842 I Love You, Senior...

    Assistant Li could see Xiao Min was drunk and frowned. "Let me take you back home."

    The moment assistant Li was about to step out, Xiao Min pushed him inside the apartment and pressed him against the wall.

    "What if I don't wish to go?" Xiao Min asked, his drunk and demanding eyes stared into assistant Li's startled ones.

    "Get hold of yourself, Xiao Min," assistant Li warned as he tried to push Xiao Min away, but the next moment he realized something. Xiao Min's body was burning hot, and assistant Li put his palm on Xiao Min's forehead.

    "You have a fever, Xiao Min."

    "So what. Do you care even if I die?" Xiao Min aksed, he looked like he would break into tears the next moment.

    Get inside," assistant Li instructed.

    "I don't want to. Let me just hug you."

    Xiao Min hugged assistant Li, standing while putting his entire wait on assistant Li to take support. Though assistant Li was as tall as Xiao Min, still Xiao Min had a muscular build.

    Assistant Li hugged Xiao Min back intending to hold him and prevent him from falling, but Xiao Min liked it and hugged his senior even tightly.

    Assistant Li noticed San Zemin standing there and informed, "I will take care of him."

    Nodding San Zemin left, and assistant Li closed the apartment door just to take Xiao Min towards the couch, but it was not an easy task.

    "Damn it. Will you walk a bit as you are not a princess to carry in my arms," assistant Li exclaimed annoyingly.

    "Carry me," Xiao Min spoke, still hugging his senior as if his life depended on it.

    "Idiot..." cursing a bit, assistant Li finally managed to drag Xiao Min towards the couch and pushed him on it.

    Though Xiao Min was drunk, he could feel how annoyed his senior was and smiled as he lay down on the sofa, "I like you most when you curse. It makes me feel like I am yours."

    Assistant Li pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, knowing how annoying and shameless his junior could be, but it was not the time for it.

    Going to his bedroom, assistant Li brought out a small box from which he pulled out a thermometer and put it inside Xiao Min's mouth before he could spurt out nonsense.

    "Shut your mouth," assistant Li warned as he sat at the edge of the wide sofa where Xiao Min lay down.

    Xiao Min said nothing and let assistant Li do his work as he continued staring at him with his hazy eyes.

    Once assistant Li pulled out the thermometer to check the temperature, Xiao Min smiled widely, "I won't mind being sick all the time, if you care for me like this."

    "Shut up," scolding assistant Li pulled out the medicine pack from the box as he picked up the water bottle from the center table. "You need to take medicines."

    Assistant Li was about to help Xiao Min sit on the sofa, but Xiao Min pulled assistant Li towards him to make him land on his chest.

    "What are you...."

    "Shhhh," Xiao Min held assistant Li tightly, circling his hand at the waist, "Can't you see I am lovesick, and my medicine is you, senior?"

    Staring in his eyes and hearing these words, assistant Li felt his heart beating faster and forgot what he was about to do.

    "I need nothing but you, senior," Xiao Min said as he continued staring at assistant Li's shocked face.

    Assistant Li gulped as he heard Xiao Min again, "You always knew what I feel about you, and I know you feel the same. Can't we be together?"

    Assistant Li felt loss for words as it was the truth that he felt the same way.

    "I love you, senior."

    Confessing, Xiao Min gazed at assistant Li's lips as he freed his one hand from assistant Li's waist to put it behind his head.

    Assistant Li felt like in a trans, and before he could understand what this drunk man was doing, Xiao Min pressed his lips against assistant Li's lips by pushing his head with the hand he just moved from assistant Li's waist.

    Assistant Li was utterly shocked and didn't move. Seeing how stiff his senior was, Xiao Min parted away just an inch as he whispered against assistant Li's lips, "Let go yourself, Shen Li," his voice hoarse and sounded seductive to assistant Li.

    As if he should obey the command from his junior, assistant Li listened to Xiao Min, and they kissed again where assistant Li kissed with the same passion as Xiao Min.

    Two tall grown-up men continued kissing on the sofa, which was enough to accommodate them. Their heavy breathing echoed in the room as they kissed hungrily, sucking and nibbling each other lips and dancing their tongues around.

    This much was not enough for the drunk man as he captured assistant Li between his legs not to let him go and tried to pull out his black t-shirt.

    Assistant Li stopped, "You moron," and tried to get up, but Xiao Min pulled him back by holding the collar of his t-shirt. "I want more, Shen Li."

    "You are drunk, you idiot. Stop calling my name and let me go or...."

    Xiao Min didn't listen. "Or what? Will you kill me, Shen Li? Please do it. Without you, I am dead anyway."

    Assistant Li understood there was no use in arguing with the drunk man and chose another way. "Xiao Min, you need to take medicines. Let me go, please."

    These soft lines worked on Xiao Min as he loosened his grip around assistant Li.

    "Good boy," came the compliment from assistant Li and Xiao Min smiled.

    "Take the medicines now," assistant Li instructed, and Xiao Min agreed, but there was a condition. "First, say, you love me."

    Thinking he was drunk and would forget it the next morning, assistant Li agreed, "I love you."

    "I love you too, Shen Li. I love you a lot," Xiao Min's heart filled with happiness as he couldn't stop confessing again and again.

    For that moment, assistant Li felt happy too and continued staring at the happy man in front of him.

    'only if we can be like this forever," thought assistant Li, but the next moment assistant Li remembered Xiao Min's father's words and discarded this thought.

    "Now, take medicines."

    Behaving like a good boy, Xiao Min had the medicine and did whatever assistant Li instructed him with and went to sleep.


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