995 Glad To Work With Friend...

    Chapter 995 - Glad To Work With Friend...

    Before lunch, it was the time for the meeting regarding the new project that Lu Lijun had to handle.

    Noah came to Lu Lijuns office, "Boss, are we having a meeting."

    Hearing word boss, Lu Lijun glared at him, and Noah sighed, "You wont let me call you the fourth young master then how am I going to address you in front of others. We need to follow certain rules, you know."

    Noah was right, so Lu Lijun couldnt say no to it. "Only in front of others," he warned, standing up from his chair, being ready to leave for the meeting.

    "Thats what Im saying," Noah smiled and added, "I liked how Mr. Xiao Min calls President Lu a boss. It suits President Lu perfectly, the real boss."

    Lu Lijun frowned, "Do you want to be President Lus assistant?"

    Noah smirked, "I dont mind, but there is someone who will."

    Lu Lijun passed him a killer gaze, and before he could say anything, there was a knock on the door.

    The receptionist opened the door, "Its time for the meeting. Everyone is waiting in President Lus office."

    The two left to go to Jiang Yuyans office. Noah smiled, being curious what Lu Lijun would have said if the receptionist wouldnt have disturbed them.

    "You must be happy for this project," Noah commented.

    "Why would I be?" Lu Lijun commented coldly.

    It surprised Noah, "I thought you would be excited."

    "I have so many projects to handle to get excited for one," Lu Lijun countered.

    Noah doubted something, "Did you check the project information file?"

    Lu Lijun nodded, and Noah was even more surprised to see his reaction. Before Noah could say anything, they already reached Jiang Yuyans office for the meeting.

    Noah opened the door, and the two entered the office as they saw two men sitting on the couch opposite Jiang Yuyan as Xiao Min stood on one side.

    Seeing one of the two men, Lu Lijun was surprised as the man turned his face to look at Lu Lijun.

    "Jake?" Lu Lijun spoke in surprise.

    Jake stood up and shook hands with Lu Lijun. Jake didnt expect Lu Lijun to be surprised as he thought Lu Lijun must know it.

    It didnt surprise Noah as he already knew about it. Noah stood beside Xiao Min.

    When Xiao Min brought the file to Lu Lijun in his office, Lu Lijun read the information about the kind of project it would be while talking to Xiao Min and enquiring about Jiang Yuyan and Wen Zac.

    Once Xiao Min left, Lu Lijun was immersed in Jiang Yuyan and Wen Zacs thoughts that he didnt bother to read further where it mentioned who would be collaborating partners.

    Before he could read after getting back to his senses, Noah came to the office, and he couldnt read.

    Lu Lijun shook hands with Jake as he understood Jake was there as a business delegate and treated him the same.

    Xiao Min spoke, "Fourth young master knows Mr. Jake," and then looked at the middle-aged man with Jake, "Meet Mr. Pitman, the Project manager."

    Lu Lijun shook hands with him as they gritted each other. They introduced Noah to Mr. Pitman, and the talk started once Lu Lijun sat beside Jiang Yuyan.

    After Noah, it was finally Jakes turn to face the lady who had been affecting their friend for long even though they were apart.

    Noah looked at Jake. Though they had neutral expressions on the faces, their eyes were enough to convey what went in their minds.

    Those meaningful gazes talked about Jiang Yuyan as if one said, The only reason that could affect our friend, while the other replied, No wonder, as he was amazed to see this powerful lady.

    Lu Lijun looked at Jake and noticed how he looked at Noah and understood what must go in his friends minds.

    The three paid attention to what Jiang Yuyan talked to the project manager. Though Jake could understand and speak Chinese thanks to his friends and elder brother, the project manager was not familiar with it.

    Jiang Yuyan talked to him in English, and she looked even more impressive to Lu Lijun. She was confident and intimidating to make others agree with what she said.

    It was not like Noah, and Lu Lijun never saw her talking in business meetings, but she seemed more impressive today. She was grown up in the USA, so it was not a big deal for her, but the way she carried herself was something to admire about.

    Yuyan talked to Jake, and she treated him like a business associate and not Lu Lijuns friend. Jake, too treated her the same way and not as the family member of his best friend.

    After almost an hour, the meeting was over after discussing the project and getting opinions from everyone present.

    "Mr. Lu Lijun would be handling the project," Jiang Yuyan informed Jake and the project manager from Jakes side.

    Jake was happy to hear it and replied, "Im glad to work with him." The same went for Lu Lijun, as he liked the idea too.

    Standing up, Jiang Yuyan shook hands with the two guests and informed, "See you again once the things are ready from the legal team. Mr. Noah would carry out the process."

    Though the three friends didnt show on their faces, inside, they were happy as they got the reason to be together for long.

    Everyone came out of Jiang Yuyans office as Jiang Yuyan bid them farewell.

    It was lunchtime, so Jake instructed the manager to return to the office, and he would be there soon.

    The manager left, and Jake spoke to his friends, "How about lunch together?"

    The two nodded, and they went out for lunch. Lunch was not the important thing, but they needed to talk about this sudden change that fell into their net.

    Moreover, it was the first time Jake saw and met Jiang Yuyan, so how the things could end without even talking about it.


    ***A small teaser of future plot..

    There was a knock on the door and Jiang Yuyan opened it just to see Lu Lijun standing while taking the support of the wall.

    "What are you...."

    "I am tired," he replied.

    Jiang Yuyan could see he was not lying. His hair messy, shirts top buttons opned, the tie was missing, and he held the jacket of his black suit in one hand.

    "Go and rest..." she instructed.

    "Thats why Im here." Interrupting her, he barged in her room as he strode towards her bed.

    "I meant to say go to your room," she exclaimed.

    But the tired man ignored her and climbed in the bed as he lay on his stomach, "This bed is so comfortable."

    Caressing the bed with his palms and sniffing the scent in it, he closed his eyes while Jiang Yuyan could only frown, not willing to disturb him.
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