889 Soon To Be Boss...

    "I am here to visit aunty," Shen Li replied as he stood up from the bed.

    Xiao Dong was not happy seeing Shen Li there, but he could say nothing as Shen Li came to visit the patient.

    Shen Li and Xiao Dong, Both acted normally as if there was nothing. Both cared for Xiao Min and didn't want to hurt him.

    "Take a rest, aunty. I will leave now," Shen Li informed.

    "First, promise me you will visit me often," Xiao Min's mother countered.

    "I will," Shen Li assured and bowed a little to Xiao Dong to say bye and stepped out of the room.

    Xiao Min followed his seniors out, and Xiao Dong went to his wife.

    "When is the surgery?" Shen Li asked as they stepped away from the room.

    "At noon," Xiao Min replied.

    Seeing the worried Xiao Min, Shen Li patted his shoulder, "Everything will be fine."


    "I will take a leave," Shen Li informed.

    Xiao Min agreed as it would be office hour for Shen Li, but he wished his senior to be with him at this moment. He wanted to hug his senior and let his worries disappear in his embrace, but things looked impossible, and he could only wish.

    Shen Li turned to leave but stopped and turned back. Xiao Min was about to ask what happened, but before that, Shen Li hugged him lightly and patted his back.

    It was unexpected for Xiao Min as he stood frozen in shock and his hands moved to hug his senior in return.

    Xiao Dong came out of the room and happened to witness this. It was the simple hug that meant to console worried Xiao Min, but Xiao Dong took it in another way.

    Shen Li saw Xiao Dong, but there was no change in him, and he didn't regret his action. Not bothering with Xiao Dong, Shen Li let go of Xiao Min and patted his head.

    "See you soon."

    Shen Li left, and Xiao Min continued looking at his retreating back till he entered the elevator, and the door was closed. On the other hand, Xiao Dong felt like he tasted something bitter, but there was nothing he could do at the moment.


    Jiang Yuyan was busy with the project and had no time to waste.

    Lu Lijun reached Lu Corporations with his father and went to his office.

    "Why don't you visit the entire office as you are here after long," Lu Jinhai offered.

    Lu Lijun agreed as he sat opposite his father in one chair.

    Just then, a middle-aged woman entered the office after knocking on the door and bowed a little to receive the instruction from Mr. Chairman.

    "Yun Fan, show Lu Lijun the office around," Lu Jinhai instructed.

    Yun Fan nodded. A graceful lady, Lu Jinhai's trustable employee like Xiao Dong, handled the other department successfully as she followed Lu Jinhai for more than fifteen years.

    Lu Jinhai asked again, "Where is Yuyan?"

    "President Lu has been busy in meetings since she arrived in office," Yun Fan informed.

    "Who is assisting her?" Lu Jinhai asked.

    "For now, I am there to assist president Lu, but Mr. Xiao Min's new assistant would be joining the company soon," she informed.

    "New assistant?"

    "A capable young man that I and few others, personally chose," Yun Fan replied and added, "He will assist the president in the absence of him."

    Lu Lijun straightened his back when he heard there was someone new, and he was a man. He didn't know what he thought but didn't like the idea.

    "When is he joining?"

    "The first day of the next week," Yun Fan replied.

    "How is the project going," Lu Jinhai enquired.

    "When president Lu is there, things go in the right way," Yun Fan commented as she looked proud about their lady boss.

    "Hmm. No doubt, but I don't want to overwork," Lu Jinhai said.

    "I understand. I will look after her," Yun Fan assured.

    "You should, she won't tell if she is not well. Last time we didn't know when she was admitted in the hospital and when she was discharged,"

    "I will be with her all the time," said Yun Fan.

    Lu Lijun heard it all but kept silent.

    "Go with Yun Fan. She will introduce you to everything," Lu Jinhai instructed.

    Lu Lijun stood up as Yun Fan led his way, but he looked immersed in other thoughts.

    Today too, he didn't wear the suit though he could get one. He just wore a T-shirt and jeans. Yun Fan took him everywhere to visit all the departments.

    Seeing him, there was no limit for the other employees' excitement as everyone wanted to see the fourth young master of the Lu Family and their soon to be the boss.

    They visited everywhere but the President's office floor.

    "Fourth young master knows the president's office, so I guess there is no need to visit," Yun Fan concluded.

    "I don't mind revisiting it," came the firm reply.

    Yun Fan nodded slightly and led Lu Lijun's way to the President's office floor as they entered the elevator.

    Stepping out of the elevator, Yun Fan took Lu Lijun to the President's office. The receptionist bowed to him, and he went to the office, not reacting to anyone.

    The moment Lu Lijun disappeared from their sights, the receptionist talked.

    "Fourth young master seems dangerous than our previous and current boss."

    "I feel it too."

    "We need to be careful and not make any mistake."


    Inside the President's office...

    "Seems like president Lu is not here yet," Yun Fan commented.

    "It's fine. I will wait here," said Lu Lijun as he sat on the sofa.

    "I will send something for....."

    "No need. Just give me the project details file?" Lu Lijun instructed as if he was the boss.

    It surprised Yun Fan, but she agreed to make sure, "May I ask, which one?"

    "The one, president is working on," Lu Lijun replied.

    Yun Fan understood and went to Jiang Yuyan's work table, where she went through the few files. She picked up the two files and brought them to Lu Lijun.

    Lu Lijun accepted it and opened it while Yun Fan thought to leave him alone.

    "If there is something, the fourth young master can call for me."

    Lu Lijun nodded lightly while going through the files.
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