725 Scared To Not See Her....

    When Jiang Yuyan was cleaning the blood traces around the wound, Lu Lijun's sight observed her closely but averted it when he heard Jiang Yuyan.

    "Is it hurting too much?"

    "No." A firm reply came from him.


    Saying Jiang Yuyan pulled out one bandaid and spoke as she tore the wrapping, "Do you want to say or ask anything to me?"

    She was sure something was going in his mind but what exactly; it was hard to guess.

    "No," Lu Lijun replied immediately.

    Jiang Yuyan finally looked at him in his eyes, which had no emotion in them. "Then why do you look so upset or angry with me?"

    "I am not angry with you," Lu Lijun replied.

    Lu Lijun never lied, so Jiang Yuyan had no other option but to trust him.

    It was the truth that he was not angry with her, but it was something else that he was upset about and he didn't know how to deal with it.

    Jiang Yuyan wanted to talk to him about calling her a wife again, but she couldn't muster up the courage to see him so silent and serious. She preferred to think of it as the outcome of his anger and he did it just to stop Aunt Su Hui.

    Lu Lijun never called Jiang Yuyan as his wife. He did it only whenever aunt Su Hui tried to mess with her, so she thought to let it slide.

    Even if she had talked to him and asked him to not say it again, she was scared to get a shocking reply from him seeing how annoyed he looked. She thought it was not the right time to make him understand the things as he must be already shocked with the incident earlier in the mall.

    Jiang Yuyan put the bandaid on the wound and said, "Done."

    After that Lu Lijun talked about nothing and went to the study table to do his work. Even at the dinner table he was silent.

    "Yuyan, tomorrow we have a small event in the company to introduce you as the new president so be there at the time" Ning Jiahui informed and Jiang Yuyan nodded.

    Hearing it, Su Hui almost choked with the food and asked, "Elder sister, are you really making her the president?"

    "Not me, but it's her capability that took her to that position," Ning Jiahui replied.

    Before Su Hui could say anything inappropriate, Lu Chen declared, "It's the last decision and no one can change it."

    It upset Su Hui seeing her husband sided with them too, but she could say nothing.

    In the night, when Jiang Yuyan came out of the bathroom being ready in her night pajama, she saw Lu Lijun already went to bed and he was sleeping. He even covered himself with the quilt properly. Jiang Yuyan went to the bed and lay down on her place. Not thinking much, she closed her eyes, but something bothered her again. It was the first time when Lu Lijun didn't hold her hand while sleeping and he slept without even wishing her a good night.

    Whatever she tried, she couldn't stop thinking something was not right with him and this thought was not letting her sleep. She thought if it was because he saw her cruel side and he hated her after seeing how she beat the man and how cruel she was.

    She only had one option with her and that was to meet An Tian and talk to him about it as he had witnessed what had happened.


    The next day Jiang Yuyan had to get ready for the event. She had already asked An Tian to design a few simple but elegant corporate dresses for her which she received the previous night as informed by An Tian.

    She opened the random bag, pulled out one black dress, and got ready to go to the office for the event and the press conference, which was in the first half of the day. San Zemin and Xiao Min were ready to pick up their boss on the important day of her life.

    Jiang Yuyan sat in the back passenger seat of the car while Xiao Min Sat in the front passenger seat. San Zemin and two of his men followed in the other car. When they reached the school, Jiang Yuyan was about to step out of the car, as usual, to say bye to Lu Lijun but Lu he stopped her.

    "Don't get out or you would be late," Lu Lijun instructed.

    "It's okay if I am late." Jiang Yuyan stepped out of the car.

    Saying bye, Lu Lijun turned to leave. It was another change in him as he didn't kiss her on the cheek or said - see you in the evening.

    Jiang Yuyan looked at his retreating back as she mumbled, "Seems like he really hates me after seeing my bad side."

    Jiang Yuyan felt upset somewhere as she was used to him doing all those things, and this sudden change in him bothered her. She felt scared to lose him if he continued hating her and she couldn't imagine the day when he will actually say to her that he hates her.

    Giving out a deep sigh as feeling helpless, Jiang Yuyan turned to go back inside the car. When she opened the car's door, someone held her hand. She recognized the hand as she looked at it and then looked at the person. That was Lu Lijun who came back.

    Jiang Yuyan looked at him with a questioning sight. "What happened..."

    Before she could ask to finish her line, Lu Lijun pecked her on the cheek, "All the best."

    It brought a smile on her face as she said, "Thank you, Lu Lijun."

    Seeing her smiling, Lu Lijun felt glad and turned around to leave, but he knew he was forgetting something and halted in his tracks.

    Not turning to look back at Jiang Yuyan, Lu Lijun said, "See you in the evening" and left.
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