead to go to his room. As he climbed stairs, Jiang Yuyan could only stare at his retreating back in a shock.

    The elders were shocked, but they wanted to change the topic and asked, "Su Hui, where is Lu Feng?"

    "He didn't come home even once since he came back from the village," Su Hui replied.

    "What kind of mother are you, Su Hui, who doesn't know where her son is," Zhao Shuang confronted her.
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