941 Plan To Marry Her Off...

    Once Xiao Min left, Xiao Dong turned to his wife, "How can you approve such an outrageous thing?"

    "What's bad in it? What era are we living in to think of it as an outrageous thing? It's not like he is doing it intentionally, but it's his choice. Who are we to oppose him?"

    "We are his parents, and we should stop him doing such things," Xiao Dong countered.

    "You should stop claiming yourself an educated person then. Being parents won't give us the right to keep away his happiness. I only know what my son wants; I'll give him everything."

    "You are the only one who can stop him,"

    "You are wrong. He has made his decision, and I don't wish to stop him," she retorted.

    Xiao Dong sighed helplessly, and his wife passed him a glass of water, "Calm down first."

    Xiao Dong had water and calmed himself down.

    His wife spoke, "Opposing him would only make things difficult for him, and you, so why not go the easy way by accepting his choice. Even though you want to oppose it, you know it can't be changed by force. It will just hurt him and us."

    "I understand what you mean, but I'm worried about him. He is a known person in the business world as he is president Lu's assistant. When things go out, I'm worried about how others will take it. It might affect his career."

    She knew her husband's worry was right, "Hmm, I know, but I'm sure he knows it too and ready to face it."

    "He worked hard to get there, and just because of this thing, it will ruin everything," said Xiao Dong.

    "Or are you worried what people will say to you being his father," she asked.

    "More than that, I am worried about him,"

    "Leave it to him. Can't you see how hurt he looked these days? We should only think about our son's happiness and not other things. He had always listened to what we asked him to do and never disappointed us. Shouldn't we listen to him too?"

    Xiao Dong wanted to agree with his wife, but he stopped as it was not easy for him, thinking about what will happen to his son's career.

    "Take your time and think about it," she said, understanding the dilemma her husband was in, and Xiao Dong nodded.


    At Lu Mansion...

    After talking to Jiang Yuyan, her parents went downstairs while Lu Lijun Lu Feng and Jiang Yang stayed in Lu Lijun's room.

    "By the way, Lu Feng," said Jiang Yang.

    "Shoot," Lu Feng knew there must be something nasty in this blabbermouth man's mind.

    "Today is Sunday, and there is no work, then why are you ready in office clothes? This shirt and pants, just a jacket need to put on," Jiang Yang asked, smiling teasingly.

    "I have a video conference with few clients in some time," Lu Feng replied and warned before Jiang Yang could say something, "And stop your brain from overthinking."

    "When I overthink? I just thought if it's a special client. Is it a lady?" Jiang Yang asked teasingly.

    "They are handsome men. Do you want to join in?" Lu Feng countered.

    "Well, no one can be handsome than my darling, so I am not interested. The person I'm interested in is the one my darling took an interest in," Jiang Yang teased again, and Lu Feng stood up as he looked at Lu Lijun, "Ignore him."

    Lu Lijun acted as if he heard nothing that Jiang Yang said and picked up one file, "I need to get this to father," and stepped out of the room.

    The moment Lu Lijun left, Lu Feng picked up the cushion from the couch and threw it at Jiang Yang, "You ass hole, I'm gonna sieve your mouth one day."

    Jiang Yang laughed, "Then how am I gonna please you?"

    Lu Feng frowned and mumbled, "You shameless piece of flesh and bones."

    "Go attend your conference with a special person. I'll go to my sister. My parents must have spared her till now."

    Lu Feng went to his room, and Jiang Yang went to his sister.


    Lu Lijun went downstairs thinking his father must be there, but he was not there.

    He asked the butler when his father was, and the butler told him he was in his study.

    Lu Lijun went to his father's study room. Before he could knock on the door, he heard something that he stopped.

    "That boy is nice, and he will suit Yuyan," it was elder Lu's voice.

    "That's true, father, but who would talk to her about this?" Lu Jinhai asked.

    "Her mother," elder Lu replied.

    "Father, it's not easy," Jiang Peizhi spoke, "I don't wish to do anything that she wouldn't like."

    "I understand what you mean, son, but we should think about her now. She would always be alone if we won't do anything. I don't want her to spend her life like this," elder Lu countered.

    "Who is the man?" Jiang Peizhi asked as he looked like he agreed with elder Lu.

    "Soon, he will be in China, and we will meet him. Ming Shihong knows him well, and he is sure he would be best for Yuyan. Once we meet him, we can make Yuyan and him meet."

    "Hmm, as father said," said Jiang Peizhi.

    "The only thing that will stop her is the responsibility she is holding to date. Once Lu Lijun takes everything in his hand, she would be free and won't have any excuse to say no," said Lu Jinhai.

    "True. We need to make him get everything in his hand soon. It's already late for her," said elder Lu.

    Lu Lijun, who heard it all, felt frozen in his place, his heart beating faster; he felt anxious.

    He didn't enter the room and turned around to go back. Going back to his room, he threw the file on the couch and went to stand near the window. So many unknown thoughts rushed in his mind, and nothing was clear that made him feel like this.

    He clenched his fists, and his anger took over to make him think in another way.

    'So she is doing this all so that I can take everything in hand, and she would be free to marry someone else.'


    Tomorrow I am traveling to another city so the chapters would be late as it's 10-12hrs journey. I will make it up for it by giving a bonus chapter again.
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