895 Someone He Couldnt Reach...

    Lu Corporation.

    Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun worked till late evening. Lu Lijun attended the meetings with Jiang Yuyan that were regarding the project. Everyone was sure Lu Lijun would assist Jiang Yuyan in the project, and she was preparing him for his position as president of Lu Corporation.

    When Others thought about him being the president, Lu Lijun had no such intentions. He himself didn't know why and how he ended up assisting Jiang Yuyan.

    The happiest person was Lu Jinhai, who thought of it as a miracle.

    In the evening, when all the employees left, the two were yet to finish the work when Yun Fan reminded them.

    "President Lu, it's late."

    Jiang Yuyan looked at the time and then looked at Lu Lijun, who sat next to her on the couch, busy with his work.

    "Let's go home," she instructed.

    "Five minutes, and I'll finish it," Lu Lijun spoke casually the way he talked to his friends.

    He was so immersed in the work that he didn't know he talked nicely with Jiang Yuyan instead of saying it coldly.

    Jiang Yuyan didn't disturb him and went to stand near the glass window to calm her tired mind as she looked out towards the starry sky that had a bright moon.

    Soon Lu Lijun finished his work and closed the files as he leaned back on the couch lazily as he was tired. Unintentionally his sight moved towards Jiang Yuyan, and he couldn't avert it away.

    A calm woman in a white shirt and black pencil skirt wearing heels, her golden brown hair tied in a tight bun at the back of her head as she stared towards the sky, but her sight held no emotion.

    One could feel the loneliness inside her behind that cold wall she built around herself.

    Lu Lijun continued staring at her, and to him, she looked distant, someone who he couldn't reach whatever he tried but couldn't stop looking at her and trying to know what was in her mind at the moment.

    When he was a kid, it was easy for him to read her thoughts as she was so pure and gentle, but now, he couldn't do so.

    Just as he was in a daze looking at her, she moved, and he averted his sight.

    "Have you finished," Jiang Yuyan asked as she noticed him sitting relaxing.

    "Hmm." He stood up, and Jiang Yuyan went to him.

    "Let's go home then," she picked up her bag, and both left the office as Yun Fan accompanied them who waited for them outside.

    When they reached outside the building where Jiang Yuyan's car waited for them, Lu Lijun left.

    "Fourth young master," Yun Fan called, and Lu Lijun replied, not turning to look at her, "I'll prefer to get a cab."


    "Let's go." Interrupting her, Yuyan sat inside her car, and Yun Fan didn't know what to say.

    The fourth young master left just like that, and her cold boss didn't even bother to say anything and let him go. Lu Lijun came with his father, so he didn't have his car.

    "Should I arrange the other car for him?" Yun Fan asked.

    "No need," came the firm reply from a cold woman who sat in the back passenger seat.

    Yun Fan sat in the front passenger seat, and the driver started the car. She saw Lu Lijun getting inside the cab and left.

    "Fourth Young master left in the cab," Yun Fan informed, but there was no reply from her boss who sat closing her eyes.

    Yun Fan didn't disturb her, but the thoughts couldn't leave her mind that these two worked together the entire day then why they didn't go back home together.


    When Lu Lijun returned home, he was alone. Elder Lu and Lu Jinhai, who talked while standing in the garden, noticed Lu Lijun came by cab. Just as he went inside the Mansion, Jiang Yuyan's car entered the Mansion's gate, and it was clear these two didn't come together.

    "Weren't they working together?" elder Lu asked.

    "Yes, but it seems like Lu Lijun is yet distant with her," Lu Jinhai replied.

    "I hope he doesn't blame her for everything," elder Lu commented.

    "I fear the same, father."


    When all were there at the dinner table, Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan were silently eating as if they didn't know each other. Others expected these two to reconcile after working together for an entire day but seemed like nothing had changed.

    "How was your first day at Ming industries, Lian?" Elder Lu finally broke the silence.

    "It was good, grandpa," she replied.

    "I wish you to learn more as you work with Ming Rusheng," Lu Jinhai spoke.

    "I will," she replied.

    "How was your day, Lu Lijun?" Ning Jiahui asked as she was happy her son started working, and it was the hope that he won't return to England.

    "Learning from President Lu," he replied, but it was hard to say if he meant it for real or if it was a sarcastic remark.

    Jiang Yuyan was silent and continued eating. She was always like this; even if the world collapsed, she would be the same as if nothing could affect her.

    "Where is Lu Feng," Lu Lian asked to break the sudden awkwardness.

    "He went back to city S for some important work. He would be back soon," Su Hui answered.

    "Ask him to make it faster. Soon Lu Han and Lu Bao would be here too, and I want everyone here," Lu Jinhai instructed.

    "Why are you troubling kids because of me?" Grandma interrupted him.

    "It's not just you, mother, but this family needs to review itself like before," Lu Jinhai countered.

    Lu Lijun wanted to say don't count him in it, and he would return soon, but looking at his grandma, he chose not to say it.

    "I miss Lu Bao," said Lu Lian.

    "We do, and soon we would see little Lu Bao playing around us," elder Lu said, and everyone smiled with the thought of it.

    "After so long, we will have two little feet roaming here and there in this mansion," Su Hui spoke cheerfully, and everyone agreed.

    All the while, Jiang Yuyan was still silent. As she finished her food, she stood up and excused herself.

    Once she left, grandma spoke, "We should avoid saying it in front of her."

    Everyone realized what grandma meant, while Lu Lijun looked puzzled to know what it was.

    "So many years have passed by, she must have forgotten it," said Su Hui and others sat silent.

    Lu Lijun still didn't get what they meant and wanted to know, but no one talked further.
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