1024 Did I Ever Ask For It?

    It startled Jiang Yuyan, and she looked at Lu Lian.

    Smiling lightly, Lu Lian went to Jiang Yuyan, "Seems like our little guy still cant stop upsetting you."

    Jiang Yuyan didnt react to it, but Lu Lian was sure what Lu Lijun said had affected her though she would never like to show it.

    Lu Lian sat on the couch beside Jiang Yuyan and continued, "Dont mind him. Hes yet to adjust to things."

    Jiang Yuyan didnt respond to it but asked something else, "Are you sure you are leaving Ming Industries?"

    "Yes," Lu Lian replied firmly.

    Jiang Yuyan looked at her, "I wanted to ask you something."

    It somewhere scared Lu Lian, but she said, "What is it?"

    "Do you like my cousin Ming Rusheng?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

    "What?" Lu Lian exclaimed.

    "No need to panic. Its just a simple question," Jiang Yuyan added.

    Lu Lian calmed down and replied, "I dont like him in that way."

    Jiang Yuyan looked at her doubtfully, "Are you sure?"

    Lu Lian nodded, "Hmm. If I had liked him, I wouldnt have thought about leaving the job."

    Jiang Yuyan didnt ask anything, believing her answer.

    "But why did you ask?" Lu Lian asked.

    "Just," Jiang Yuyan replied and instructed, "Its late. You should go to sleep."

    Lu Lian nodded and stood up to leave, "You should sleep too."

    Yuyan nodded, and Lu Lian left. Just as she reached the door, Lu Lian stopped and turned to look at Yuyan.


    Jiang Yuyan looked at her to know why she called.

    "Even if Lu Lijun is grown up, you should correct him if he is wrong."

    Jiang Yuyan didnt react, and Lu Lian left knowing Jiang Yuyan understood what she meant to say.


    The next day too, Lu Lijun continued his non-ending journey of sulking. He left home before breakfast, and in the office, he didnt go to Jiang Yuyans office.

    During the meeting before lunchtime, Lu Lijun didnt even look at Jiang Yuyan.

    "What do you think about it, Lu Lijun?" Jiang Yuyan asked as in the meeting they asked for everyones opinion.

    Lu Lijun didnt wish to talk, but he couldnt act recklessly with her in front of others.

    "Same as president Lu," Lu Lijun replied calmly.

    Jiang Yuyan closed the file and looked at others, "Start working on it."

    The meeting was over, and everyone was about to leave; just then, Jiang Yuyan spoke, "except for Lu Lijun, others can leave."

    Lu Lijun, who stood up to go, stopped and looked at Jiang Yuyan, who sat in her chair.

    Just as everyone left, Xiao Min and Noah stepped out of the meeting room, too, as Noah closed the door.

    "Have a seat," she instructed.

    "Im fine like this," he countered.

    She didnt force and asked, looking at him, "Whats the matter with you?" She asked.

    "I told you not to care," he replied coldly.

    She stared at him coldly, "I dont wish to, but I need to as I dont want your personal matters to affect the work here."

    He stared at her too, "I dont think I have affected the work."

    "Then not giving your opinion, as if the project didnt concern you and trying to isolate from the things, is this how you will work?"

    "Working doesnt mean I have to keep showing interest in everything. Im doing what I have to. If president Lu has a problem, then feel free to fire me."

    The atmosphere inside was hitting up. The two men standing outside of the room turned tense as they couldnt hear what the two were talking about, but they could see them through the glass wall.

    From the cold expressions on their faces, the two men could guess the two inside the meeting room definitely werent talking something nice.

    Just then, the receptionist from the Chairmans office came there and talked to Noah.

    "Mr. Chairman has asked for the fourth young master."

    Hearing it, the two felt as if they had survived some disaster and gave out a sigh of relief as it was good reason to stop what was going on inside.

    Xiao Min knocked on the door lightly, but there was no reply from inside as the two were busy with a heated argument.

    Jiang Yuyan sighed as she glared at Lu Lijun, "Fire you? soon you will be taking your brothers position...."

    "Did I ever ask for it? Did I say I want to take his position?" Lu Lijun interrupted her.

    "All along, you knew one day you have to...."

    "I said it before; I would be the one to decide for my life and not almighty President Lu," Lu Lijun countered, not willing to hear any more from her.

    Not waiting to get a reply from inside, Xiao Min opened the door and informed, "Mr. Chairman has asked for the fourth young master."

    Jiang Yuyan couldnt say no as it was the Chairmans call.

    "Once you are done, see me in the office," she instructed.

    Not replying, replying Lu Lijun left, and Xiao Min turned to his boss. She glared at him, and Xiao Min stood there lowering his head to get instruction from his boss.

    Not talking to him, Jiang Yuyan stood up and went out. Xiao Min gave out a sigh of relief and followed his boss.


    When Lu Lijun came out of the meeting room, Noah could see how serious he looked and could guess his friend would end up doing something terrible soon.

    Lu Lijun didnt talk to Noah and straightaway left for Chairmans office. Jiang Yuyan came out too, and Noah bowed to her. She left, and Noah went to do his work, feeling worried about his friend.


    Lu Lijun reached Chairmans office.

    "Have a seat," Lu Jinhai instructed.

    Lu Lijun did so. Though he acted calm in front of his father, his eyes couldnt hide the turmoil inside him. Lu Jinhai could see something was bothering his son, but it was impossible to guess what it was.

    He was good with everyone in the family, and no one did anything that would upset him or was against his will. Everyone did their best not to stop him from doing anything or didnt even blame him whenever he acted wrongly. They just thought he needed some time to adjust to the family.
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