863 Sick Grandma...

    Jake sat on the couch as he looked at Lu Lijun. "Why did you drink when you knew what would happen and what if you had fallen in front of them?"

    Lu Lijun looked at his friend, questioningly. "Then, why did you drink when you hated it? You should have just answered it," Lu Lijun countered.

    Jake gave him a narrowed, eyed look, "You know it well that I can't."

    "I wish if you can," said Lu Lijun.

    "Never," came the firm denial from Jake.

    Lu Lijun didn't poke Jake much as it was something that Jake didn't want anyone to know about.

    Just then, Noah entered the room, and the other two stayed silent.

    Observing the two serious faces, Noah asked, "Were you guys talking bad behind my back that you are suddenly silent?"

    "Yeah, we were cursing you. Do you want me to do it on your face?" Jake replied.

    "No need. I don't wish to get a love confession from men," replied Noah, knowing these two won't tell anything if they don't wish to.

    Just then, Lu Lijun's sight fell on the winter coat on the bed, and he looked at his two friends who said nothing as if they knew nothing.

    Jerome came to the room as he knocked and opened the door.

    "Good morning," he bowed.

    "Morning, Jerome," said the three friends.

    "I hope the fourth young master is feeling better now," Jerome asked.

    Lu Lijun nodded, "Hmm, I am fine."

    "Breakfast is ready," Informing, Jerome left while Noah sat at the edge of the bed.

    "Lijun, even though you don't live with your parents, sometimes Jerome is so intimidating to give us the feeling of a strict parent."

    "He is family now," saying Lu Lijun got out of the bed, holding the winter coat, hung it back in its place, and went to the bathroom.

    During breakfast, Jake informed, "Both of you, pack your bags. We are leaving tonight."

    Lu Lijun and Noah stared at Jake surprisingly as Noah asked, "Where are we going?"

    "Europe tour," Jake replied.

    "What?" Jake and Noah both exclaimed.

    "Hmm," we have a flight to catch around seven in the evening.

    "You have decided on your own. Who will ask us?" Noah asked in a loud voice.

    Jake looked at Noah coldly. "Do you dare to say No?"

    Noah cleared his throat, "Well, not that, but...."

    "Be a good boy and pack your bag," Jake instructed.

    "Noah has an exam the next week," Lu Lijun informed.

    "We would be back till then as It's just a short trip," Jake replied as he added, "And this idiot is smart enough to score well without even studying."

    Noah laughed, "Wooh, I didn't know his highness thinks so highly of me."

    "Stop showing your teeth before I break them. Go and pack your stuff," instructing, Jake stood up. I would be here early in the evening to pick you both."

    The other two could only nod, and Jake left.

    "Is there something wrong with him," asked Noah as he looked and Lu Lijun, "He acts like this only when something bothers him a lot."

    "Why don't you ask him directly?" Lu Lijun replied, continuing to eat.

    "Whenever I say something about him, you reply the same. If I could ask him directly, why would I ask you?" Noah frowned.

    "He can answer your questions better."

    "I don't wish to get beaten up."


    At the same time in China...

    It was late afternoon, and suddenly something happened that turned everything into chaos.

    Grandma Zhao Shuang fainted in her room and had admitted to the hospital. The entire family was worried about her as it was so sudden, and she was doing fine for the past few months though her health was not good for a long time.

    Jiang Yuyan, Lu Jinhai, and Lu Cheng arrived at the hospital, where the others waited in the waiting room.

    "Father, what happened," Lu Jinhai asked, worry evident on his face.

    Elder Lu, who sat silent, couldn't answer as his throat felt choked.

    Ning Jiahui went to her husband, "Mother suddenly faint, and we don't know what exactly happened. We need to wait for the doctor to tell us."

    Jiang Yuyan sat beside elder Lu and held his hand to console him.

    "Coming to the hospitals like this scares me now," said elder Lu as tears rolled down his eyes.

    "Grandma would be fine, grandpa," Jiang Yuyan assured.

    Jiang Yang was in the hospital, but he was busy with the surgery, so he couldn't attend them.

    The two doctors, who were the senior doctors, soon came out of grandma Zhao Shuang's room as they went to Lu Jinhai.

    "Chairman Lu," both bowed, and lu Jinhai asked, "How is she?"

    "The patient is fine now. We have to wait for a few tests to conclude the result," replied the doctor.

    "Can I see her?" Lu Jinhai asked.

    "Yes, but only two people," said the doctor as they left, bowing to Lu Jinhai.

    After a few hours, the reports arrived, and doctors called for Lu Jinhai in their cabin, and Jiang Yang, who was free after the surgery, joined him.

    "Is everything alright?" Lu Jinhai asked as he sat in the chair opposite the doctor while Jiang Yang took the doctor's reports as he went through it.

    "In reports, there is nothing serious other than a few normal deficiencies showed in blood sample reports," the doctor replied.


    "Instead of physical, it seems like a psychological problem when a person lacks the will to do anything or starts to go under depression."

    It shocked Lu Jinhai, "Depression? How can it be?"

    "Uncle, don't you think grandma has been unusually calm since long?" asked Jiang Yang as he finished going through the reports.

    "Hmm, but we thought it's normal to be weak with aging," said Lu Jinhai.

    Agreeing to Lu Jinhai, Jiang Yang looked at the doctor in charge, "I think medicines are not the solution for her."

    The doctor agreed, "I believe what happened in the family a few years back has affected her. I can say it as I am her doctor for a long and observed these changes even before."
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