1042 First Meeting...

    Chapter 1042 - First Meeting...

    Liwei reached the car, and Lu Lijun looked at her to greet her. Like a gentleman treating his lady, Lu Lijun opened the car door for her, and she sat inside the car.

    In surprise, she looked at Lu Lijun, who walked in front of the car to go on the drivers side. She found herself staring at him and observing him.

    Before Lu Lijun could notice her, she averted her sight and looked the other way. Must be because he is changed, she thought.

    Sitting inside the car, he instructed, "Seat belt."

    Surprised at herself as to how she can be so silly, Liwei put on the seatbelt and focussed ahead.

    "Where are we going?" she asked.

    "Nearby," he replied and started the car.

    There was a silence as Lu Lijun was busy driving, and Liwei didnt know what to talk about.

    They reached the nearby cafe. Lu Lijun got out of the car, but this time Liwei too got out of the car, not giving him a chance to open the door for her. She thought there was no need as it was just a casual meeting, and he didnt need to treat her so special.

    The two walked inside the cafe together, where the guard opened the door for them. Lu Lijun took out his sunglasses and looked around where to sit.

    When they entered the cafe, mostly everyone around there looked at the lovely couple. Liwei was really pretty that anyone would keep looking at her, and Lu Lijuns just presence was enough to make others hearts beat faster.

    The attendant came to them and guided their way towards one table closer to the cafes glass wall, which allowed them to see outside the beautiful view.

    Once they were comfortable and the attendant left with the order, Liwei talked, "I hope today, too, I dont have to keep talking alone not to make it so quiet."

    Lu Lijun smiled lightly and lowered his head a little, "My apology."

    This made Liwei smile, and she talked, "So, how come you agreed to meet a girl?"

    "Why? Cant I?" he countered.

    "I thought you are kind of a person who would reject the idea right away."

    Lu Lijun didnt comment on it and asked, "What about you?"

    Liwei sighed, "My Parents. Especially my father."

    Lu Lijun nodded lightly, understanding what she meant.

    Meanwhile, curious gazes around then were busy observing the two.

    Lu Lijun sensed how the boys around kept looking at Liwei.

    "Should we go somewhere else?" Lu Lijun asked.

    "If you are bothered by all those girls staring at you, we can leave," she replied, smiling lightly.

    Lu Lijun understood she was not affected by the gazes on her, so he was fine too.

    Liwei acted normally with him and didnt act like the girl who went on a blind date arranged by her parents. Her causal behavior, when they were in her home and in this cafe too, made him comfortable around her.

    Soon the coffee arrived with deserts. The two didnt intend to spend much time together, so they had to cut it short.

    The two thought about what to talk about more, and this time Lu Lijun talked as he was the one to ask her out. "What are your plans after returning home?"

    "Ill return soon. I need to finish my masters," Liwei replied, "I just had a small break to be with my family because I missed them."

    Lu Lijun nodded, responding to her reply.

    "Your plans must be set. Everyone is waiting for the fourth young master to be a president," she commented.

    "Let them wait," Lu Lijun spoke.

    "You dont want to?" she asked, but before he could answer, she spoke again, "Its okay if you dont want to. One should follow what their heart wants."

    Lu Lijun stared at her, hearing her last words What the heart wants, and turned silent.

    Seeing him silent, she spoke, "I think we would keep meeting like this. So, its better to be friends instead of always being awkward around."

    Lu Lijun agreed, "Sounds good."

    The two spent time remembering the things from childhood days that they almost forgot and had fun talking about. Liwei talked most of the things, and Lu Lijun talked only when it was necessary.

    "Do you have friends or not?" She asked.

    "I have," he replied.

    She stared at him as if thinking about something, and he looked at her to know what she was up to.

    She spoke, "Let me guess," and raised her fingers, "One or maybe two?"

    Lu Lijun smiled, "Two."

    "They must be really special," she said and added, "You know, it was hard to approach you even when you were a kid."

    Lu Lijun agreed, "Those two are special," and asked, "Seems like you know me quite well."

    "Its easy because you still have that coldness in you," she explained, "Also, because of that, you were quite famous among kids too."

    "Im sure it was nothing good," he commented.

    "Hmm, who would praise a cold kid?" she agreed but then said again, "But, you were better than those annoying ones. They are still the same."

    As the two talked for a while more, Liwei excused herself to go to the washroom. Just as she stood up, her cellphone rang.

    Turning around, she received the call, but the next moment there was a sound of glass shattering and a chair being pushed away as someone held her in their embrace.

    Puzzled with sudden chaos, she heard someone talking, "Im sorry, sir. Are you fine?"

    Liwei opened her eyes and moved her head back to look at the man who held her and then looked at what had happened.

    Lu Lijun, who held her, asked, "Are you fine?"

    She nodded and then looked at the attendant from the restaurant who was apologizing to Lu Lijun, looking at his arm.

    Lu Lijuns one hand was busy holding Liwei closer while another one hung on the side was covered in hot coffee.


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