1063 Cold And Scary Man...

    Chapter 1063 - Cold And Scary Man...

    "I forgot nothing is more important than him."

    Hearing what Jiang Yuyan said, Xiao Min asked, "Fourth young master?"

    Jiang Yuyan didnt answer and closed her eyes as she leaned back to rest. The corners of her eyes turned moist.

    They soon reached Jiang Yuyans home.

    Just as she entered the living room, she instructed, "Dont disturb me."

    She straightaway went to her room, leaving others worried.

    "Did something happen?" the butler asked Xiao Min, to which he nodded, "Hmm."

    "What happened," the butler asked.

    "Boss and the fourth young master argued over something," Xiao Min replied and informed, "Ill be here today."

    San Zemin also joined Xiao Min as the two were worried for her.


    Lu Lijun left the office and picked up Liwei from her home. As Lu Lijun told everyone they are dating, Liweis mother didnt stop her but advised her to be careful of the paparazzi.

    Liwei sat in the car as she had so many questions in mind.

    "Put on the seatbelt," he instructed coldly, and she did so.

    Not saying a word more, Lu Lijun started the car the moment the girl was ready to go.

    Liwei wanted to ask something, but he looked different. It was not like he even smiled whenever they met, but at least he always looked calm. This time he looked cold and bothered by something as the frown lines were visible on his forehead.

    She sat quietly, thinking Lu Lijun would say something, but he didnt.

    Why is he so serious? Did I force him for anything? He was the one to ask me out, she thought and looked out of the car window to divert her attention from him.

    Even if she waited for long for him to talk, this stubborn man didnt say a word, and he claimed they were dating. Finally, she broke the silence.

    "Where are we going?" She asked hesitantly.

    "Where we can spend some time together," Lu Lijun replied, focussing on the road ahead.

    "Spending time together, and why is that so?" she asked.

    "You dont want to?" Lu Lijun asked, his voice firm as if what she thought and felt didnt matter to him.

    "Its not that," she countered and asked, "Why did you tell everyone we are dating?"

    "Arent we?" he asked.

    It puzzled her, "We never talked about it, and…."

    "We met a few times; you helped me get a gift for my grandma and even attended the wedding together. Is it not enough to say we are dating?" Lu Lijun asked casually, focussing on the driving and as if it was not a big thing for him.

    "Just that?" she asked, and the next moment the car took a sharp turn inside the parking lot in the mall.


    The car stopped that startled Liwei.

    Lu Lijun took off his seatbelt, turned towards her, and stared into her eyes, "What do you mean by just that? Isnt it enough to say we are dating, or you want me to do something more?"

    He leaned closer to her, gazing coldly into her eyes, then moved his sight from her nose and lips as if getting a closer look at her face.

    It made her sink back towards the door. He looked different to her or maybe a bit scary.

    "I..I understood," she said, and Lu Lijun moved back.

    Lu Lijun stepped out of the car and went on the other side to open the door for the shocked soul. Opening the door, he offered her a hand that she accepted and stepped out.

    Liwei was not the kind of girl who would be silent and keep following the other blindly, and without asking anything but the way Lu Lijun looked and acted, she didnt dare say a word.

    Also, somewhere she liked the way he controlled her, which was not something she felt happy about. But when a person started to fall for someone, other things didnt matter.

    Holding her hand, Lu Lijun continued walking towards the elevator. She looked at her hand and then towards him, who only looked ahead. She liked this cold man who was the only one to dare control her.

    Even when they entered the elevator, Lu Lijun didnt let go of her hand as his sight just fixed outside before the elevator door would close. The elevator took them to the desired floor of that mall which was full of people.

    "Why are we here," Liwei asked after stepping out of the floor.

    "Shopping for you," he replied and stepped ahead towards the particular fashion brand store, which was the biggest and best one in the entire mall.

    "But I dont need it," she said, catching up with him.

    "But I want to buy something for you. Isnt it right to do when we are dating?" he asked, still walking ahead, holding her hand.

    They entered the store where the sales girl welcomed them.

    Liwei looked at Lu Lijun questioningly, and he spoke, "Whatever you like."

    "This is so sudden," she mumbled, and Lu Lijun guided her towards the stand, which had clothes hung on it.

    He pulled a few sets out one by one to check which one will suit her.

    "This will look good… this one not...it will suit you...This one too…"

    He pulled out so many clothes and asked her to try. Liwei went to the trail room while Lu Lijun sat on the couch in front of it. His sight gazed across the store and outside of it that was visible due to the glass walls.

    His sight didnt fail to notice what he was there for and let it all happen.

    When Liwei came out of the Trail room wearing a new dress, Lu Lijun stood up and went to her. He held her hand and fixed the button of the cuff on her wrist that she forgot to.

    To bystanders, it looked like a caring man looking after his woman. Sales girls who were already impressed by Lu Lijuns presence couldnt help but admire the sweet couple, thinking how caring and loving this man is and how lucky this girl is.
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